43 Photos - Apr 8, 2013
Photo: the cabin truck & top prior to paintingPhoto: clearing the deck in prep for paintingPhoto: the turtle and wood foundations removed from deckPhoto: dodger off, decks cleared of harware, gallows cross piece removed, bimini off - we are in full project mode now.Photo: Photo: Photo: Small voids in the orginal gel coat & fiberglass are causing the paint to crack.  Time to gind out the voids.Photo: Anne used an awl to open & mark the cracks & pin holes.  I use the grinder to expose the voids.Photo: We discovered more compromised areas than expected.  Time to begin filling them back in.Photo: filling the voidsPhoto: filling sanded downPhoto: Filler on deck after sanding it down and 1st top coat on former head hatchPhoto: adding fairing filling to cabin trunkPhoto: starting to sand early under an ominous skyPhoto: half the cabin trunk sanded by the time the skys opened up at 09:30Photo: first coat of primer on the turtle and campanionway cover.Photo: Continuing the fair the cabin trunk.  The red circles mark areas in need of fillerPhoto: Anne painting the area under the turtlePhoto: The area under the turtle re-painted with house paint.Photo: ready for the first coat of primerPhoto: 1st coat of primer applied to cabin trunk (areas on top left bare fill be covered by non-skid paint)Photo: companionway cover and turtle with 1 coat of brightsidesPhoto: taped off turtle ready for an application of Kiwi-Grip non-skid paintPhoto: scrap plywood set up for practicing the application of Kiwi-Grip.  We placed one in the sun and one in the shade to experiment with drying times and textures.Photo: Kiwi-Grip applied to test boards.  Not much difference in texture, but the difference in drying times was dramatic.  The tape had to be removed from the panel in the sun in less than 5 minutes.Photo: Kiwi-Grip applied to the turtle.Photo: Second coat of Brightsides on the cabin trunk.Photo: Starboard side cabin top taped off and ready for kiwi grip.Photo: Port side taped off and ready for Kiwi-Grip.Photo: Anne wiping down the cabin top with denatured alcohol prior to applying the Kiwi-GripPhoto: Anne spreading the kiwi-grip.  I followed with the testured roller.Photo: Port side of cabin top.Photo: Port side with paint completePhoto: Cabin Trunk Painting Complete!Photo: looking forward from cockpit with compainion way cover re-installed.Photo: Painting complete.. next up reinstall the hardware on the cabin topPhoto: Anne working topside to install the handrailsPhoto: Anne countersinking the holes and adding buty-tape to the deck rail fastenersPhoto: port side forward view of completed cabin trunk painting projectPhoto: port side aft view of completed cabin trunk paintPhoto: forward cabin top paint job completedPhoto: deck rails, turtle, and dodge re-installed on repainted cabin trunkPhoto: looking forward over the freshly painted cabin top