142 Photos - Jun 27, 2008
Photo: The temple elephant that inspired the title of my third bookPhoto: Looking out on the lake at Hyderabad in Andhra PradeshPhoto: HyderabadPhoto: The famous Shore Temple at Mamallapuram in Tamil NaduPhoto: The stunning Shore Temple with the moon between the vimanas dedicated to VishnuPhoto: The carved lion at the Shore TemplePhoto: A good picture of the Panch RathasPhoto: One of the Panch Rathas at MamallapuramPhoto: I found these monolithic structures entrancingPhoto: This explains the five rathasPhoto: Young female India enjoying a day outPhoto: All Indians love being photographedPhoto: Some of the carvings on the five rathasPhoto: Dharmaraja RathaPhoto: Bhima Ratha and Nakul Sahdeva Ratha on leftPhoto: Nakul Sahdeva  Ratha and the elephantPhoto: Nandi carved out of a single rockPhoto: I love this elephant in stonePhoto: Mamallapuram stone carvers at workPhoto: They ship their carvings worldwide for temples and other buildingsPhoto: This sculpture in the hotel grounds, was engulfed by the Tsunami on 26.12.2004Photo: The Krishna Mandapa at MamallapuramPhoto: Bas Relief depicting Bhagiratha's Penance or Arjuna's Penance - the descent of the GangesPhoto: Showing the descent of the Ganges between the two bas reliefsPhoto: I loved this spot with the little goat kids perched on topPhoto: Krishna's Butter BallPhoto: We made a nocturnal journey by bullock cart in MamallapuramPhoto: Gangaikondacholapuram Temple - once heart of the capital city of Rajendra I (1012-44)Photo: Look at that detail! The garments flow like silkPhoto: Gandhiji' statue at Pondicherry on the StrandPhoto: Elegant PondicherryPhoto: Photo: Christian PondicherryPhoto: Young women in Pondicherry about to have a quiet protestPhoto: Typical Pondicherry streetPhoto: Temple renovation which is so heartening to seePhoto: Darasuram TemplePhoto: Darasuram TemplePhoto: Workers busy with renovation at Darasuram built by Rajaraja II (1146-73)Photo: DarasuramPhoto: Photo: The women work so hard in the hot sunPhoto: A  typical well to do Indian village home with weavers and familyPhoto: The baby asleep in his sari hammockPhoto: Cheerful young weaver of silkPhoto: And her companion - they work hard for so littlePhoto: The material I bought from the weaversPhoto: What a trio!Photo: Flowers for offerings in the templePhoto: The sacred and valuable Neem Tree in flowerPhoto: So India!Photo: Internal palace decorationsPhoto: Aline receiving the Elephant's BlessingPhoto: Outside the great Brihadishavara Temple in ThanjavurPhoto: Beautiful patient beastPhoto: The gopura to the Thanjavur templePhoto: Towering Brihadishvara Temple at ThanjavurPhoto: Photo: Photo: Thanjavur temple at sunsetPhoto: Part of the great temple complex in the evening sunPhoto: This is one of the greatest temples in all IndiaPhoto: Photo: Royal Palace hall at ThanjavurPhoto: A fort in the hot noon day sunPhoto: Looking down from the fort's rampartsPhoto: Fruit of the Cashew treePhoto: The fruit and the nut outside of the fruitPhoto: Roasting the cashews on the side of the road!Photo: Photo: Village lifePhoto: Chettiar Mansion courtyardPhoto: Another Chettiar mansionPhoto: Showing the cooking area on the far leftPhoto: The cooking implements of a noble Chettiar householdPhoto: Wonderful teak pillars in a Chettiar mansionPhoto: Photo: Part of the Chettiar royal mansionPhoto: Photo: Making the special Chettinad tilesPhoto: The finished articlesPhoto: Graham fascinated by this cottage industry tile factory in ChettinadPhoto: Inside the Palace at MaduraiPhoto: A model of the temple complex inside the famous Minakshi Temple of MaduraiPhoto: The great temple at MaduraiPhoto: Photo: The sacred temple tank at MaduraiPhoto: One of the hundreds of individually carved pillars in the  Madurai TemplePhoto: A close up of the carvings on the gopuras at MaduraiPhoto: Madurai temple complexPhoto: One of the earliest Christian churches in KeralaPhoto: Christianity at the tip of India in KannyakumariPhoto: Kannyakumari - where the three oceans meet at the tip of IndiaPhoto: This was swamped by the Tsunami at the tip of IndiaPhoto: Temple elephants in KeralaPhoto: The Maharaja of Travancore's wooden palace on Kerala/Tamil Nadu borderPhoto: What sweet faces of fisher folk girlsPhoto: The famous Chinese fishing nets at CochinPhoto: The Jewish Synagogue in CochinPhoto: Interior of this ancient tiny synagogue in CochinPhoto: Sunset at Cochin with Chinese fishing netsPhoto: Cochin nets at sunsetPhoto: Full moon at the same time as sunset in CochinPhoto: The Mysore Maharajah's PalacePhoto: Mysore royal palacePhoto: Photo: The Maharaja's temple in the Palace complexPhoto: A Maharaja of MysorePhoto: The Maharaja's royal guest house where we stayed in 1952Photo: Entry to Tipu Sultan's summer palacePhoto: Looking towards the summer palace of Tipu SultanPhoto: The tombs of Tipu Sultan and his fatherPhoto: Great stone carved temples at Belur and HalebiduPhoto: Hoysala temple carvingsPhoto: It was so hot crossing the stone in bare feet - no shoes allowedPhoto: Beautiful Hoysala temple carvingsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lakkundi Temple west of Hospet in KarnatakaPhoto: Lakkundi Temples near Hospet have been well preservedPhoto: These temples are unused but hugely historic in the middle of a villagePhoto: The World Heritage Site of Cathedral and churches in Old GoaPhoto: The Church of Bom Jesu in Old GoaPhoto: The Se Cathedral in Old GoaPhoto: Iconic GoaPhoto: The Palacio de Deo - delightful renovated farmhouse in GoaPhoto: The famous Braganza Mansion in GoaPhoto: Interior of the Braganza Mansion which is two homesPhoto: The decrepit ballroom of the Braganza mansionPhoto: Faded grandeur of the Braganza mansionPhoto: Sindhudurg Fort off the Maharashtran CoastPhoto: Totally lovely on the LakshadweepsPhoto: The colour of the water and the white sand says it allPhoto: This was my idea of bliss on the Lakshadweep IslandsPhoto: The beautiful pristine Lakshadweep islandsPhoto: White sand on the LakshadweepsPhoto: My idea of bliss - a coral island!Photo: To and fro to the cruise ship in the background - we saw whales as wellPhoto: Graham having the time of his life on a Lakshadweep coral island 2007Photo: Aline kitted up for a boat ride to view coralsPhoto: At the launch of this book in Peebles 2006