76 Photos - Apr 4, 2012
Photo: New sand North of Centre St at River RoadPhoto: Sand filling area where heritage homes demolishedPhoto: posts with concrete line the bank herePhoto: security SUV is always on sitePhoto: site of the heritage cannery - much archaeological still under wayPhoto: archaeological digs under shelters in the centrePhoto: Photo: More archaeological digsPhoto: Former back yards of the 75 homes demolished in North DeltaPhoto: Is the SFPR another Olympic Legacy?Photo: two levels over the Fraser RiverPhoto: Rainbow over Sunbury - Retaining wall below homesPhoto: Retaining wallPhoto: Getting Trucks Off River Road, and putting them in our back yardsPhoto: Photo: Photo: View of the steep banks and cuts north of Brooke RdPhoto: Photo: Lots of drainage issuesPhoto: Banks washing awayPhoto: Lots of Retaining Wall workPhoto: Narrow path for Four Lane Highway - houses above, River and Railway belowPhoto: DrainagePhoto: Steep banksPhoto: One of seven fish bearing streams in ravines just in Sunbury - many more along the route of the SFPRPhoto: Photo: homes perched on steep bank above highwayPhoto: Another Ravine and streamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Stream in Collings RavinePhoto: Additional ditch attempting to keep construction mud from streamPhoto: this section is below the level of the railwayPhoto: slip sliding away - bank shows sliding and erosion at the bottomPhoto: Photo: steep bank and retaining wall - and hwere are the four lanes of highway going?Photo: Photo: Another house at the top of a large retaining wall - hope they learned from the retaining walls that had to be replaced at the Port MannPhoto: Photo: lots of sand, clay and mud sliding off the bankPhoto: Another RavinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: banks below retaining walls collapsingPhoto: large area of collapsing bankPhoto: Another large collapsePhoto: More collapsing banksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Attempts to protect banks from rain, runoff, slidesPhoto: All along this section, the banks are collapsing below the area where the road would be built.Photo: Another collapsePhoto: Large area of sand and clay collapsedPhoto: Looking south along area of many bank collapsesPhoto: Another ravine - pipes to divert stream?Photo: South bank of ravinePhoto: Photo: Old home still remains in ravinePhoto: Old home in ravinePhoto: Photo: Photo: More erosion problemsPhoto: getting dark - pictures not so clearPhoto: retaining wall below River Road just before Elevator RoadPhoto: Sign says Stay Out - Environmentally Sensitive Area - First sign in three kilometres of Fraser River banks - many ravines and streamsPhoto: Photo: Good that environmentally sensitive areas are protectedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: House in ravine - hiding behind tree with blossomsPhoto: One of those great river views that the Environmental Assessment pointed out would be a benefit to drivers on the new highway.Photo: Fraser River view at Alex Fraser Bridge