25 Photos - May 19, 2013
Photo: Photo: Commodore Walter and Vice-Commodore Emeritus Pete, ready to welcome guestsPhoto: Looking good! John and Vicky, all ready to lead the first paddle of the day.Photo: Holly heading for the dock with a Sunfish (much more suitable for sailboat rides than her usual Laser). I think Holly might win the prize for hardest working volunteer of the day - us kayak trip leaders actually had it pretty easy, with long breaks between trips, but Holly was sailing people around in the basin pretty much from the start of the day to the end of the day. 

Grillers also looked to be pretty busy though, and the folks handling sign-ups must have been busy too because despite the slightly bleah weather there were ALWAYS people out there.Photo: Lucy on the lookout - Dennis left her tied to the canoes for a couple of minutes and she's keeping a sharp watch for his return.Photo: First kayak trip of the day returns.Photo: John M's grandaughter Brooke and a couple of furry friends ready to launch.Photo: John and Tom ready to lead another kayak trip.Photo: Bring on the Canot du Nord!Photo: Andy leads a brief instruction to canoeing.Photo: Boarding 1Photo: Boarding 2Photo: Holly takes a guest out for a spin in the SunfishPhoto: Big canoe and kayaks too!Photo: Big Canoe 2Photo: Tracy brings a guest back from a Sunfish ride. Dennis stands by to help with the debarkation.Photo: Another shot of the Canot du Nord. These big canoes are frequently called "war canoes" but we've got pacifists at the club who don't like the term, and it's also got some not-so-hot racial overtones - the 1950's let's-us-white-folks-pretend-we're-Indians camping thing - so I have taken to referring to this as our "Canot du Nord", after the mid-sized version of the big Canadian freight canoes (which I think this kind of canoe is really modelled after anyways).Photo: This paddleboat has been sitting on the beach just outside the basin for a while. Dennis decided to salvage it - TQ assisted.Photo: Dennis and his prize. Landing this catch would have been interesting but in the end some of the club officers and ex-officers came down and told Dennis to take it to the floatplane ramp at Floyd Bennett Field (where the Parks Department can take care of disposal).Photo: Another trip in the big canoe returns. That's Commodore Walter in the stern, and the guy in the orange cap is Roland Lewis from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance - I should have video'ed this arrival because Roland had everybody chanting a paddling song and they were all cracking up.Photo: Gail in her ultralight canoe - this thing is amazing, I can lift it with one hand.Photo: End of the day for the big canoe. There was sort of a rush to put the boats away when it started drizzling around 2:30, but some of us were willing to stay geared up in case we had anyone show up willing to brave the light rain, and we really ended up having boats on the water up to and beyond 4:00, the official end of the event.Photo: Lots of canoes this year! The resurgence of the Canoe Committee is great for folks with smaller children who can't quite manage a kayak, this really gives them a way to share in the padding fun.Photo: Jim working on the rigging on his beautiful new peapod, "Mouse".  The sails are up for the first time but there's a lot of adjusting before the boat is ready to sail.Photo: More kids of all sizes - and that's the last of my photos from the day. The weather wasn't as delightful as the forecast had promised, but the proverbial good time was still had by all.