23 Photos - Jul 8, 2010
Photo: Damage from 4th owner's accident in February 2010. Same area that the first owner damaged in 2007. Even though the Alleweder is unibody construction. This damage was mainly cosmetic. No damage to the steering geometry which was checked after the repair.Photo: During the repair, front bulkhead was removed to enable an easier repair. Small portion of the front right side was removed as it was too wrinkled to fix.Photo: After the repair 2nd week of May 2010.Photo: There is a small tear in the plastic nose shroud from owner #4's accident in TX.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Still a few wavy lines, but this has no effect on the aerodynamic performance.Photo: Bottom bracket area, stokemonkey motor. Note the 2 storage areas on the sides.Photo: Cycle analyst showing current battery voltage and the miles since the last reset.Photo: Lighting control panel. The front light is self powered and must be turned on using the switch on the light itself.Photo: Right side viewPhoto: Left side viewPhoto: Storage behind the seat (seat has been removed). Note the shock tower lower right and the space available in the turtle deck. You can also see the small red lighting battery and the larger electric assist battery in the background.Photo: Maximum protection from the elements with the top on and plastic windscreen closed.Photo: Convertible roof with the front windscreen open for cooling.Photo: Full vinyl cover closed for maximum protection.Photo: Vinyl cover velcro'd to the front part of the hood for partial cooling.Photo: Full summer mode - as open as it gets.Photo: Bottom view of the Alleweder. Additional aluminum was added to close off the foot wells. There is a U shaped bracket that stabilizes the front wheel attachment points at the back end of the foot wells.Photo: The PVC pipe holds the Blackburn light. The 2 pieces of angle iron provide a tensioning anchor for the stokemonkey electric assist.