54 Photos - Mar 12, 2014
Photo: Photo: Adrian - Cliff face and icePhoto: Adrian - winter dralasPhoto: Adrian - Abbey and Gampo LhatsePhoto: Adrian- cliff hanger retreat cabinPhoto: Photo: Adrian- excited moosePhoto: Photo: Adrian - view of the headlands from Gampo LhatsePhoto: Adrian - panorama sunset 1Photo: Adrian- panorama sunset 2Photo: Adrian - as one of the four kingsPhoto: Adrian - ice on the Gulf of St LawrencePhoto: Adrian - preparing a mealPhoto: Adrian - carrots and beets for lunchPhoto: Adrian- woodland dralasPhoto: Adrian- Quan Yin on Gampo LhatsePhoto: Adrian- Yarne friendshipsPhoto: Adrian - what starts each mealPhoto: Adrian- Yarne guestPhoto: Adrian- Yarne guestPhoto: Adrian- monastic photographerPhoto: Adrian - Abbey Director Richard HasprayPhoto: Adrian- Gagye eve talks - ChampaPhoto: Adrian - Gagye eve talks Kalsang and Ani PemaPhoto: Adrian- Gagye Eve talks - NyimaPhoto: Adrian- Gagye Eve talks ChangchupPhoto: Adrian- Gagye Eve talks JackPhoto: Adrian- Gagye eve talks Ani LhamoPhoto: Adrian - Yarne evening mealPhoto: Adrian- Raising the flagsPhoto: Adrian- ice and sun dralasPhoto: Alice- Flags, ice, skyPhoto: Alice- On top of the worldPhoto: Anraku - Smokey lhasangPhoto: Anraku- on the way to the AbbeyPhoto: Anraku- Meeting with Ani PemaPhoto: Courtney and Mitchell on Last Morning of Yarne RetreatPhoto: Courtney- Tsondru with Shovel and SmilePhoto: Courtney- Breakfast with Natalie, Mitchell and AdrianPhoto: Courtney- John and Courtney on Shambhala DayPhoto: Courtney- Ninja Courtney and Roger on Open DayPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Ani PemaPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Ice and CrowsPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - ChodzinPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - GyurmePhoto: Deborah Lafferty Kitchen crewPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - LouisePhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Snowy MoosePhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Winter scenePhoto: Deborah Lafferty - NyimaPhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Enjoy Your LifePhoto: Deborah Lafferty - John and chickadeePhoto: Deborah Lafferty - Yarne Still Life