31 Photos - Nov 3, 2012
Photo: Sebago Canoe Club, morning of 11/2/2012 - Hurricane Cleanup Squad! There are some members of the sailing committees tending to a waterlogged Sunfish - almost all boats were fine but there was a lot of water to drain.Photo: Racks that had floated around were put back in their proper places.Photo: Canoe being drained.Photo: With one of the biggest work-day turn-outs I've ever seen cleaning out the containers, it looked like a second hurricane had come through when I got to the club shortly before 10.Photo: How many Sebagoites does it take to fix a walkway? One big task for the day - put the walkway back in place. Made of recycled PVC lumber, the entire path had floated, breaking into pieces of various sizes as it moved. The bigger chunks had to be sawed apart to allow us to move them.Photo: Commodore Emeritus Tony works on his croquet stroke. No, really, the sledgehammer and a couple of crowbars were used to set the pieces perfectly in place.Photo: Order restored on the basin end of the grounds, hooray!Photo: Moving a walkway segment in front of the clubhouse.Photo: The longest segment, rotated well away from the proper bed.Photo: Laurie snaps a picture of me snapping a picture of Laurie snapping a picture of me...oh you get the idea!Photo: What a great fall day we had for this!Photo: Prying another segment into proper alignment.Photo: Lunch break! This was great, a couple of members brought huge pots of delicious soup, and also desserts - there was plenty for all, the sandwich I'd packed remained uneaten until later.Photo: Back to work - John directs placementPhoto: Almost up to the gardens now!Photo: Looking down towards the basin, the grounds are much more in order now!Photo: Here comes the very last walkway segment --Photo: Lining up the last piece...Photo: Setting the last piece in place...only, oops, didn't fit.Photo: Assessing the problem.Photo: Nothing a little Sawzall action can't fix.Photo: And the last piece slides home! It's like the joining of the transcontinental railroad, but we didn't happen to have any golden spikes on hand. Still, very exciting to have this done.Photo: Alas, poor refrigerator.Photo: Meanwhile, Don found some bottle rockets in the dinghy shackPhoto: celebratory fireworks!Photo: Cheers! Here's to a good day's work.Photo: The grounds are mostly restored to normal. Woohoo!Photo: High-water mark in the clubhouse noted for posterity.Photo: Still much to be done in the clubhouse - and then there are the archives, some of which did get taken home to freezers. I'm saving the proclamation!Photo: Meanwhile, out in Canarsie, here's one of those gas linePhoto: and the Guardian Angels are out & about (meanwhile, a block away, we caught a glimpse of a street brawl of some sort). Great work at the club today, but the city's still got a ways to go.