47 Photos - Jan 6, 2012
Photo: So I forgot to marble the topping, and they look a little weird. Yummy, though.Photo: Thumbs up for pork!Photo: Paella! Many prawns died for this.Photo: Lunchbox Lab, in Seattle, will kill you with deliciousness.Photo: Proto-noodles! I made a mess.Photo: Dinner at Seraphina in Seattle.Photo: Mmm, taquitos at Cobre in Vancouver.Photo: Shu mai with gold leaf for Christmas dinner at China Poblano, Las Vegas.Photo: A big bowl of guacamole at China PoblanoPhoto: Barbeque ribs and brisket at Memphis Blues, VancouverPhoto: Salmon, cod, prawns, mussels in clear herb broth. Home-made!Photo: Tacos on the deck at El Chupacabre, Seattle.Photo: Shrimp low carb stirfry. Cauliflower, broccoli, sugarsnaps, mushrooms, coconut milk. Home made!Photo: I made too many chicken pot pies. ;_;Photo: Chicken pot pie. Bottom crust is storebought, the rest was home made.Photo: Takoyaki and saki at Maekawa Bar in SeattlePhoto: Delicious appies at Maekawa Bar, Seattle.Photo: Christmas Eve, my first roast! Goal was medium-rare, and I think I got it.Photo: Ramen with all the trimmings and Samurai Noodle, University District in Seattle. Amazingly good.Photo: Best roast of my life, prime rib from Pike Place Market, Seattle.Photo: Clam chowder at Burgoo in Vancouver.Photo: It looks like real fried rice, but it is not! (It is cauliflower.)Photo: Asian-inspired chicken soup.Photo: Chicken soup!Photo: Homemade mushroom and bacon soup.Photo: Etoufee at Jake's Famous Crawfish in PortlandPhoto: Amazing "boozy brunch" at Fable in Vancouver.Photo: Best sickie food ever. Pho in Vancouver.Photo: A blurry photo of my first Thanksgiving turkey.Photo: Happy Birthday to me! At Toulouse PetitPhoto: I have created.. PIE.Photo: Look, I was really impressed with my roast, ok.Photo: Roast, steamed carrots, yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Christmas Eve feast.Photo: I made loxPhoto: Excellent eating at 7 Star Pepper in Seattle.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: