35 Photos - Jul 11, 2011
Photo: David Kuijt (standing) of the Japanese Defense Forces - JDF (Tony Aguilar is sitting to his left) reads the rules to the group as the battle for Tokyo and the world is about to begin!Photo: (From left) Rich Gause and Alan Ferrency of the Savage Swarm (IOUS's), Alex Bostwick and Alex Halkiadakis of the Terrasaurs.Photo: (From right) Larry Chaban and David Bostwick of the Subterrans (Molemen), Rich Baier and Hank Drapalski of the Cthulians.Photo: View from the GUARD (Earth Defense forces) base. Two large steep hills separate the GUARD forces from the Molemen on right. In the distance are the downtown areas of Tokyo and its skyscrapers.Photo: Close view of the GUARD base. To the left is the smaller downtown section of New Tokyo. Near New Tokyo are the forces of the Savage Swarm and their Stronghold.Photo: GUARD forces are deployed and prepare to respond to the forces threatening Tokyo and Earth. Defender X is the Aerial Hero with jet pack. He is supported by two elements of flyers (G1 Strike Fighters) and three elements of shooters (G-Tanks) including the GUARD general (Mobile Ops). There are also three Horde (Army with support vehicles). One Lurker is off board (Special Forces). One God (Nukes) are also off board.Photo: Giant Bugs! Forces of the Savage Swarm move toward a Power Center to sieze control of it. Beasts (Dire Ants), Flyers (Spy Flies), and a Behemoth (Xixorax) support their Aerial Hero General (Dynastavus).Photo: GUARD forces have split, with the Army and support vehicles moving to block the Molemen, while the rest move aggresively agains the Savage Swarm.Photo: Over Tokyo Bay, the conflict rages as Japanese Defense Force Flyers (Sun Fighters) swoop in behind the Terrasaur Flyers (Pteradactix).Photo: A view of the Molemen biggies moving toward a Power Center and the Cthulians have chosen not to challenge for it.Photo: The Chtulian flyers await the advance of the JDF Spear (Force Fields).  Across the table - Players from left to Right - Rich Gause (Is that a IOUS Stronghold or are you just happy to see me?), Alan Ferrency, Alex Bostwick.Photo: The Savage Swarm has gained control over this power center, but the battle rages here, as the GUARD Nukes have arrived (God) which is being supported by one of the GUARD Aerial Heroes (Sky Sentinel).Photo: Cthulian Shooters in the foreground (Spitters) and the rest of the Cthulians forces Magician (Gen) (Ancient Osheroth), Flyers (Squix and Cthulabites), Warband (Tanglix and Corruptors).Photo: View of the Molemen Stronghold. Behemoths (Grindix-Birvikaan and Drillcon-Vorionnik) wait toward the rear while their Spear (Oppressors), Warband (Mollok Beserkers), Blade (Mollok Brutes), Shooter (Ral Kurrilik), and Horde (Mollok Mortars) move forward toward the GUARD forces and two possible Power Centers.Photo: GUARD Horde and Shooters fight to prevent the Molemen from gaining control of this Power Center.Photo: Nukes Gone Wild! The Nukes are now targeting the Aerial Hero General (Dynastavus) from the Savage Swarm (who has no recoil).Photo: Defender X moves in aggresively with G1 Strike Fighter Support to turn the Molemen Behemoth (who now will recoil onto the side of his Behemoth brother). Jonathan Bostwick, Guard Commander is in the background.Photo: Distant view of the battle between Cthulians and Japanese Defense Forces near Tokyo.Photo: Terrasaur Raptix are surrounded by JDF Riders (Katana) and Flyers (Sun Fighters).Photo: Nice view of the whole battlefield, if not for the blurry hand.Photo: After annihilating the other Savage Swarm command, the other Aerial Hero General (Mantacon) moves in to try to defeat the Nukes. Good luck!Photo: View from the mouth of the Bay where JDF forces clash with the Terrasaurs.Photo: Defender X defeated the one Molemen Behemoth, but now finds himself out of command control and pinned in by Molemen on all sides. Pip rolls of 1-2-1-2 meant he couldn't move for several turns and would eventually be destroyed!Photo: GUARD Horde and an element of G-Tanks (Shooter) hold out agains the onslaught of the MASSIVE Molemen Behemoths. The Molemen are pushing toward the GUARD Stronghold.Photo: Aerial view of of downtown Tokyo and the fight in the bay.Photo: View from behind the Cthulian Stronghold.Photo: Terra Kahn (Behemoth General is attacked by JDF.Photo: GUARD Nukes have destroyed the entire Savage Swarm faction and now move on to target the Cthulians!Photo: The Nukes destroyed one Cthulian Great One (Magician) but then the GUARD's nuclear targeting ability is destroyed.Photo: View from behind the Terrasuar forces. They have grabbed control of the Power Center located at Tokyo airport in the bay.Photo: Moleman have gained control of three power centers! Moleman lurkers are tunneling up through the ground all over causing mass chaos and destruction!Photo: Molemen Warband (Mollok Beserkers) challenge for the central Power Center to win the game! The Center is currently held by the Terrasaurs who's Warband (Carnidon) will not last for long.Photo: Meanwhile, the Terrasaurs try to defeat Zor-Macros, the JDF Hero General. He is the last thing standing between the Terrasaurs and their fourth Power Center which would win them the game.Photo: Zor-Macros is destroyed by Tyrranix (Behemoth General) and the flank attack from the Terrasuar Flyer.Photo: The Power Meter shows the Terrasaur victory!