131 Photos - Jan 4, 2009
Photo: Short Christmas project ..... boxed candles; card box with vacuum formed insert. Ignore the CDC cover on top ..... part of another project.Photo: Year 10 GP packaged candle project.Photo: Year 7 (wood/plastics based). The Messenger ........ works well. High success rate project covering the design process as an exemplar model for future tasks. Covers quite a lot of basic skills.Photo: ..... Messenger ....Photo: Year 7 RM project 2 metal/wood based. Students now given more freedom to explore their own ideas.Photo: RM2 outcomePhoto: RM2 outcome.Photo: RM2 outcomePhoto: Quickie version of the pencil holder from some wood I had lying around. I didn't like it at first but the kids found it fun, adding the character and naming them. Turned out to be surprisingly popular.Photo: Gotta get a tongue!Photo: Some just have to go their own way! Base still to be trimmed.Photo: Jenna's Frog "O"Photo: This slide and the next are part of a Year Graphics task exploring CD covers and display stands made in foam board.Photo: Some examples of modelling the CD standPhoto: Assorted Year 10 GP stuff. Generally run about 5 main projects during the year.Photo: Year 8 short project looking at packaging and incorporating this into a sandwiched acrylic fob for whatever they choose. The graphics are sized and designed on Serif Draw 7 and the printed on photo paper.Photo: The next slides show various examples.Photo: eg2Photo: eg3Photo: eg3Photo: eg4Photo: Year 8 mechanisms (cams) project. The basic design has now been quite radically changed for 2009.Photo: ..... another mechanisms outcome.Photo: Another mechanisms outcome.Photo: This is the new version. A slimmer design we've adopted from this year.Photo: And another.Photo: et al....Photo: et al....Photo: Had lots of these but they got taken home before I could photograph them.Photo: Year 8 Mechanisms RM4Photo: Year Electronics/materials challenge. Chande this several times over the years. A simple latch circuit and attractive case design.Photo: The updated electro-challenge project.Photo: Circuit added but challenge to design and fit.Photo: Case drilled;circuit to be added.Photo: And another ...Photo: Completed one.Photo: Got to be a girl ....Photo: Original hand steady project for Year 9.Photo: Year 9 electronics/materials. "Shove penny" flick and cover the LDR for sound/light effects. Sometimes uses a MT66 for musical tune outcome.Photo: Short graphics tasks ..... model enviro vehicle.Photo: Some of the many outcomes.Photo: "Hexi". Year 11 Graphic Products. (Grade A*). Same student did the Multi -Alarm as well as this project.Photo: "Hexi" the spinner and playing discs.Photo: "Hexi" the internal vacuum forming and other items.Photo: Photo: Packaged cosmetic presentation case (Grade C)Photo: Novelty collection box for vivarium house.Photo: As above but show internal money box. (Grade B)Photo: PoS for training sports footwear (Grade D/E)Photo: Year 11 GP project (grade D). Eye shadow presentation system for the young.Photo: Year 10 RM 1st project. Birder feeder ..... one of several different designs.Photo: Year 10 RM. Decorative games unit. Games not shown .... still to be made.Photo: Year 10 RM project 2. Basically skills based ..... lathework, brazing, threading cutting, vacuum forming etc..... quite a lot in this project and with a high success rate .... 95% completion (group of 18 students).Photo: Year 10 RM ..... another version of the outcome for the handle.Photo: Ben's bird feeder (GCSE RM project 2009)Photo: Radio controlled sparrow capture box for Sheffield Uni Lundy project.Photo: and it works!Photo: Year 10 RM 3rd project. Pole racing cars.Photo: ........ and another ................Photo: ............ followed by another .Photo: Year 10 RM ..... mobile phone holder/charger unit. Students given very much a free hand with this to just explore all the options however silly.Photo: .... again ...Photo: .... outcome 3 ...Photo: ..... another view of outcome 4.Photo: MDF pattern and vacuum formed case.Photo: Case under construction during final assembly stages (Grade A).Photo: ICT working using ProDesktop for Sports Timer case.Photo: Year 11 Multi alarm (A* grade)Photo: Another view with the case in place.Photo: Year 11 Electronics project. Tent intruder alarm. (A grade)Photo: Year 11 EP project. Simple astable dice (Grade C/B).Photo: Year 11 electronics project . Personal alarm system. (B grade)Photo: Alarm with case closedPhoto: Year 11 EP project. Guitar effects unit (Grade A).Photo: Year 11 EP project. Shed alarm ..........very reliable.Photo: Year 11 EP another dice project but at a higher level with a twist! (Grade A).Photo: Year 11 EP project ....... a money box with light/sound effects when money inserted.Photo: Year 11 RM (short course) Pool/snooker cue case. (Grade C)Photo: Case open.Photo: Year 11 RM project. DVD stand ......... I can see the flaws in the design!Photo: Year 11 RM ..... another CD stand ..... bit too wacky for me!Photo: Folding stool Year 10 RM projectPhoto: Flip over table for a bed ... GCSE project 2009Photo: Cosmeticsmake-over unit GCSE 2009Photo: Opening it ....Photo: Inside ....... not fully complete.Photo: Year 11 Graphics project ...... looked good; didn't play so well. (Grade D)Photo: Another (closed ) photo.Photo: Year 10 Graphics task. A modelled mobile phone and hinged packaging. Still incomplete.Photo: Lots of these were made .... worked well as a project.Photo: Year 10 GP modelling project based around shampoo bottles.Photo: DisplayPhoto: DisplayPhoto: DisplayPhoto: DisplayPhoto: DisplayPhoto: Buxton Engineering Chellenge DayPhoto: Buxton Engineering Challenge DayPhoto: BECDPhoto: BECDPhoto: BECDPhoto: Girl building leaky shelter!Photo: Gymzone game boardPhoto: Folding the game .......Photo: Folded ....Photo: the box and destructions ....Photo: all the lot.Photo: Choccy bar project ..... always begins with a real one; and some scoffing!Photo: eg 1Photo: eg 2Photo: eg 3Photo: eg 4Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: