38 Photos - Mar 4, 2014
Photo: pilot berth cabinet facade by previous ownerPhoto: Pilot Berth Cabinet Facade by previous ownerPhoto: masking off the head in preparation for grindingPhoto: tabbing & cross braces forward of mast stepPhoto: removed the textured plastic wall covering from the pilot berth area.Photo: pilot berth floor remvoed to reveal more wasted space and a lack of structural bulkheads.Photo: dividers removed from space below pilot berthPhoto: all cabinetry removed from below pilot berthPhoto: creating templates for new pilot berth storage dividersPhoto: the 4" right of the line on the template (lighter wood) was hidden from acces by panelingPhoto: test fitting the templatePhoto: test fitting the two new dividersPhoto: cutting and dry fitting cloth for the new pilot berth bulkheadsPhoto: new bulkheads tabbed in under pilot berthPhoto: oak cleats bolted and epoxied on to new bulkheads under pilot berthPhoto: new bulkheads below pilot berth primed with KilzPhoto: final coat of paint on new bulkheads under pilot berth.Photo: pilot berth area primed with KilzPhoto: marking cabinet door cut out for under pilot berth lockerPhoto: painting misc parts on the salon berthPhoto: hinges and clasp installed on lower pilot berth cabinet accessPhoto: aluminum "L" cleats for shelf in pilot berth lockerPhoto: looking down into aft section of pilot berth with shelf cleats installedPhoto: Shelf in aft section of berth loaded up.  1/2" plywood shelf is bolted to aluminum "L"sPhoto: sanding down & altering cutouts in pilot berth deckPhoto: using fiberglass tabbing to secure the section of filler deckingPhoto: Pilot Berth Deck -  ReinstalledPhoto: looking forward  along Pilot Berth with fresh coat of paintPhoto: looking aft along pilot berth deck with fresh coat of paintPhoto: underside of deck above pilot berth after a visit from both the grinder (36 grit) and the orbital sander (80 grit)Photo: Pile of nastiness sweep up after sanding down the underside of the deck above the pilot berth.Photo: Pilot berth overhead and nav station overhead ready for primer.Photo: Pilot berth overhead, bulkhead, and interior of starboard salon lockers read for primer.Photo: One coat of primer on pilot berth overhead and bulkhead.Photo: Pilotberth overhead and bulkhead painted whitePhoto: one coat of primer on pilot berth  and nav station overhead.Photo: Pilotberth overhead and section of bulkhead painted white.Photo: Starboard aft lower and cap shroud chainplates re-installed