108 Photos - Jun 7, 2009
Photo: Bus to SydneyPhoto: Take a Virgin to LondonPhoto: Almost in LondonPhoto: Getting the RIB out alonePhoto: Anti Fouling completed ready to launchPhoto: About to be movedPhoto: On the way Good and earlyPhoto: About to be launchedPhoto: Preparing to go to seaPhoto: Symi and first anchorage of 2009 seasonPhoto: KnidosPhoto: Knidos with ruins in backgroundPhoto: Kos under fort wallsPhoto: Richard Marita arrive at 5:30 amPhoto: Provisioning the vessel for tripPhoto: Preparing to leave KosPhoto: Kalimnos quayPhoto: Photo: Night passage Cold and with a bit of windPhoto: Patmos GrikosPhoto: Monastery of St John PatmosPhoto: Monastery of St John Richard Marity HarryPhoto: View from Monastery PatmosPhoto: Night Passage from Patmos to NaxosPhoto: Gate of Apollo Naxos Malua in backgroundPhoto: Dinner at Vathi SifnosPhoto: SifnosPhoto: High Speed vesselPhoto: Stratis and Lila after fixing propellerPhoto: SerifosPhoto: Serifos harbourPhoto: Serifos streetsPhoto: Delos LionPhoto: Delos LionsPhoto: One of the few statues remaining in DelosPhoto: Water storage DelosPhoto: Delos bayPhoto: Malua anchored in no anchoring area DelosPhoto: Paula Francesco Dinner on board MaluaPhoto: Mykinos new harbourPhoto: Small boats Mykinos new harbourPhoto: Francesco doing maintenancePhoto: Mykinos old part of townPhoto: Mykinos windmillsPhoto: Tinos lane to churchPhoto: The church TinosPhoto: Tinos harbour before the windPhoto: Gust of over 45 knots require additional linesPhoto: The sheltered harbourPhoto: The wind inside ferry harbour TinosPhoto: KithnosPhoto: Photo: KeaPhoto: Michael the rip off TaxiPhoto: Lavrion Thursday MarketPhoto: Lavrion Fish MarketPhoto: Lemons LavrionPhoto: Sounion TemplePhoto: Denny's gardenPhoto: PorosPhoto: PorosPhoto: Poros main streetPhoto: Photo: Poros outer anchoragePhoto: Epidhavros TheatrePhoto: EpidhavrosPhoto: EpidhavrosPhoto: EpidhavrosPhoto: IteaPhoto: Photo: Corinth Canal EntrancePhoto: Corinth CanalPhoto: Corinth Canal EntrancePhoto: Corinth CanalPhoto: Denny in Corinth CanalPhoto: Corinth CanalPhoto: Corinth CanalPhoto: Corinth CanalPhoto: Corinth Canal ExitPhoto: AndikironPhoto: AndikironPhoto: IteaPhoto: DelphiPhoto: Delphi WallsPhoto: DelphiPhoto: DelphiPhoto: DelphiPhoto: DelphiPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Birthday LunchPhoto: Photo: Photo: