69 Photos - Jan 30, 2014
Photo: Photo: damage done by past battery acid spill.  Note old wood shelf pieces in battery box up and left.Photo: damaged shelf in old battery locker removed and area cleaned.Photo: portion of wall between quarterberth and engine room removed due to battery acid spillPhoto: shelf & facade removed from aft wall of quarterberth.Photo: scrubbing quarter berth with TSPPhoto: before and after scrubbing with TSP.  The background section is cleaned & the foreground is untouched.Photo: scrubbing quaterberth lockers with TSPPhoto: aft wall of quarterberth once shelf is removedPhoto: grinding in the quarterberth in preparation for adding new tabbingPhoto: grinding in quarterberth in preparation for adding additional tabbing.Photo: removing portions of 1/4" paneling from quaterberth wall in preparation for tabbing.Photo: 1/4" paneling gone in areas that will be tabbed to adjacent structures.Photo: quarterberth ready for fiberglass tabbingPhoto: new fiberglass tabbing installed in quarterberthPhoto: Tabbing sanded smooth. I affixed shims around engine access door to match the thickness of the original panelingPhoto: space hidden above the headliner in quarterberth.Photo: light cloth tabbing added to woodwork above entrance to quaterberthPhoto: filler and 1708 colth added to woodwork above the entrance to the quaterberthPhoto: tabbing along upper entrance to quaterberth paintedPhoto: first coat of primer on quarterberthPhoto: tabbing along bulkhead and engine compartment wall in quaterberth completed and paintedPhoto: Cut away portion of bulkhead aft of quaterberth to provide access for installing engine instrument panel in cockpitPhoto: marking up section of quarterberth deck for removalPhoto: quarterberth with forward portion of deck removed.  Black line denotes locaton of future bulkheadPhoto: test fitting location of new quarterberth bulkheads with various objectsPhoto: template for new partial bulkhead below quarterberth completePhoto: transferring template to 1/8" plywoodPhoto: tic marks at each point the template made contact with the hullPhoto: connect the dotsPhoto: the bulhead pattern transfered to the 1/8" plywoodPhoto: time to go over the Pilgrim for a test fitPhoto: transferring the pattern to the 1/2" plywood bulkheadPhoto: Test fittng the 1/8" panel.  It took a few trips back to the bandsaw to get a good fit.Photo: The 1/2" plywood bulkhead dry fit in placePhoto: test fitting the locker divider using 1/8" plywoodPhoto: thru-hull pad and new tabbing added below quaterberth deckPhoto: new partial bulk head tabbed in below quarter berth deck.  Note handle of new engine raw water seacock is visible just aft of new bulk head.Photo: two coats primer below the quarterberth deckPhoto: forward quarterberth lockers with two coats of primer and one top coat appliedPhoto: progress on the lower, quarterberth dividers & shelves - It all fits!Photo: fabricating a new section of quarterberth deck.Photo: test fitting new quarterberth deck piecesPhoto: painting new quarterberth deckingPhoto: looking aft at new quarterberth lockers.  The engine raw water intake & strainer are located aft midship locker.  The starter battery, battery selector switch,  bilge pump switches, & other electrical wiring are located in the forward mid ship locker.The two outboard lockers are for storage.Photo: new decking installed in quarterberthPhoto: Quarterberth with both panels removedPhoto: Quarterberth panels with starboard section romovedPhoto: fitting panels for Nav Station backrest.  The two middle panels are removable and provide access to quarterberth / storage areaPhoto: Navigation station seat.  Future electrical panel will occupy the area outobard along the hull.Photo: quarterberth panels / navigation station seat back in place.  The middle two panels (with finger holes) are removeablePhoto: Experimenting with plumbing the starboard deck scupper to allow for water collection if necessary.Photo: Assembling fittings for starboard deck drain & upper bilge pump dischargePhoto: Test fitting new starboard deck drain fitting that allows for water collection.Photo: 1-7/8" hole in quarterberth in preparation for installing new thru-hull and deck drain.Discovered some moisture in hull core.  Drilled 1/4" holes along interior hull to inspect for additional moisture in hull.  Fortunately water was limited to area around new thru-hull and dried up quickly.Photo: starboard deck drain with core removed and void filled with thickened epoxyPhoto: Closing the lower 1-1/2" valve then opening the upper 3/4" valve directs rain water thru the inline and out the clear 3/4" discharge hose.  We will collect the water in jugs.  Prior to  transfering the  the water into our tanks or consuming it we will chemically treat it and pass it through a finer filter.Photo: New starboard deck scupper drain is plumbed to allow for collecting water from the deck.Photo: New switch panel mounted below nav station bench seat.  New deck scupper pumbing in background.Photo: Leaking quarterberth port removed.Photo: filling the void between exterior fiberglass and interior cabinetry with blocks of treated wood.Photo: filling voids around wood filler blocks with thickened epoxyPhoto: Sill of window ready for primer after two rounds of fairing.Photo: ready for primer around old port windowPhoto: Painting complete.  Marking the area of the opening on the inside while the new Plexiglas window is clamped in position.Photo: New quarterberth window installed.Photo: New 1/2" plexiglass quaterberth window installed.Photo: Battery charger and inverter installation completePhoto: New battery charger and inverter installed in  quarterberth area.