47 Photos - Mar 4, 2014
Photo: looking forward from companinwayPhoto: looking forward from galleyPhoto: port seteePhoto: starboard seteePhoto: folding tablePhoto: interior looking aftPhoto: removing port side headlinerPhoto: port side of salon masked for grinding on overheadPhoto: looking aft along port side overhead - ready for new tabbing along cabinets and partial bulkhead at galleyPhoto: Underside of port side deck in salon prior to sandingPhoto: port salon overhead sanded and ready for new tabbing along bulkhead and above cabinetsPhoto: port salon sidedeck overhead ready for primerPhoto: "L" between port cabinet & bulkhead removed.  Minor corrosion found on aluminum bracket.  Suprized Morgan used 3/4" wood screws.  Plan to reinstall with 1" to 1-1/4" screws.Photo: tape marking areas in bulkhead that need holes filled or gouges filledPhoto: sanding down filler and new tabbing on port salon bulkheadPhoto: taped off and ready for primerPhoto: new tabbing between underside of port deck and cabinet on port sidePhoto: looking aft along port salon cabinets at new tabbing and paintPhoto: new tabbing and fresh paint in vacinity of port chain platesPhoto: Port bulkhead painting complete.Photo: looking forward from galley after painting both salon bulkheadsPhoto: port chain plates re-installed.Photo: starboard, forward aluminum angle removed from between bulkhead and seat back.Photo: new starboard forward aluminum angle installedPhoto: New aluminum angle on left and old on rightPhoto: new trim and aluminum angle installed on port salonPhoto: Original port aft aluminum anglePhoto: new port aft aluminum angle installedPhoto: original starboard, aft aluminum anglePhoto: new starboard, aft aluminum angle installedPhoto: port side of salon with chainplate projects complete and new trim along top of cabinetsPhoto: looking forward from companionway after painting bulkheads and re-installing chainplatesPhoto: new salon table mounted on bulkhead.Photo: salon table with one leaf outPhoto: salon table fully deployedPhoto: salon table fully deployedPhoto: salon table install completePhoto: both lids on house battery bankPhoto: access panel to house battery bank's DC Shunt, On/Off Switch, and 300A ANL Fuse.Photo: forward face of battery storagePhoto: Photo: Salon and galley masked in preparation for sanding the overhead and side walls. Photo: side walls and over head prepped , masked, and ready for primer.Photo: Overhead painted.  Side walls will receive one more coat of paint.Photo: Re-installing salon trim.Photo: Trim re-installed along starboard salonPhoto: Trim installed along port salon