122 Photos - May 23, 2013
Photo: using a yard cart for our final Everglades City town run,Photo: Anne at the reigns as we start into town.Photo: C'est la Vie loaded up and Sunset Island buttoned up on the eve of our departure.Photo: Anne Grilling at anchor off Cape SablePhoto: Back in the Keys. Motoring windward through Bowlegy Cut.Photo: Anne relaxing at anchor in Snake CreekPhoto: Smoothie TimePhoto: Crawfish Boil with friends at Smugglers Cove MarinaPhoto: Kim illustrating inapproprate  technique for consuming crawfishPhoto: Photo: purging the crawfish in water prior to cookingPhoto: the master crawfish chef LenPhoto: dark skys building as we depart Snake Creek headed for MarathonPhoto: our rebuilt alternator ready to be installedPhoto: alternator back where it belongsPhoto: Finally a sunny start to the day here in Boot Key HarborPhoto: Anne headed out on her paddleboardPhoto: quiet sunrise over Boot Key Harbor - June 2, 2013Photo: departing Marathon with a squall on our heelsPhoto: squall line in Hawk Channel #2 - June 2, 2013Photo: foul weather with Anne at helm in Hawk ChannelPhoto: Sunset over the Keys as C'est la Vie enters the Gulf StreamPhoto: motoring across the Bahama Banks towards the Berry IslandsPhoto: Sunrise over the Bahama Banks - June 4, 2013Photo: Sunrise over the Bahama Banks #3 - June 4, 2013Photo: Anne with starfish off Bond Cay, Berry IslandsPhoto: C'est la Vie anchored off Little Harbor Cay, Berry IslandsPhoto: Looking northward towards the Hoffman / Devils Cay area in the Berry IslandsPhoto: Anne on Devils Cay #2Photo: Anne with C'est la Vie anchored in the distance - Devils CayPhoto: morning thunderstorm over the Berry Islands #1 - June 8, 2013Photo: Hoffman Cay Blue HolePhoto: Anne sizing up the jump at Hoffman Cay Blue HolePhoto: Jeff mid flight above Hoffman Cay blue holePhoto: Anne exploring Hoffman Cay blue holePhoto: Snorkeling off Hoffman CayPhoto: Anne soaking up sun & sand on Hoffman CayPhoto: Rounding the southwestern tip of Hoffman CayPhoto: sailing the board over the flatsPhoto: Exploring the mangrove creek on Hoffman CayPhoto: checking out a starfish off Hoffman CayPhoto: Ray in the grass beds off Hoffman CayPhoto: paddling back to C'est la ViePhoto: selfie off Hoffman CayPhoto: Anne looking out upon C'est la Vie from Soldier CayPhoto: camoflaged ground nesting bird on Soldier CayPhoto: C'est la Vie Anchored off Soldier CayPhoto: Anne exploring Soldier CayPhoto: watch your step!Photo: check it outPhoto: Squalls building on the horizon while crossing the Northwest Providence ChannelPhoto: The Spanish Wells Channel off the bow of FV-Papa JPhoto: The busy harbor at Spanish WellsPhoto: Approching Spanish Wells from the southPhoto: Sand Castle artists on the Harbor Island beachPhoto: lizards attach the temple on the beach at Harbor IslandPhoto: 24 hours of weathering on this sculpturePhoto: Building clouds over the Devils BackbonePhoto: On the Ferry between Spanish Wells and Harbor IslandPhoto: Anne hanging in the BreezePhoto: Off he stern of the ferry as it transits the Devils BackbonePhoto: Anne watching squalls dance about during our crossing to AbacoPhoto: Anne paddling alongside a cave at Little HarborPhoto: Anne paddling in the mangroves at Little HarborPhoto: Sailing in the southern AbacosPhoto: fun day on the helmPhoto: Anne on the rail checking out the seasPhoto: At the helm on a close reach off Sandy CayPhoto: Anne practicing new stances on the paddle board with Tiloo Cut in the BackgroundPhoto: Anne boarding in the flats off Tahiti BeachPhoto: Anne prepping to divePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ready for an afternoon dip in waters off Sale CayPhoto: anyone hungery for lunch?Photo: Little Sale Cay off the bowPhoto: down wind whisker pole set upPhoto: from mast to sail view of whisker pole set upPhoto: grey day at the helm in the sea of abacoPhoto: Anne below counting out the time between flash and thunderPhoto: Sunset from Allen's Pensacola CayPhoto: BLT lunch somewhere on the Sea of AbacoPhoto: Cup of morning joe along the Georgia ICWPhoto: Meeting traffic in a shallow curve along the Georgia ICWPhoto: Storms ahead on the Georgia ICWPhoto: Cloudy Morning on the Vernon River, GAPhoto: Isle of Hope Marina, Savannah, GAPhoto: Anne sponging fresh water out of the bilgePhoto: Anne figuring out the nautical "rules of the road"Photo: 4th of July in Charleston HarborPhoto: chaos in cockpit after dis-mastingPhoto: starboard side after loosing the mastPhoto: looking forward after loosing the mastPhoto: rigging the VHF to transmit on AM/FM antennaPhoto: relaxing 48 hours after the dis-mastingPhoto: mast stepPhoto: remnants of starboard standing riggingPhoto: all that remains of the roller furler and headsail is the drumPhoto: damage on deck from dis-mastingPhoto: Photo: