30 Photos - Oct 31, 2011
Photo: Æthelwulf, King of Wessex [8 points - Mark Pozniak]]Photo: Artgal of Alt Clut (Strathclyde) [13 points -Photo: Beorhtwulf, King of Northumbria (left) [13 points - Nick ???vs Æthelred II Eanreding, King of Mercia (right) [-2 points - Chuck Spear]Photo: Cináed MacAlpin, King of Dalriada [1 point - Jan Spoor]Photo: Czedrag of Obodrites [9 points - Colin Rice]Photo: Drust son of Uurad, King of Fortriu [2 points - Chris Brantley]Photo: Halfdan the Black, King of Norway [2 points - Larry Chaban]Photo: Halfdan the Black, King of Norway [Vassal to Jarl Haakon "the Thrice Drowned"]Photo: Horik Gudfredsson, King of Denmark [10 points - Jeff Franz]Photo: Jarl Bjorn Ironside [20 points - Rich Baier] - mightiest of Viking Raiders!Photo: Jarl Ivar the Boneless [12 points - Alan Ferrency]Photo: Jarl Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye aka "the Unwelcome" [4 points - Spencer Ginder]Photo: Jarl Ulf the Landwaster/Jark Haakon the Thrice Drowned [12 points - David Kuijt/David Schlanger] DS(no photo) and DK shared a slot, each playing two games. These two Jarls played from the same location once a landing was established. We had an odd number of players because JM Seman [Jarl Ragnar Lodbrok "Shaggy Breeches"] (no photo) fell ill before the event and had to drop out.Photo: Mael Sechnaill, Ard Righ and King of the Ui Neill [6 points - Ron Giampapa]Photo: Rhodri Mawr of Gwynedd [9 points - Mike Guth]Photo: Thorgest, King of Dublin [6 points - Kevin Boylan]Photo: Viking Raider Landing for Jarl Bjorn IronsidePhoto: The forces of AEthelwulf, King of Wessex (left) versus the forces of Horik Gudfredsson, King of Denmark (right).  Wessex would fall to the invading Danes.  But shortly thereafter, the Danes were invaded by Viking Raiders under Jarl Bjorn Ironside and Horik was subjugated.Photo: This is a view of Artgal of Alt Clut and his forces (top) versus Drust son of Uurad, King of Fortiu and his forces (bottom)Photo: Close view of the Scots-Irish foot (recently painted by Paul Potter for Ron Giampapa)Photo: Viking Raiders versus Viking RaidersPhoto: Viking Raider versus Viking Raider, as we see Jarl Ulf the Landwaster facing off against Jarl Ivar the Boneless (all Baueda figs).
These 3Bd elements are using special rules for the "Raider" troop type.Photo: Ulf's huscarls (left) vs. Ivar's huscarls (right)Photo: In this view of the campaign maps, we can see the map for Scandinavia in the distance.  Normally, we would use two canvas maps, but time was short and we had the large printed version to use in a pinch.Photo: View of the campaign map for the British Isles.  In the lowe left, you can see the tile for Wessex has moved to invade Dublin.Photo: DK moves the tiles on the campaign map showing where battles were fought, won and lost.Photo: DK creates the fealty tree, as he points at the matrix and calls out for battle results.Photo: DK works on the scoring.Photo: The fealty tree for each round is kept manually on the right side of the matrix.  It is somewhat hard to track, so we have some corrected mistakes.  It's a little easier to track when we don't forget some of our empire marking props.Photo: Photo of almost the full matrix.  Player names are cut off on the left side.