29 Photos - Jul 25, 2014
Photo: using thickened epoxy to attach 3/4" plywood cleat to head pan.Photo: Mounting cleat for holding tank on bulhead with #12 wood screwsPhoto: test fitting cross pieces for holding tank shelf  below counter in headPhoto: test fitting holding tank below counter top in head.  The 15G, plastic tank was salvaged from our last boat, a Morgan 34.Photo: adding a second layer of 3/4' plywood and a second layer of 1708 cloth tabbing to spread load from head pan and holding tank across interior hull.Photo: view through hamper cut out at forward holding tank cleats and new tabbingPhoto: Head pan  and hold tank support with fresh coat of paintPhoto: Shelf and retaining blocks for holding tank.  Port forward chainplate is visible in background on right.  Shower drain thru-hull fitting is in background on left.Photo: Holding tank shelf and retaining blocks under the head counter. The shower drain thru-hull fitting, above water line, is visible in background.Photo: I used thickened epoxy to attach a 2" wide strip of 3/4" plywood around the perimeter of the opening cut under head counter.  The plywood will add strength to the liner and serve as cleat for a facade to cover the cut away.Photo: test fitting the holding tank under the head counter.Photo: Inital Proposed Pilgrim Head Plumbing DiagramPhoto: Second draft of Pilgrim's Head PlumbingPhoto: Photo: I began the deck pump out fitting install by drilling a 1/4" hole through the deck from below.  This allowed me to center the fitting in the hole created in the head pan liner.Photo: After confirming the fitting would fit properly at the site of the 1/4" hole, I used a 2" hole saw to create the larger hole in the deck.Photo: 3 1/2" hole in pan liner and 2" hole in deck as veiwed from below decks.Photo: New flush mount waste pump out fitting installed amidships on port side.Photo: Looking down into space below the head counter just prior to installing the holding tankPhoto: holding tank installed and plumbed below head counter.Photo: Reality of Pilgrim's head plumbing after rebuilding the systemPhoto: Photo: Macerator is mounted below sink.  The cut out above the macerator will be used for wires leading to the mast.  The covered panel above the cut out houses the wiring for the macerator and mast wiring.Photo: looking access panel at head plumbingPhoto: Flushing overboard the waste follows the path highlighted in red.Photo: Photo: Dock side pump out the waste follows the path highlighted in redPhoto: Offshore pump out the waste follows the path highlighted in redPhoto: filling hole under counter