21 Photos - Apr 22, 2014
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Stern deck.Photo: SNPhoto: Left side chine had some gel damage and was repaired by previous owner. Right side chine is good.Photo: Henderson Compac 50 bilge pump and handle, Beckson hatch to access bilge pump port.Photo: Bilge pump with handle installed.Photo: Day hatch added by previous owner and bungee arrangement.Photo: Deck bungee near bow to hold greenland paddle. Reflective perimeter lines.Photo: Cockpit area. White foam protects legs from bilge pump when entering and exiting. Grey foam is new seat. No backband, but one can be installed easily using the lines on the seat hanger and the clip in and bungee shown in foreground.Photo: Seat.Photo: Stern keel with some white gel added by previous owner. No damage other than normal wear. The white gel used is a brighter white than the original hull.Photo: Another shot of left chine gel repairs. Keel is bottom of picture.Photo: Bow gel coat added in wear spots.Photo: Close up of biggest gel repair on left chine.Photo: Three gel repairs along left side chine.Photo: Hull from stern to bow. The white hull does not show scratches very well, but there really aren't too many.Photo: Close up of hull showing typical scratches. Keel is just left of center.