196 Photos - Aug 28, 2013
Photo: State of Utah Capitol buildingPhoto: Salt Lake Temple signPhoto: Salt Lake LDS TemplePhoto: Angel sculpture on Temple peakPhoto: Another view of angel sculpturePhoto: Looking up at the TemplePhoto: Another view of the Salt Lake TemplePhoto: Pipe organ in TabernaclePhoto: Meeting buildingPhoto: Reflection of meeting buildingPhoto: Some of the flowers at Temple SquarePhoto: Regina at Temple SquarePhoto: Regina and I at Bear LakePhoto: Bear Lake on Idaho/Utah borderPhoto: Another view of Bear LakePhoto: Part of Bear Lake againPhoto: Clouds over Bear LakePhoto: First time I have seen Open Range in yearsPhoto: Bench and Flowers at Montpelier, IdahoPhoto: Old Ephraim plaquePhoto: Old Ephraim sculpture in Montpiler, IdahoPhoto: Regina near Periodic Spring in WyomingPhoto: Smoot, Wyoming Post OfficePhoto: Archway in Afton, WyomingPhoto: Afton, Wyoming Archway signPhoto: Ice/snow on peaksPhoto: Grand TetonsPhoto: I remember using one of these when I was growing upPhoto: Tetons at Mormon RowPhoto: Mormon Row area of TetonsPhoto: Barn at Mormon RowPhoto: Teton peaksPhoto: Fence at TetonsPhoto: Oxbow area of Snake RiverPhoto: Another view of Snake RiverPhoto: Wide view of TetonsPhoto: Faint rainbow at Jenny Lake boat dockPhoto: Mama and fawn at Jenny LakePhoto: Muley fawn. What a set of ears!Photo: Head of the familyPhoto: Mountain stream on way to Hidden FallsPhoto: Another shot of the streamPhoto: Hidden FallsPhoto: Regina viewing the fallsPhoto: Hidden FallsPhoto: These guys were everywherePhoto: On the way to Inspiration PointPhoto: Nice view but not Inspiration PointPhoto: Onward and upward to Inspiration PointPhoto: Still going to Inspiratoin Point. She has taken off the jacket now.Photo: Pine growing in the rocks on the trailPhoto: Finally made itPhoto: More like perspiration point to me.Photo: Shot of peaks from Inspiration PointPhoto: Pines near Inspiration PointPhoto: Small plant near Inspiration PointPhoto: Another shot of the peaksPhoto: Dead pine overlooking Jenny LakePhoto: Bear that ended our picnic at String LakePhoto: Bear on the move and so were wePhoto: Jackson Arches signPhoto: One of the elkhorn arches in Jackson, WyomingPhoto: Closer shot of one of the arches in JacksonPhoto: Another shot at Oxbow area of Snake RiverPhoto: Oxbow reflectionPhoto: Pelicans on Jackson LakePhoto: Wideshot at Jackson LakePhoto: Yellowstone West Thumb Geyser Basin areaPhoto: West Thumb Geyser Basin walkPhoto: Bluebell PoolPhoto: Flow from hot springsPhoto: Lakeshore Geyser at West ThumbPhoto: Fishing Cone on West Thumb walkwayPhoto: Black PoolPhoto: Smoke from firesPhoto: Abyss PoolPhoto: Another shotPhoto: Another pool at West ThumbPhoto: Continental Divide sign in YellowstonePhoto: We crossed the Continental Divide several timesPhoto: Crowd beginning to gather to watch Old Faithful GeyserPhoto: Close up of Old FaithfulPhoto: The smaller geysers at the Old Faithway areaPhoto: Various colors are due to bacteria that thrive in heatPhoto: Castle GeyserPhoto: North side of Castle Geyser conePhoto: Old Faithful taking offPhoto: Old FaithfulPhoto: Another view of Old FaithfulPhoto: Firehole RiverPhoto: Saw Mill starting upPhoto: Old Faithful going off againPhoto: Another view of GrottoPhoto: Grotto GeyserPhoto: River overlookPhoto: Bison grazing in meadow areaPhoto: Gibbon FallsPhoto: Overlook of paint pots areaPhoto: Paint potPhoto: Another paint potPhoto: More paint potsPhoto: Spring flowing into riverPhoto: Another shot of the springPhoto: Lower Yellowstone FallsPhoto: Grand Canyon of the YellowstonePhoto: Yellowstone RiverPhoto: Another shot of Yellowstone RiverPhoto: Closer view of the Yellowstone RiverPhoto: Yellowstone LakePhoto: Yellowstone Lake shorePhoto: Wideview of Yellowstone LakePhoto: Clouds over Yellowstone LakePhoto: Old Faithful InnPhoto: Clock in Old Faithful Inn lobbyPhoto: Lobby at Old Faithful InnPhoto: Another view of the OFI lobbyPhoto: Stairway at Old Faithful InnPhoto: Room at Old Faithful InnPhoto: Geyser field in the morningPhoto: Grand Geyser eruptingPhoto: Another view of the GrandPhoto: Grand is still goingPhoto: View from boardwalk near Biscuit BasinPhoto: Clouds over Biscuit Basin areaPhoto: Morning Glory has become faded gloryPhoto: Geyser PoolPhoto: Regina strolling along the boardwalkPhoto: Gem PoolPhoto: Artemisia GeyserPhoto: More Morning GloryPhoto: Another view of Morning GloryPhoto: The bear warning sign wasn't posted at the trailhead we used. We had to go back the same way to return to our car.Photo: Steam escaping near the riverPhoto: View of Grand Prismatic Spring from hillside on the Fairy Falls trail.Photo: Another view of Grand Prismatic Spring with different exposure settingPhoto: Part of hillside to climb to see GPSPhoto: Close up shot of GPSPhoto: Easy part of trail is at the top of the hillPhoto: Wide angle view of GPS from hill topPhoto: Another long shot of GPSPhoto: Stream in YellowstonePhoto: Clouding upPhoto: One of the Yellowstone tour busesPhoto: Another shot of a streamPhoto: Clouds are rolling inPhoto: Surprise Pool looks like an alien creature's headPhoto: Another poolPhoto: Bison aren't worried about the fragile surfacePhoto: Regina at another geyserPhoto: More geyser actionPhoto: This fellow just wants to lay down by the river and relaxPhoto: On the way to MammothPhoto: Golden Gate drivePhoto: Yellowstone entrance sign at north entrancePhoto: North entrance arch at Gardiner, MTPhoto: Two room cabin at Mammoth SpringsPhoto: Room at two room cabin in MammothPhoto: Second bedroom at Mammoth cabinPhoto: Regina at the cabin in MammothPhoto: Row of cabins with Terraces in backgroundPhoto: Post Office at Mammoth SpringsPhoto: Liberty Cap at Mammoth Hot SpringsPhoto: Terraces along the walkwayPhoto: Springs creating more terracesPhoto: Another view of one of the springsPhoto: Inactive terrace areaPhoto: Devil's thumbPhoto: Area of terraces that appear to have masksPhoto: Terrace moves over anything in the way.Photo: Water from the springs have the heat loving bacteria that produce the colorsPhoto: Another view of the colorsPhoto: More of the terracesPhoto: Terrace springsPhoto: Mammoth vies from the terrace boardwalkPhoto: Undine FallsPhoto: Someone said this was a bison skeleton, but I could not tellPhoto: He has a "I just want to be left alone" lookPhoto: Regina gets a close up view as the bison walks by our carPhoto: Lower Falls from Uncle Tom trailPhoto: Rainbow at Lower Yellowstone FallsPhoto: Rainbow in mist through the trees at lower fallsPhoto: Regina thought I was taking a picture of her at the state line picturePhoto: The complete Montana stateline signPhoto: Another state off our bucket listPhoto: If I had known I was going to be in pictures, I would have worn my big boy pantsPhoto: Upper Mesa Falls signPhoto: Upper Mesa Falls in IdahoPhoto: Hillside by Upper Mesa FallsPhoto: Another shot of rainbow at Upper Mesa FallsPhoto: Lower Mesa FallsPhoto: On the way back to Salt Lake City to catch our flight back to Tulsa.Photo: Salt puddles at Great Salt Lake shorePhoto: Salt on the shore of Great Salt LakePhoto: Made it back to Salt Lake for the sunsetPhoto: Sunset at Great Salt LakePhoto: Another sunset shot