19 Photos - Dec 25, 2014
Photo: 1986 -- Mayumi wasn't in my first home-made card but she helped make the costume and she took the photo.Photo: 1987 -- Mayumi joined me on the front of the card once we decided to get married. The Atom & Batman marks in the background refer to our costumes in 1986.Photo: 1998 -- The year we got married & the first year we dressed up as Homer & Marge Simpson.Photo: 1999 -- Dr. Evil & his miniature clone, Mini Me, from Austin Powers 2. We both SHAVED our heads for this costume.Photo: 2000 -- Buzz & Woody from Toy Story.Photo: 2001 -- Harry Potter & Dumbledoor.Photo: 2002 -- That year we upgraded our Homer & Marge Simpsons costumes.Photo: 2003 -- This year we turned Homer & Marge into Fraken-Homer & The Bride of Fraken-Homer. We had decorated our school in Shinsaibashi with photos of Saru-kun, a toy monkey given to Mayumi for her birthday. We decided to use Saru-kun on our Xmas card because all our students knew who he was.Photo: 2004 -- We had to skip Halloween this year because we were too busy with our new baby!Photo: 2005 -- Our son helped us celebrate Halloween that year. His Halloween costume was cute but his Santa costume was MUCH cuter.Photo: 2006 -- Superman Returned! And so did our Halloween costume-based Xmas cards.Photo: 2007 -- The Super Mario Brothers & Donkey Kong.Photo: 2008 -- Our son started to suggest Halloween costumes. That year, he was really into dinosaurs.Photo: 2009 -- That year, we had a pass to Universal Studios. We went there 2 or 3 times a month. Our favourite attraction was The Blues Brothers Show. We still love The Blues Brothers!Photo: 2010 -- Our son started to watch Batman cartoons from America. We decided to be Catwoman & Joker because Mayumi & I were too tall (old?) to be Batgirl & Robin.Photo: 2011 -- The Transformers.Photo: 2012 -- Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Santa & his reindeer! (I forget what our Halloween costumes were that year -- they must not have been very good!)Photo: 2013 -- War Machine, Iron Man, & Iron Patriot from the Iron Man movies. We loved those movies -- so much fun!Photo: This year, we were the old-style Batman, Batwoman (NOT Batgirl!) & the new-style Batman (A.K.A. The Dark Knight).