86 Photos - Jun 22, 2009
Photo: Navpaktos Fort from seaPhoto: Navpaktos BayPhoto: Navpaktos HarbourPhoto: Rion Bridge EU gift to GreecePhoto: Rion Bridge at dawnPhoto: ApproachingPhoto: A single PlanPhoto: Rion BridgePhoto: Denny ducking to get below bridgePhoto: Will the mast fit under?Photo: Only just underPhoto: Photo: The underside of a four lane highwayPhoto: In bloom with horse looking onPhoto: Pork chopsPhoto: Levkas Wycho BayPhoto: Early marning in Wycho Bay LevkasPhoto: LevkasPhoto: Charlie and Richard's two and a half yarder (Flag)Photo: Alongside for a midday drink on SkorpiosPhoto: Megalangis SportocheiriPhoto: Meganisis  Sportochori BayPhoto: Looking north from Meganisi towards Lefkas and SkorpiosPhoto: SportachoriPhoto: Charlie GirlPhoto: Bike ride on MeganisiPhoto: MeganisiPhoto: Fishing harbourPhoto: Octapus preparationPhoto: Great anchoragePhoto: Bike ride and swimPhoto: Sportochori filling up with boatsPhoto: Lefkada ChanelPhoto: Photo: Lefkada BridgePhoto: Bridge openingPhoto: Completely openPhoto: Photo: Argos passing bridgePhoto: Norther openingPhoto: Preveza HarbourPhoto: Side streets of PrevezaPhoto: Upmarket Shops PrevezaPhoto: Alomgside at PrevezaPhoto: PaxosPhoto: Lakka Bay very crowded PaxosPhoto: Lakka PaxosPhoto: Early Morning PaxosPhoto: Bondi Tram, Argos in PaxosPhoto: LakkaPhoto: Argos on painted oceanPhoto: Curfu Old FortPhoto: Old Fort CorfuPhoto: Old part of town CorfuPhoto: Street of CorfuPhoto: Overlooking south side of old fort where we anchoredPhoto: Walls of castle - insidePhoto: Harry Phil and Margret of ArgosPhoto: Denny outside old fort CorfuPhoto: Salvia in CorfuPhoto: Cricket ground in CorfuPhoto: Palace of St Michael and St George - Asian Art MeuseumPhoto: Corfu Venetian housePhoto: Venitiam house CorfuPhoto: More modern old CorfuPhoto: Old CorfuPhoto: Side streets of old city CorfuPhoto: Harry and Phil Old city CorfuPhoto: Cafe CorfuPhoto: Narrow steets in CorfuPhoto: Main Clock tower CorfuPhoto: Street Restaurant CorfuPhoto: Arches and bar CorfuPhoto: Corfu high rise gardenPhoto: Old and new MaccersPhoto: All colours CorfuPhoto: Fish market under walls of new castle CorfuPhoto: Market CorfuPhoto: Roses CorfuPhoto: Tea bags and potatoes as soilPhoto: Denny's garden Known as TomPhoto: Erikoussa Island north of CorfuPhoto: Lamb fore quarter baked with chips and SaladPhoto: Early dawn on passage to ItalyPhoto: Sun rise with Albania in bacgroundPhoto: Italy on cold stormy morning Viesti