20 Photos - Apr 8, 2013
Photo: Now that I've created a photo album it is official - We are adding a photo-voltaic (PV) charging system to C'est la Vie.  I'll keep adding images to the album and updates on sv-cestlavie.blogspot.com as the installation progresses. Photo: swiss cheese bimini - cutting access holes for solar panels in new FRP biminiPhoto: the access holes in the bimini allow for wiring and attachment pointsPhoto: electrical box located on each panelPhoto: two 80W panels mounted atop C'est la Vie's biminiPhoto: port side panelPhoto: starboard side panelPhoto: using hole saw to cut out a through deck opening for the solar panel wiresPhoto: hole for solar panel wiresPhoto: installing waterproof fitting for solar panel wiresPhoto: routing solar panel wire down to through deck fittingPhoto: wire routing and deck fitting completedPhoto: below decks wire bus for PV system & wifi antannaPhoto: a 1:1 pattern was included in the BlueSky Charge Controler instructions.  I made two photo copies of the orginal.Photo: to avoid too much dust in the electrical panel, I wanted to cut the hole from the rear.  I used one template to locate the placement on the front of the panel.  Once in place I drilled out two of the mounting screw holes.Photo: I used brad nails in the screw holes to line up the second template on the inside of the panel and taped in into place.  I then drilled out the corners of the section to be removed and used a jigsaw to cut between the drilled corners.Photo: here is the Blue Sky charge controler mounted in our electrical panel.Photo: bringing all the PV system wires together at the charge controllerPhoto: the current (haha) state of C'est la Vie's electrical panel.  New PV charge controller is bottom, right.Photo: PV system installed and charging