60 Photos - May 16, 2015
Photo: Looking down into cockpit locker with floor panel removed.  Manual pump on bulkhead (top left) is for ice box drain.  Engine raw water  strainer is mounted low  on forward bulkhead (upper right)Photo: bulkhead between cockpit locker and ice box is covered with what appears to be silly string.  I'm unsure if this is an attempt at insulation? Sound dampening?  Both?   The hand pump upper left evacuated the ice box. Lower right is engine raw water filter.  Everything is this image is going to change.Photo: Ahh... a blank canvas on which to begin.Photo: This shelf served as a mount for the Alder-Barbour condenser unit.Photo: In the original construction the top of the bulkhead between the locker and the galley did not extend all the way to the top of the cockpit combing.Photo: We tabbed in a 3/4" plywood filler.  This will add strength and serve to eliminate air flow between the cockpit locker and the galley.Photo: old drain manifold gone via a single stratigic hack saw cut.   The 2" id PVC pipe the remains feeds directly into the torpedo tube.Photo: New deck scupper and bilge pump drain manifold installed under cockpit.  The 1 1/2" & 3/4" bilge pump inlets are temporarily plugged.Photo: Aft panel of the new ice box is in place.  Ready to begin build out of new bulkhead and cockpit locker cabinetry.Photo: test fitting 1/8" Luan Plywood template of new bulkhead.Photo: tracing out template for bulkhead on marine grade 1/2" plywood.Photo: Due to insulation added for the ice box the new bulkhead is 5" aft of original.  The creates a small shelf at the forward end of the locker.The conduit along the hull runs under the ice box & stove and into the area under the galley dry storage bin.  The conduit will house bilge pump drain lines, etc.Photo: looking thru cockpit locker at new bulkhead assemblyPhoto: Upper frame for new cockpit locker / engine compartment divider bolted and epoxied in place.Photo: 1708 coth cut for tabbing on new cockpit locker bulkheadPhoto: Anne preparing to add tabbing to new bulkhead in cockpit lockerPhoto: 2 to 3 layers of fresh tabbing on the new bulkhead in the cockpit lockerPhoto: Experimenting with layout of locker / engine compartment dividerPhoto: laying out the new panel dividing the locker from the engine compartmetPhoto: laying out hull curvature on 1/2" plywood that will form panel between engine compartment and cockpit locker.Photo: fitting new plywood panelPhoto: Test fitting components of the new panel separating engine compartment & cockpit lockerPhoto: Couple layers of 1708 cloth tabbing between the hull and both sides of the new panel.Photo: one layer of 1708 cloth tabbing along top and aft side of engine compartment & cockpit locker divider.Photo: test fitting new 1/2" plywood floor and templating partial bulkhead in cockpit lockerPhoto: tabbed in tiny partial bulkhead aft of floor. The tiny bulkhead creates a solid anchor point for the aft end of the cabinetry and will prevent items from sliding off the aft end of the floor and into the engine compartment.Photo: Fresh paint on forward bulkhead and lower section of cockpit locker.The ice box insulation pushed the new bulkhead is 5" further aft than the original.Photo: creating hatch in floor of cockpit lockerPhoto: Coated underside of cockpit locker floor with epoxyPhoto: floor of cockpit locker as viewed from above.Cut out outboard ( left) are for lower and middle bilge pump discharge hoses.Photo: Creative clamping required to hold 1/2" plywood panel in place while the fiberglass tabbing cures.Photo: Aft section of cockpit locker wall panel permanently tabbed in place. Covering this wall in 1/2" plywood provides the option to use wood screws to mount hardware in the locker.Photo: Looking up from the engine compartment at the port deck drain and unpainted upper section of the locker.Photo: Upper, unpainted section of cockpit locker.  This area will be painted once we get the new shelf installed.Photo: Piles of gel coat dust coat the locker after grinding in preparation for tabbing in the new shelfPhoto: test fit on new in cockpit locker shelf prior to adding tabbing.Photo: Looking forward at fresh tabbing between the hull and the new shelf in the cockpit locker.Photo: Looking aft at progress in the cockpit locker.Photo: Fresh paint in upper portion of cockpit lockerPhoto: upper portion of cockpit locker paintedPhoto: looking aft thru engine access panels into cockpit lockerPhoto: looking forward along new shelf in cockpit lockerPhoto: Reused retired salon aluminum angle to mount a wall panel in the upper cockpit lockerPhoto: plywood panel installed inside cockpit combing along cockpit seat back will serve as surface for mounting bilge pump discharge hosesPhoto: finishing teak trim for cockpit lockerPhoto: Removable engine access panels in ockpit locker installedPhoto: Looking down into nearly completed cockpit locker.Photo: engine side of new port side access panels will be covered with sound proofing material.Photo: Cockpit locker shelf with large fiddle installed and deck drain line secured.Photo: Cockpit locker shelf with large fiddle installed and deck drain line secured.Photo: Plywood panel mounted on the interior of port cockpit seat back serves as mounting board for bilge pump discharge hoses.Photo: Syphon breaks for middle and lower bilge pumps mounted in port cockpit combing.Photo: Lower & Middle bilge pump hoses pass through conduit under ice box the rise vertically to syphon breaks mounted in the cocpit combing.Photo: Lower and middle bilge pump discharge hoses plumbed to drain manifoldPhoto: New 1-7/8" hole in hull above waterline.  Note deck is 1" thick with foam core.Photo: Plug removed from hull when installing thru hull above waterline.  Slotted screw driver and right angle pick used to remove foam from around hole in hull.Photo: Foam core removed 1/2" back from hole in hull.Photo: New 1-1/2" thru hull on port side will provide discharge for upper / large capacity bigle pump.Photo: Hole for upper bilge pump discharge with with core removed and void filled with thickened epoxyPhoto: installing new above water thru-hull for upper bilge pump discharge in cockpit locker