64 Photos - Jan 20, 2012
Photo: Heavy with desirePhoto: Open . . . .Photo: Surrounded . . .Photo: Simply me . . .Photo: Popping up . . .Photo: Hiding . . . .Photo: Frosty . . .Photo: Lovin the sun and warmth . . .Photo: You have our attention . . .Photo: Still blooming . . .Photo: Let's stick together . . .Photo: Heavy with tears . . .Photo: Let Me Lure You InPhoto: Protecting My CenterPhoto: You Make My Toes CurlPhoto: Take Me To Your LeaderPhoto: The SlurpyPhoto: Whisper Sweet Nothings . . .

Captured in downtown Phoenix Sunday evening during the #wildwest2013  weekend.
#floralfriday  with the wonderful +Tamara Pruessner who just happened to be there!
#piecesofmylife   #loveAZPhoto: Reach For The Sky

Happy Birthday +Sarra Robinson the sky's the limit today!
May your day be bright and wonderful and full of fun :)

Sending this out for #floralfriday  because this was shot with +Tamara Pruessner on the #wildwest2013  photowalk in downtown Phoenix!Photo: Sunrise Dissection
I miss Phoenix . . . from my last morning there capturing the sunrise with +russ vallelunga +Thomas Hawk +Jonathan Goody :)

For #floralfriday  with +Tamara Pruessner 

#wildwest2013   #piecesofmylife   #loveAZ   #SOOCPhoto: Waiting For Spring AgainPhoto: You Warm MePhoto: Waves Hello and Happy Birthday Kim from NM
+kimberton pemberly is one of the funnest, most imaginative and gorgeous people on G+!
No one else can put as much unicorn sparkles and poop, fairy boogers  and spunk into your stream as she can :D
Wishing you the most magical birthday's possible Kim ;)
I tried to copy emulate your style here, but I do not have your magic touch!
#parrtyonkimbertonpemberly   #happybirthdaykimberton 
#floralfriday   #piecesofmylife   #lifeinNMPhoto: Deep In My SoulPhoto: Either They Were Dark & Mysterious Or Rather Shy!Photo: BusyPhoto: Looking ForwardPhoto: Beauty And The BuildingPhoto: No Rain CoatsPhoto: Caress Me SoftlyPhoto: White FlowerPhoto: Long WeekPhoto: Inner GlowPhoto: Going Out With A Bang, Not A WhimperPhoto: Gone To SeedPhoto: Fleur de LeePhoto: I've Got My Eye On You
Sorry that I have not been posting much lately!
Life keeps throwing me more curve balls.
I am also spending time trying to learn about editing and that eats up a lot time :)
#floralfriday  +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#piecesofmylife   #flowers   #macroPhoto: Let The Sunshine InPhoto: Putting Feelers Out
Happy Saturday!
I have been so busy and life is going to get busier still :)
Some major and exciting life changes may be happening soon and when things are firmed up I will tell you all about them!
My first contribution to #tulipsaturday  with +Measie Elizabeth +Eustace James +Marilyn Benham
#piecesofmylife   #flowersphotography   #lifeinNMPhoto: Dusk In The ForestPhoto: Do I Have Your Attention Now?

For the flower power crew at #floralfriday  with +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson AND
#colorsonfriday  +Britta Rogge +Karsten Meyer 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotographyPhoto: You Make Me BlushPhoto: Allure

For my friends at #tulipsaturday  +Measie Elizabeth +Marilyn Benham +Eustace James 
#piecesofmylife   #tulips   #flowerphotographyPhoto: Sunshine On My Shoulders
It has been hotter than normal here, so I thought I would go back to a photowalk with +E.E. Giorgi up in Rio Chama on a wonderful fall afternoon.
The light and the colors that day were just perfect.
I did process this with +onOne Software in LR and enhanced the high key RAW file!
#floralfriday  +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotographyPhoto: Awaiting Princess Charming's Kiss
Had to post for the final #tulipsaturday  before they take a break!
Still playing around with textures in PS :)
+Measie Elizabeth +Eustace James +Marilyn Benham 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotography   #tulips   #textureblendphotography  +Gemma CostaPhoto: #HugsforLouisa 
+Louisa Catharine Forsyth know that our thoughts and best wishes are with you during this trying time. We are here for you, whatever we can do, we will.
You always bring such joy and beauty into our world, now it is our turn.

#floralfriday  +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotography   #rosePhoto: Contrasting

#floralfriday  +FloralFriday +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki NelsonPhoto: She Was The Center Of AttentionPhoto: Dance As If No One Is WatchingPhoto: Dance In The Desert
As the storm swoops in
The late summer colors
Sway softly in the sunlight
Dancing in the hot summer wind

#floralfriday  +FloralFriday +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#abstractsinnature  +Abstracts In Nature  +Beth Akerman 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotography   #icmPhoto: Will You Catch Me If I Fall?Photo: Softly
Now that autumn is almost over, can we just skip winter?
I know some of you love it, I'll try not to hold that against you!
I want to see these blooming again :)
#floralfriday  +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +FloralFriday 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #flowerphotography   #purplePhoto: Fall For Me Purple
From the archives, Ohio 2012 :)
I barely got out at all this fall to shoot!
Can I have a do over, please?
Have a great weekend everyone!
#floralfriday  +FloralFriday +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#piecesofmylife   #autumnphotography   #flowerphotography   #ohioPhoto: I've Got My Eye On YouPhoto: Subtle Memories Of SpringPhoto: House Guests
Sometimes you want them, other times, not so much!
I will be happy when these are in bloom again :)
#tulipsaturday  +Measie Elizabeth +Eustace James +Marilyn Benham 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #tulips   #flowerphotography   #springPhoto: I Just Want To Shine
Happy Valentines Day to all my friends here!
Thanks for your ongoing love, kindness and support :D
I appreciate it more than you may ever know!
For #floralfriday  +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Kiki Nelson +Beth Akerman +FloralFriday 
And for  #allthingsred  +Liz C 
#piecesofmylife   #lifeinNM   #floralphotography   #redPhoto: Nestle Down In My WarmthPhoto: I Came Home To Spring!Photo: Dappled Morning LightPhoto: Springing Up In The Deset, Valley of FirePhoto: Catch Basin For The Remnants Of Spring
Today is rather cold, dreary and rainy, so I thought that a little color would help cheer me up :)
Hope that it does the same for you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
#floralfriday  +FloralFriday +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson
#piecesofmylife   #cacti   #flowerphotography   #spring2015Photo: I'm Melting
That sums up how I have felt this summer being back in Minnesota.
I now remember that this was just one of the many reasons I left the state in the first place and stayed in the Southwest for so long!
Anyone have a dry towel?!
Sorry that I have been MIA and for my lack of interaction . . . life has kept me occupied elsewhere.

For #floralfriday  with +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson 
#ICM   #blurredphotography   #piecesofmylife  Photo: