35 Photos - Aug 20, 2014
Photo: Vertical hairline cracks in bottom paint lead me to discover issues just forward of midship on starboard side. I ground out four areas.  The forward, larger ares  is directly below the lower, untabbed portion of the bulkhead separating the salon & vee berth.  The aft two areas are below untabbed sections of the bulkhead that bears the load of the forward lower shroud.Ground out hull damage on starboard side under bulkheads opposite the head.  The forward, larger repair is due to the lower, untabbed portion of the bulkhead resting on the hull.Photo: The area's ground out glow with sunlight on the interior of the boat. Damaged area is under bulkhead that lacks tabbing below the waterlinePhoto: forward side of bulkhead also lacks tabbingPhoto: close up of interior of damaged area. Note lack of tabbing at bulhead below water line.Photo: layers of 1708 cloth applied to repair hullPhoto: Second coat of fairing filler sanded and repairs ready for barrier coatPhoto: 2000E Barrier Coat on Starboard hull repairsPhoto: Starboard salon lockers with shelves removed and grinding in prep for new tabbing complete.Photo: masked and ready to install new tabbingPhoto: looking into starboard, aft upper salon locker with shelves and vinyl liner removed.  The bulkhead on right bears upper and cap shrouds chainplate.  The bulkhead on left bears the forward lower shrouds chainplate.Photo: added tabbing between bulkheads and deck on starboard inside locker forward of pilot berthPhoto: added tabbing between starboard bulkhead forward of pilot berth and deck above.  Holes at top right are for cap and upper shroud chainplatePhoto: we are not a big fan of drawers due to their ineffiecent use of space.Photo: drawer removed from lower, aft lockerPhoto: looking into starboard, aft lower locker with drawer hardware removed.Photo: bulkhead that carries load from forward lower shroud lacks tabbing along section accessible once drawer hardware is removed.Photo: test fitting cloth along bulkhead and between horizontal shelf and hull.Photo: Sections of 1708 cloth tabbing  installed along lower section of bulkhead and between horizontal shelf and hull.Photo: Installing tabbing in locker (a.k.a. The day the locker ate Jeff)Photo: Upper section of large hanging locker opposite head.  Chainplate for forward, lower shroud is visible on upper right.Photo: The visible wood on the bulkheads in the lockers is 1/4" plywood facade.   The facade is glued onto the 3/4" plywood structural bulkhead.  Removing the facade posed too large of a task. To increase bond between the facade & the structural bulkhead, I countersunk a series of #8 screws.Photo: Added tabbing between bulkheads and deck inside large hanging locker on starboard opposite head.Photo: lower section of starboard bulkhead separating salon and vee berth cleaned in prep for tabbing.Photo: test fitting 1708 cloth along lower section of bulkhed between salon and vee berth.Photo: Added tabbing to lower section of starboard bulkhead between salon and vee berthPhoto: tabbing repairs in large hanging locker after paintingPhoto: Large haning locker on starboard, opposite head, with a frewh coat of white paintPhoto: Starboard salon lockers after painting the interior's whitePhoto: Inside locker forward of pilotberth painted white.Photo: lower locker forward of starboard salon seat / berth with a fresh coat of white paintPhoto: Starboard Vee berth lockersPhoto: exterior of starboard, vee berth lockersPhoto: upper section of starboard vee berth lockers with panel removed to expose hull and underside of deck.Photo: Interior of starboard, vee berth hanging locker after peeling away vinyl liner, using MEK to remove contact cement residue, and washing with TSP.Photo: Large haning locker on starboard, opposite head, with a frewh coat of white paint