27 Photos - Aug 24, 2015
Photo: Image of cockpit from pre-purchase listing of Pilgrim.Photo: Image of cockpit looking forward from pre-purchase listing of Pilgrim.Photo: Image of cockpit from pre-purchase listing of Pilgrim.Photo: Image of binnacle and wheel from pre-purchase listing of Pilgrim.Photo: Our stating point... January 23, 2013 Pilgrim arrives in Beaufort, NC with a cockpit full of Ohio snow.Photo: Hole remaining in bridgedeck after the removal of the engine instrument panel and a exterior electrical switch panel.Photo: Pilgrim's original three companionway drop boardsPhoto: Pilgrim's  new two  companionway drop boardsPhoto: Leaking quarterberth port removed.Photo: filling the void between exterior fiberglass and interior cabinetry with blocks of treated wood.Photo: filling voids around wood filler blocks with thickened epoxyPhoto: Sill of window ready for primer after two rounds of fairing.Photo: Creating a plywood template for the new quarterberth window.  

Used an electrical tape canister for the corner radius.Photo: Transfering window template to a piece of "Chemcast Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet" a.k.a. plexiglass.Photo: time to cut out the windowPhoto: Using flush trim bit on router to clean up the edges on the new window.Photo: masking tape on base of router to prevent scratching new window while using a round over bit to radius the edgesPhoto: Drilling holes for mounting screws in new quarterberth window.Photo: clamping new window in place to mark location of fasteners.Photo: Marking the area of the opening on the inside while the window is clamped in position.Photo: tracing the openining outline with a razor knife.Photo: portion of interior face of window requiring bedding is now exposed.Photo: Fastener system... #12 pan head screw + stainless steel washer + neoprene washer + butyl tape.Photo: Three plus rounds of butyl tape around winow.Photo: Plastic scraper used to remove excess butyl tape that squeezes out.Photo: New 1/2" plexiglass quaterberth window installed.Photo: New quarterberth window installed.