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Photo: Sgt Perkins Supervisor of the Tyler PD in Specific of Offc. Hudson Whom Had Stopped me  on The Sidewalk in Front of Alberston's  Claiming that a Caller saw a Black male  walking in the Middle of The Street  with a Camera and Papers in Hand . I told Offc Hudson that this was a False Report Texas Penal Code 37.08 and then Hudson stated “ You are Detained, Now  Show me Some ID and I explained the 5th Amendment and the Texas Penal Code Failure To ID and The Difference Between a Terry State vs a Hibel State  (ID required during Detention or you can be arrested)  Hudson Then stated that ”YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR FAILURE TO ID “ I explained again that he needed to Look Up The Law and Call The Dispatcher and Look in Police Chief Magazine and the Dallas Morning News for The Explanation of AFTER The ARREST and That If He Did Arrest me He would Have No PROBABLE CAUSE Under the Texas Penal Code 38.02.  I then Told him To look in His RED BOOK of TEXAS PENAL CODES just Like The Tyler PD False Detention on Front St -CottonPhoto: The Exxon FOOD FAST near Hooper's Dentist FALSE ALL THUMBS MEMORIAL DAY STOP White Female Store Clerk was Shown the Photographers Legal Rights BUST CARD  and was a Eyewitness to the FALSE STOP  by Tyler PD Offcs Bernend, Rosales Sgt Thompson and Sgt. Grisham -They Know in Every Store and in Every Law School Harvard and Duke esp.. !!! and Every Judge Show They Know in All of Society !!!Photo: NBC Tyler 56 Neal Barton's [ News Director and Jury Foreman at my Dec 2007 Trial]  Work Place I wonder If He Knows  anything about The FIRST AMENDMENT or Risks Associated with NEWSGATHERING and RISKS Associated with  PUBLICATION .?  Hmmm... ? Maybe we Should Ask the National Press Photographers Assoc {NPPA} or the REPORTERS' COMMITTEE FOR THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS or Even Send him the Photographers Legal Rights BUST CARD Several Times and the Andrew Kantor USA Today Article-- New Digital Camera?- Know When and Where To Use it.. or the RCFP Guide to Privacy For Photographers sent Sept 2007 .Photo: Tyler PD Offc Bernend with the RED TEXAS PENAL CODES BOOK IN HIS  LEFT HAND Like Casting PEARLS TO SWINE !!!   As we READ The Texas Penal Code 38.02 FAILURE TO ID I even Pointed to the WORD WHEN ARRESTED and EXPLAINED This Meant AFTER THE ARREST but He and Sgt Thompson Insisted That I could be arrested for FAILURE TO ID DURING THE DETENTION and Then The Next SECTION stated DETENTION  and They Exclaimed That They WERE NOT FUCK_UPS !! I Patiently Explained That This Meant If One Gave a FALSE NAME DURING THE DETENTION which Then Resulted in PERPLEXING LOOKS FROM ALL THIS INCOMPETENT PIECES OF SHIT THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY and was WASTING My TAXPAYERS DOLLARS and WASTING MY TIME when They Could Be Fighting REAL CRIME // or Finding The Manufacturer of THOSE DENTAL AMALGAMS  !!!Photo: Sgt Grisham Tyler PD Supervisor in Crown Vic in Parking LOT of Exxon FOOD FAST Looking Up The TEXAS PENAL CODE 38.02 on the Computer Failure To ID  He Stated The Same  Things that Bernend and Sgt Thompson Stated and Explained about The word ARRESTED and That It was Illegal and Tyler PD HAD BEING DOING THIS FOR A WHILE  and Did He Know The Difference between a Terry vs a Hibel Type State ' I had Even Explained This during Several Women's Basketball Games on Fox Sports and ESPN 2  Esp Kansas and Kansas St (The Cute A-A Femme Fert Marseilles Gipson also a Academic- All BIG 12 and was 2nd All-time in Blocked Shots KST [ 5th BIG 12]  and even read the Law to Them during a LIVE FEED  HIGH-TECH SURVEILLANCE DOES NOT LIE PEOPLE DO..  So Sgt Grisham read on Down this Computer Screen to the DETENTION Section Which He interpreted as One Can Arrested for Failure To ID but I explained that Only if a FAKE NAME Like Santa Klaus was given Could one Be Arested  He Stated When Pressed It's How We Were All Trained -KKK-KeystonePhoto: Sgt Thompson Supervisor of Tyler PD Offcs Berend and Rosales Hispanic Female  whom was called to Explain the Texas Penal Code 38.02 as I was DETAINED while Walking Taking Pics along WSW Lopp 323 (Near The FOOD FAST  on Memorial Day 2009  after leaving the China King Buffet  This was near The Hooper's Dental Office which was EXPLAINED TO THE BEREND that The Mercury from the Dental Fillings was The Cause and Effect Relationship - and That The Safe Levels were defined by the SMITH STUDY..  a Memory Jog--!!!Photo: Richard and Lisa Hair Salon with the ETMC Picking up a Female Patient- Their EMT Confronted me about Photography Stating “ You Can't Take Pictures of Patients it is in the HIPPA which only applies unknowingly to him to Hospitalized Patients Inside Medical Facilities  and Micheal Jackson  Ambulance Pic of his Body going into the Ambulance was used to Rub  IT in!!! Like So Much  Media Wallpaper Dude !!  This Parking is Accessible to the General Public  and Therefore has no Reasonable Expectation of Privacy ..Photo: Windows 7 Demo at Best Buy South Tyler where I have Loaded the  MS Word Document “ I am The Triple NOBEL PRIZE Laureate, PEACE, MEDICINE & Psychology also The MS Word Document Louis Pasteur as read in High--Tech Surveillance and Describes the Mistakes of UT Tyler ID section in Confusing Sexual Orientation with Illness (Illness has 3 Parts - Instinctive Reactions, Signs & Symptoms ( Like HYPERSALIVATION), Causes and Effects, NOTE That NONE of These 3 Parts are Gay, Straight or Bisexual .. This is HIGH TREASON Against Mother Nature !!! and is The Classic CART In FRONT of The HORSE Scenario which Itself Places Them Outside of Mother Nature Because Horses are Animals just like HUMANS and can Contract Infectious Diseases {Inc. RABIES) as well like The Animal Model for Rabies and The Development of The Rabies Vaccine Louis Pastuer's Ultimate Arc D' Triumphe which he transferred to Humans 9 yo Joseph Mister- Badly Bitten by a Rabid dog and Lived after the Famous Rabies Injections tested First in Dogs (Animal Models)Photo: Last Shot Taken while being Confronted (POLLARD) & Later False Stop, False Detention, Threatened with Handcuffs if you leave w/o Showing ID mile awayPhoto: South Side Entrance -Smith County Texas Cotton Belt Bldg. as shot from Front St.Photo: Trent is The Tyler Waste person whom Found my Wallet at The Keypad Entry  Gate of Triple AAA Storage The Next morning After I had taken Pics of the Moon by resting my DSLR Camera on the Column - he Date and Time Stamp on the Pic was used to Track Down the Last known Whereabouts of the Wallet and the Triple AAA Storage  Mrs. Pierce was told to Look up the Log ins on the Dell PC after 9 PM the night before and she called all the Persons and Trent called me on his cell Phone and the Conversation is recorded on my Hard Drive-Ask Tom's HardwarePhoto: The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders- The Diagnostic and Specialty- Radiology Associates { So Tell Me Just How many Allied Health Professionals Think That This is NOT A PROTECTED FIRST AMENDMENT AREA ALONG WITH THE SIDEWALKS and PUBLIC PARKS- Fort Worth PD; Dallas PD; Memphis PD; Longview PD; LAPD; Oakland PD; Norfolk PD; Denver PD; SFPD; Ducanville PD; Jackson, MS PD; Corinth, MS PD  ( Try asking Neal Barton -NBC Tyler 56 News Director [Jury Foreman in My Case] about Risk Assoc with NEWS GATHERING and Risks Assoc with PUBLICATION- Ft Worth Star-Telegram; Dallas Morning News; Los Angles Times;  The Tyler Morning Telegraph; Houston Chronicle- etc..Photo: Fox 4 Dallas Home of Tim and Saul Gazara - Clarice Tinsely- Evan RogersPhoto: Tyler PD Motorcycle Traffic Stop on Public RD{ Is this a PERMISSIBLE Subject for Photography..? Streets, Sidewalks & Parks are FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED AREAS  across from Ridge Apts on Paluxy Drive ( Texas Code of Criminal Procedure-Art 2.133 Written Report Required for Traffic Stops and Pedestrian Stops)  Art. 2134 Compilation of Data [Racial Profiling Data] - Radar Guns Must be Calibrated Daily with a TUNING FORK and The Calibration Recorded in a Log book- Meticulous Record keeping required by Law [ This is why there is NO ERROR RATE  or GREY AREA in High-Tech Surveillance- Daubert Test RequiredPhoto: Moleggs -Alabama 48 yo A-A Divorced Femme -Slurring Sexual Orientation with Tagged Tags “Sweet ” REPEAT OFFENDER despite The MS Word.doc “We Don't Slur The Sexual Orientation of The Patients on The AIDS WARD at SFGH/UCSF which is a Basic Violation of the Hippocratic Oath if Done Under Color of Authority of Pub-MED {This Means Andrew's Center and Herbert Davis M.D. No MD Degree Behind The Name Quack and a Fraud in Psychiatry}  Tim Summers M.D. The First A-A Psychiatrist in Miss would not Appreciate this as he is Bisexual and It is Intrusion upon Seclusion and Revelation of Private Facts see RCFP - Photographers Guide To Privacy and In My case is FALSE LIGHT as well as I am Innocent of This Accusation as Tyler PD or The Media or Tyler Pubic or The Dallas PD -Tyler Other Media Cannot Give The Entire OBJECTIVE Case Called REPORTING BOTH SIDES and The MALICE Standard for DEFAMATION- False Light . Once one has Placed Themselves inside places where they Have NO OPENING BID and MEDICAL RECORDS are Confidential !!Photo: Captured Screen shot of Reuters News Story of Shocking Upset of Former World's #1 Maria Sharopova of Russia by Unseeded Teen Phenom Melanie Oudin of Georgia as Looked up just mins after Watching The Giant Kill on CBS 19 Tyler ( Ch 11 Suddenlink Cable -Tyler, TX)  Under Live Announced Tyler PD Surveillance - The Dentist's NERVE Block was Explained (Numbing Medicine- Sodium Channel Blockers as Found in SOLARCAINE Over The Counter Sunburn Pain Relief and The Analogy To Using This To Relive Pain During Childbirth with Numbing Medicine Called an EPIDURAL with Sodium Channel Blocker Bupvicaine & Short 1/2 Life Synthetic Opiate Receptor Agonist Fentnyl-  Also FIRST AMENDMENT Protected Photography of Low-Risk Jail along with The WRITTEN REPORTS (AS Required by Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art 2.133) was Read during This LIVE FEED with the Conflicting Statements and How Photography is Legal in PUBLIC AREAS like 2811 PUBLIC RD. as being Explained in REALTIME To Smith County Deputies Lt LIle ,Sgt R.M. Smith & WoodsPhoto: Mother of 21 yo Black Male whom made a Same Sex Pass at Hidden Springs Apt. Which was Rejected Politely (asked me If I had Pics of NUDE Women on my PC then Pics of Women having sex and next Pics of Nude Men which I don't have and I stated "I'm only  attracted to XX Females" in Announced Surveillance and He was Given a 2-sided copy of As The Band Played On by -Randy Shilts Review by Micheal Fumento- He was later seen by Wal-Mart Wendy's near Hwy 64 W and asked if This was PROBABLE CAUSE FOR STALKING Richard Cashell Investigator-Tyler PD & Jack Skeen Jr-Letter To Lori Stewart [A First Amendment Protected Area]  and whom Offered me a Ride several times (Just like she did) She used to live at Hidden Spring Apts with her Boyfriend but They Broke Up and she moved to Lindale as Taken on Sept 7 2009 Labor day while walking Back from The Taco Bueno on East Loop 323 & 5th Street. ( I wanted to use Fill Flash but some how the Pop-Up Canon 20D was stuck which I resolved later at The Dairy Queen across from Alberston'sPhoto: Hate Crimes Texas State Bar Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 42-014  as Pulled up during the 2009 US Open Federer vs Soderling Match  Mac brothers in the ESPN2 Broadcast Booth and Daren"Killer" Cahill on the GroundPhoto: What advice did I give the Maintance Man's son (Seated on 2nd Step NO SHIRT) when this Tyler PD Detntion was over (Investigating a Assault-ie Fight)  “ Get The Police Report and Were They Courteous and Respectful and did They have Reasonable Criminial Suspicion and Probable Cause.? ”  For Instance The Rodney King Video was Shot From a Second Story Balcony of a Apt Complex  (Private Proprerty) onto PUBLIC PROPERTY where LAPD Officer Stacy Konn That White Rascit GOON has No Reasonable Expectaion Of Privacy.. Insde a Mall LIke The SW Center Mall (Private Property) Unless There is a Sign stating No Photogrphy on Premies If you have Permision t Enter You have Permission to Shoot- UNLESS The Subject Has a Reasonable Expectaion of Privacy like a Barthroom or Dressing Room. If Mangement of The Burlington Coat Factory- Gives a Case and Desit orcder on Private Property You have to Stop Shooting. but The Common Area of The Mall and Other stores are Still PERMISSIBLE .. The Parking Lot is PERMPhoto: Auto Accident on Shiloh Rd in Front Of Shiloh Rd Learning Center & Pine Knoll Dr ( Both are FIRST AMENDMENT Protected Areas- Just Like  PUBLIC RD and LOW-RISK Jail  sidewalks and Shoulders as well and The A-A Femme  IN FOAL- driving the Navy Blue Grand Am was about  24 weeks Pregnant she was pulling into Shiloh RD from The Daycare center as the Parts Delivery Truck had the Right Of way but it is the Crest of a Hill and Accidents are Bound To HappenPhoto: The Grand Am & the White Pick-Up Truck see The Side Door -Side Impact Driver's Front & Quarter panel - [ Shiloh RD & Pine Knoll Drive are of Course FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED AREAS]  Just Like Doctors' Drive East of East Texas Medical Center- Sidewalks and Shoulders as well -Darin Shoulders of the NFL now IT in Tampa Bay, FL and Look Lt Lile You Can't Touch Me I'm on PUBLIC RD Taking Pictures- Peter “The Fudge” Dean That Fell Up Into The Cold AC White Line Rule from Subdivision #2 Dolphin Dr -Jackson, MS.Photo: American Academy of Pediatrics- RED BOOK in Barnes & Nobles Bookstore S. Broadway Ave. - Read The Pain Behavior of Babies & Toddlers while being Vaccinated is Reduced with Holding, Skin Contact Breast Feeding, Reassurance, Sucrose Solutions, Rubbing The Site BEFORE & Topical Anesthetics- To Give The Child a IMMUNOLOGICAL MEMORY To PREVENT Infectious DX!!  UT-Tyler ID  Richard Wallace Round TreeStump & Peter (Horse is Already Out of The BARN!!)  Barnes with NO MD Degree Behind The Name.  No White Coats, No Grenal Braids Sacked and Quacked - Dry -Docked and Executed- Cousin Maude Chief Pediatric Resident -Jacksonville, FL  Member of AAP -The ABPM recommends the AAP RED BOOK for Guided Study for Board-Certification -Photo: Hepatitis A Section of The RED BOOK- AAP (Zoom In For More Details and See If Wolfgang Puck's Line Chef ( Infected with Hep A via Media Reports a REPORTABLE Illness and was Restricted from FOOD Handing Until It was cleared by His Body) Turns Yellow from Drinking or EATING FECAL-ORAL ROUTE.. So Is Hep A, B, C, D, E, F, G - Drinking, Eating Diseases and Would you Approach from Drinking or Eating Or Turning Jaundiced ( Yellow Eyes & Skin - Altered Liver Function Tests) -- On The AIDS WARD at SFGH/UCSF we Approach all illness from the Signs & Symptoms  First But Review of Systems is From Only  The Signs & Symptoms {Ie WHAT TISSUE DAMAGE HAS THE Hep A Virus Done To Your BODY] Not The RISK FACTORS For Illness See IDSA Position Statement Online for Approach To Patient with Suspected INFECTIOUS DIARRHEA  Peanut Comp of Amer Pharnell -Salmonella Tyhpi in PEANUT BUTTER !!Photo: Tyler Fire Chief Pick-Up Truck in front of AT#T Store near Nails La Belle and Albertson's (Neal "Frank PUS IN THE KNEE" Frank- I s The Tyler Fire Chief and Just How Did The CASE REPORT of the 52 yo Male with AIDS on Retrovirials with a 2 month History of Right knee pain recognize the FRANK PUS IN HIS KNEE upon surgical exploration -As Found and Read in High-Tech Surveillance in The Review of Orthopedic Surgery Purple Recognize the Pain From Pain FIBERS Of Course- NOCIOCEPTORS AAFP Legally Binding in a Court of Law Daubert TEST 2000 Position Statement  (While Watching ESPN2 KC Basketball Toury- Gannon and Bardo-Announcers Texas vs Iowa 3/4 court Halftime Shot to tie at 39 pts Player #3 Iowa PaynePhoto: Wal-Mart SC New Troop Hwy Customer Service Desk- Refund for Defender Pro Firewall and Anti-Virus Suite $20 + Tax  I wonder what Tom's Hardware would Think ? maybe IT Mangers like Darin Shouders (Spent 2 years in the NFL Indianapolis Colts -Offensive line- Bookmarked at Google Bookmarks and saved to my Hard Drivre Maxtor..   I had downloaded FREE Online Antivirus from Anvir and Firewall From Commodo per The Recommendation of Consumer Reports as read online and at The Tyler Public Libary in Back Issues ( In Annouced TylerPD High-Tech Survelleince so That Paul Tuckefield DBA for You TUBE whom gave a Oral Downloadable White Paper on the Use of MySQL for Large Database Drven Websires which I listened to and I could hear The Tyler PD White Annoucers being repated by him as well as some audience members..recPhoto: White Female Customer (Richard & Lias's Hair Salon) on Gurney was confronted by the ETMC Paramedic at The Back about “ You can't Take Pics of Patients the HIPPA ACTUALLT states THIS  that ONLY INSIDE Secure Medical Faclities.  No Reasonable Expectaion of Privacy could be here in A Parking Lot Outdoors Open to The Public- Look at The Various TV News Footage of Micheal Jackosn, Anna Nicole Smith and The OK State Troopers CHOKEHOLD of the A-A Male Paramedic Marurice White Jr [DRIVING PUB-MED Vechicle WHILE BLACK] as Mentioned to Kia Malone ( EMOTINALLY Distraught)  on the Daily Buzz with You Tube Video as filned on a PUBLIC Hwy by The Patients son on a VIDEOCAMERA PHONE !! pubelerosaPhoto: Man-Lift changing Light Bulbs in Parking Lot of -Wal-Mart SC -New Troop Hwy -July 9th 2009 -Tour de France in Effect Mode with LOUD SCREAMIMG SIRENS from NEAL 'FRANK PUS IN THE KNEE" FRANK Tyler PD Chief On My Jock Like Static Cling and On My Jock like a Bunch of Little Ho Bitches-Subouring- Police Misconduct and Passing Messges Via Phil Liggete and Paul Sherwen and Verus Network-Suddenlink Cable -Tyler, TX -They KNow in The ENITRE Pro PELTON That Levi Leiphimer Only Recongized his Broken wrist Team Astana from TISSUE DAMAGE via Pain Fibers(NOCIOCEPTION and he Twiitered his Wrist Surgey ( Showing The Schaphiod Wrist Bone and a Regional Anesthtic Nerve Block was used to prevent pain while Levi was awake which was sent out to VERSUS and The Media pololiirinnsmiPhoto: Camp Ford Civil War Park-Lt Col Leake Storyboard- Drawing of Cabin as Focted by The Tyler Historical Society- a ACTUAL Replica is Just Behind it-Constructed form his Diary of Impriosonment in Smith County-Low-RIsK Jail Jan 18 2003 to Oct 15 2003 Requesting Vinegar-Free Diet and Baking Soda to Prevent the Worsening of Signs& Symptoms of Mercury Poisioing saved scnned annouced and Uploaed to grussell903 Flickr Photos and Zooomr and grussell_ms3 Picasa Web albums - There are meticlous Records of The Camp Ford Prision Construction using the Black Prisoners and Local Tyler-Smith County Slave Labor and The Head Couts of The Prisoners from alomst every Union FREE STATE -Infantry-Calvary, Artillery,  inc American Indians are Listed in Tables at This Site . Thier wer Outbreaks of Cholera & Dysentary here as well !!Photo: A-A Femme Ferts at Park Apts [CAR WASH] during Tour De France Live Feed under annuced Tyler PD Survellience as shot from Sidewalk a First Amendment Protected Area.  I'm sure that The Tyler Bike Club and The Tidewater Bycyling Assoc copuld Here the Descrpitions and can now View The Shot and see The RESLUTS.. all The White Girls KNow that HIgh-Tech Surveleince Does NOt LIE People Do,  Scientific & Medical Blasphemy -The human Body Does Not Lie In Ilness- Tyler PD White Annocres DO and NO CAN EVER Give The Chief Compalint and Clincal Presentaion from Micheal Dae M.D. Dorthlee Perloff M.D. [ UCSF Moffit-Long Hosptial Cardilogy} ; Marc Gropper M. D. or Charles Becker M.D.- THE BECKER CONNECTION- ACOEM Heavy Metal Speclist !!  sobeaselverlrripipiPhoto: Tyler PD General Order- Bias-Based Racial Profiling (As obtained from Tyler PD Integrity Unit  Officer Jon Thorhill via Texas Public Info ACT Request and sent via the US Mail with Jon Thorhill signature in Blue DOT.GOV Ink Just like Jennifer Pyka's[ Court Reporter Smith Co Court at Law #2- Judge Randall Lee Rogers]  when sending The Exhibits No. 1 & No. 2 from the Feb 29-2009 Hearing with Neal Barton's SSN etc.. )  Required by Texas State Legislature- Texas Code of Criminal Procedure- Art 2.134 { The Racial Profiling Statue.Photo: Tyler PD Gen Order for Bias-Based Racial Profiling Page 2Photo: Tyler PD Genral Order for Bias-Based Racial Profiling Page 3Photo: Tyler PD Gen Order for Bias-Based Racial Profiling Page 4Photo: Tyler PD General Order For Bias-Based Racian ProfingPhoto: Tyler PD Polygrpah Policy and Proceedure- gives Statement that Polygraphs have to be adminstred by Lisc Polygraph Examiners and Certain Condtions like MENSTUAL Cycles, Illness, are Contraindications to Polygraphs.  Certain Medications that cannot be STOPPED DO NOT PRECLUDE THE USE OF A Polygraph Test if needed with the Cosent of a Medical Doctor and Polygraph EXaminer like the Zyprexa which I was taking during the Feb 99' Polygraph Exam (Passed)- On Mockingbird Lane In Dallas,TX by a Retired Dallas Sheriff Officer.Photo: Tyler PD Polygraph Policy Continued Pafe 2Photo: Diabetic Foot Neuropathy Self-Reporting Sign and Symptom Checklist CFR-21 Food, Drugs & Cosmetics ACT Over The Counter Aids For The Relief of Diabetic Foot Pain -The Bread & Butter of PUB-MED -AAFP[ Amer. Acad of Family Physicians,(Are You GOING TO HAVE A DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY- Peer-Reviewed- Evidence Based Statements of The AAFP= Diabetic Foot Neuropathy as Printed at Office-Max During Reganda (Sister Burn-UNIT ICU-RN) visit in 2006 to Tyler,TX when I was living at Hidden Springs Apt and as sent to Tonya Boyd and Others via E-mail with Additional Position Statements Downloaded from the AAN  Amer. Acad, of Neurology- 2006 on Diabetic Polyneuropathy. and QST Perception Threshold Testing (Tyler Bike Club Knows what NO Watts at Threshold Means -UT Tyler Attending  Iraqi Seed Grain-Mix-UpPhoto: Tyler PD Motor Vehicle Stop- in Strip Mall Parking Lot Next To Casa Ole of White Male with Sig Other in Cab whom told me "You won" when Criticizing Tyler PD INCOMPETENT STOP & ID LAW PROCEDURE and Also They were Looking at my Canon 20D with Flash Knowing That This  is a Permissible Subject In Photography despite being on Private Property as No Expectation of Privacy can be had as Public Has General Across and can also be seen from Public Sidewalks and Public RD (S. Broadway Av- All THE WHITE GIRLS KNOW)  on the Way To Walgreens whre the Attractive Late 20's white Clerk with the Pretty Long hair Now Dyed Dark Brown asked me about Where have I been and What do you Pics over at The Perfume Counter I guess she wanted me to take her pic which I should have.polPhoto: Discharge Order Summary Rusk State Hospital -Victoria Morgan M.D.  Note The Discharge Meds Risperdal which has caused the side-Effect of tremor and Stiffness in Gait & Posture- a DRUG-INDUCED- MOVEMENT DISORDER - Risperdal is a Antipyschotic (ROPE-A-DOPE) ie Dopamine Receptor blocker which Pyschs use to change a Patient's behavior in Hallucinogenic Disorders [Auditory, Visual, Sensory and abnormal Thought Process]- How would a Pysch know that the Rope-A-Dope was Effective.? By Observing the behavior and asking about the Thought Process That's How !! and MD-Pyschs also have to Observe the Medicated Patient for Med Side-Effects That's why they have the M.D. Degrees. ]  also Effective for Agitation. The Side-Effects (EPS-Extrapyrimidal Symptoms) are Similar to Those of Basal Ganglia- Substantial Nigra Dysfunction in the Deep brain a Dopamine Receptor-Rich Area which when malfunctioning causes Tremors and Stiffness a Movement Disorder Like Parkinson Dx Famous PD suffers Micheal J. Fox & Mohamed Ali. PD Meds STOPPhoto: Gutierrez Body Shop North Tyler in Da Salsoul Beckham Overpass- While Searching Picasa Albums on my PC for the Tyler Fire False Alarm Siren during a Sun Am Walk to Wal-Mart Super 1 Foods  as sounded by fire engine #8 with NO FIRE ! Tyler Fire Chief Neal 'Frank Pus In The Knee" -A Firing Offense when the Mestiza in the bakery of Super one Foods was questioned she stated  " There is NO FIRE, No Emergency" " They come here every Sunday Morning between 10:30 am & 11 am to do their SHOPPING"  because they REOCCUR Like The HORSE Herpes which the Horse dosent forget because it is PAINFUL. USE A PRO TOOL LIKE A PAIN SCALE-AAFP Managing Pain-Dispelling The Myth & The Horse has a memory TOO !! [Means a Brain-Air-Headed Bimbo Ho Brained UT-Tyler Health Center-See function of Limbic System and Amyglada in Emotion- Fear and Affect- Try The AAP- Red Book on Pain Behavior in Pediatric Immunizations 2009 -Shoved Up Your Ass Jack Asses Tyler Pd -Ofc Bernend Memorial Day 2009-Ask -Sharon grant about how hPhoto: Cactus Flipping The Bird on Cover of The Economist Sept 20 2003 as Referred to in the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals Austin,TX Travis County Case) [http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/fighting-words ]  the Acquittal of a Bird sign Flashed By Truck Driver Coggin [In OVERTAKING MANEUVER] to Caldwell Co Jailer and Wife Hogging The Fast Lane-They called 911 Coggin was Arrested for Disorderly Conduct for a Rude-Obscene Gesture Coggin won As There was NO BREECH OF THE PEACE!! The Variation on The O'Brien test-Burning Draft Card and Cohen F___K The DRAFT !! Jacket Arrest Overturned at US Supreme Court Texas Courts of Appeals Online-As Read in High-Tech SURVEILLANCE & Discussed with DEFECTIVE LEADERSHIP INCOMPETENT SUPERVISION Tyler PD Sgt Gecking & FALSE DETENTION/ARREST As Explained at 4 Corners Trying To Save Snokitty Dana Dixon Ofc. DICKHEAD (Dickey) &The FUZZ Between The Legs of Flavia Penetta Ofc Forbey   http://www.3rdcoa.courts.state.tx.us/opinions/HTMLopinion.asp?OpinionID=12238Photo: The Live Feed during The Kentucky Derby Concering The Bloody PUSSY WOMAN  and Tyler-Smith County law-EnforcementPhoto: Photo: