20 Photos - Sep 4, 2013
Photo: Photo: Headed to the Super Walmart in West Ashley for some pre playdate shopping! I've got my list and some coupons, so I'm ready to go!Photo: Aren't these a bright and cheery sight to walk into! I'm still a bit perplexed as to how they get to be those colors though.Photo: First stop is near the pharmacy for some pain reliever. Darn this getting old business!Photo: Have to keep to kiddo squeaky clean! I have to say the shelves are very neatly stocked today.Photo: Let's not forget the furry members of the family. Time to pick up another bag of cat food.Photo: I love to check out the clearance aisle for all those thing I never knew I needed!Photo: Scored one toy for next summer!Photo: I need some ice packs for the little one's school lunch.Photo: Does anyone else think it's awesome that Halloween decor is in stores now? Yay!Photo: Picking up some craft supplies for the girl's play date in case they're feeling crafty.Photo: I've found the Disney Princess section, but the selection is looking a little slim.Photo: There is more down the aisle, but I seem to be able to find every princess but Ariel so far.Photo: On the next aisle over I finally found The Little Mermaid dolls, yay!Photo: I spy some dress up clothes! Mirror mirror on the wall, shich is the best toy of all!Photo: Picking out a Disney Princess The Little Mermaid toy is so hard! There are so many choices, and my girl would love them all!Photo: It was a tough choice, but what little girl wouldn't love The Little Mermaid Castle and Story Gift Set?Photo: Now it's time to get the snacks for our Swim into Pre School Playdate.Photo: I love it when I can pair up coupons with products I need for special things. Coupons come in handy for yummy snacks for our playdate!Photo: Well, my cart is pretty full. I've got snacks for school and goodies for our playdate. Luckily there are plenty of cashiers to help with my check out today. Time to check out and get home to get ready for our playdate!