55 Photos - Jul 27, 2015
Photo: They are here!!Photo: Photo: Waiting for instructions!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ladies finding their space!Photo: Guys are happy in the nursery!!Photo: Finding their backpacks!Photo: Photo: Where's our stuff??Photo: Preparing their space!Photo: They are claiming this corner.Photo: Guys in the hallwayPhoto: Preparing to go to dinner.Photo: Counting off to see if everyone is there.Photo: Photo: Photo: Rev. Kevin Weikel, the youth pastor.Photo: Wow, what a job he has!Photo: Going to dinner at Las Trancas...Photo: and Tony's.Photo: Waiting for instructions and breakfast!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: BreakfastPhoto: breakfast, doughnuts and fruitPhoto: Photo: Coffee!!Photo: Drinks!!Photo: Enjoying the most important meal of the day.Photo: Photo: Patty and Kaye, the kitchen help!!Photo: Kevin explaining the importance of breakfast??Photo: Thank you ladies, especially Patty who got everything together for this group!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Joe, the consistory president, wishing them well on their work mission.  Sorry that it is blurry.Photo: Photo: Photo: Van assignments!!Photo: On their way to Tennessee!!Photo: Good-bye, everyone. Stay safe!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: