12 Photos - Jul 27, 2014
Photo: cobbled together manifold for feeding water into topedo tubes.Photo: manifold for feeding cockpit drains, bilge pumps, and shower drain into torpedo tubes.Photo: the primary section of the manifold was level with the torpedo tube.   The manifold was only supported by the PVC connecting it to the torpedo tube.Photo: old drain manifold gone via a single stratigic hack saw cut.   The 2" id PVC pipe the remains feeds directly into the torpedo tube.Photo: dry fitting the new drain manifoldPhoto: The new manifold has four input lines that feed a 2" outlet to the M382 "Torpedo Tube" drainsPhoto: New deck scupper and bilge pump drain manifold installed under cockpit.  The 1 1/2" & 3/4" bilge pump inlets are temporarily plugged.Photo: deck scupper & bilge pump drain manifold viewed from port side.Photo: Plywood panel mounted on the interior of port cockpit seat back serves as mounting board for bilge pump discharge hoses.Photo: Syphon breaks for middle and lower bilge pumps mounted in port cockpit combing.Photo: Lower & Middle bilge pump hoses pass through conduit under ice box the rise vertically to syphon breaks mounted in the cocpit combing.Photo: Lower and middle bilge pump discharge hoses plumbed to drain manifold