27 Photos - Feb 10, 2014
Photo: Laguna Village, NM. St. Joseph Church stands out at the top of the hill. The Laguna men, centuries ago brought logs down from the mountain to construct the roof of the church, and the women would hand plaster the walls with mud and straw. Old Laguna, still occupied, is seen in the photo. New Laguna is down the hill to the west.Photo: The trees around the Desert House of Prayer provide cool shade from the desert sun as a Sister takes time to pray and reflect.Photo: The Pre-Civil War Belmead Mansion seen here from the fields near the James River was recently repaired. It is the SBS center for activities at SFSE, Inc.Photo: Sr. LaSallette and Sr. Christine get supper ready, Boston, MA.Photo: In between meetings at the Motherhouse in Bensalem, the sisters enjoy sharing a photograph.Photo: Sr. Anne Meehan, Belle Glade, FL, provides a ride for Wedsene Desire who needs to pick up her new glasses at the eyedoctor's office. Many of the Haitian people of the city who live in very small apartments have neither phones nor cars.Photo: Im the 1920s Louise Drexel Morrell (Mother Katharine's sister) & Mother Katharine attend a graduation at St. Emma Military Academy for Black youth in Belmead, VAPhoto: Storm clouds enhance the  beauty of St. Elizabeth Chapel, Bensalem, PAPhoto: Sr. Christine and Jose Periez, baptized in Cape Verde, meet for instructions in St. Patrick Convent in Boston.Photo: Sr. Consolata blesses the 5 directions. Laguna people add "up" to the four directions. Our prayers and liturgies are often enriched by Native  and African American ritual and music.Photo: Sr. Damien chats with an Alumna during Alumni Sunday in July.
It's a great opportunity to catch up on what is happening in each other's lives.Photo: Desert House of Prayer hogan chapel, St. Michaels, AZ. The original hogan was once a family home. It provides a quiet and intimate space for prayer in the presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.Photo: Coming together for a meeting gives Sr. Dorothy and Sr. Jean Marie a chance to enjoy each other's company.Photo: Sr. Gilda and Gladys Gardiner console each other over the sudden death of a friend during the previous night in Montgomery, Ala.Photo: Haitian elder living in one of the simple homes built by the SBS mission in Ferrier. The women and men have places to sleep, nourishing food to eat, and the watchful care of concerned people..Photo: Srs. June & Genevieve and ASBS Gloria Van Brocklin share lunch and ideas at the Desert House of Prayer in St. Michaels, AZ..Photo: Using a ramp from St. Michael Hall gives Sr. Marie Kinsella, who is a bird watcher, a chance to enjoy being outside.Photo: In Bensalem, Pa., the back of the Motherhouse faces I-95 to the south.Photo: Seen while driving along a dirt road on the Navajo Reservation, NM. The reservation stretches between northern Arizona into northern New Mexico.Photo: Philadelphia street, site of St. Francis Inn where two elderly SBS enjoy the opportunity to serve breakfast to the homeless who come to the Inn window.Photo: Mother Francis Xavieer, Mr Silversmith with baby, MMK, Navajo man, 2 Franciscan Friars — Fr. Trocker (glasses) and one looks like Father Emmanuel (right), around 1927-8. Silversmith became the teacher at Lukachukai Day School supported by MMK. His granddaughter Gloria Silversmith went to St. Michael School in 60's or 70's.Photo: Sr. Mary Ann Stachow teaching theology at Xavier Univ., New Orleans, LAPhoto: Sr. Amelia proclaims the First Reading during Mass at St. Elizabeth Chapel, Bensalem, PA. Sr. Amelia is Vocation Director.Photo: Father Williams is pastor at Resurrection Parish in Montgomery where Sr. Gilda Bell ministry focuses especially on the home bound and sick.Photo: Xavier University Center, New OrleansPhoto: We enter into the cultures of the people at the Tekakwitha Conferences.Photo: The National Black Catholic Conference gives us a chance to celebrate our African-Anerican heritage.