27 Photos - Oct 31, 2010
Photo: Monsterpocalypse - Shortly after deployment.  GUARD forces in Sausalito can be seen in the bottom right corner.  In the center, the Planet Eaters have arrived, their stronghold the burning crater.  The main GUARD defensive position is just beyond the Planet Eaters.  In the far upper right the Martians have landed.  In the far upper left the Molemen have emerged near the Cthulians.Photo: A Closer view of the Planet Eaters.  All of the colored squares are power centers, with each different color corresponding to a specific alien faction.  In the foreground, Zorog (complete with giant lobster claws) assaults a yellow power center.Photo: A view from the other side of the region.  Molemen forces face off against the Cthulians (left) and GUARD (center).  Martian Menace and Planter Eaters in the distance closer to the bay.  Additional GUARD forces are closing in on the Martians (upper left).Photo: A different view of the attack on the yellow power center.  In the distance you can see the Martians assaulting two green power centers.Photo: Clockwise from the left - Larry Chaban (Molemen), Rich Baier (Cthulian), Chris Brantley (Cthulian), David Kuijt (GUARD), Jason Bostwick (Martian), Doug Austin (Planet Eaters)Photo: Closeup of the Martian Menace forces.  Stronghold in the foreground.Photo: Terence McPartland (left) surveys the field as GUARD forces advance on the Martian positions.  GUARD Rocket Choppers (Airboat) formations follow the advance of the G-Tank (Shooters) and National Guard Vehicles (Horde)Photo: Closeup of the battle between Cthulian and Molemen forces.  Corruptors (left) and Tanglix (left) fight against the Molemen.Photo: The GUARD forces arrayed to defend their Stronghold desperately fight against the overwhelming hordes of the Planet Eaters and Subterrans (Molemen)Photo: One of the GUARD forces manages to get a 6 Pips roll and suddenly GUARD Nukes (God) come online!Photo: Rogzor and the Planet Eater Chompers have destroyed the GUARD Gamma Ray (Artillery).    They have also taken control of the yellow power center at the bottom of the image.  However the Nukes have slowed down the Moleman advance on the left.Photo: Gorghadra (near) and Zorog (far) slowly advance past the Planet Eater Stronghold.Photo: If not for the Nukes, the GUARD stronhold would have already fallen to the Molemen!Photo: A desparate battle between Laser Knight (Hero) and Rogzor (Behemoth) rages on near the GUARD Stronghold.  National Guard forces (Horde) charge the giant Planet Eater's flank!Photo: Another view of this titanic struggle!Photo: From this view, the armies are already quite disarrayed.  At the bottom, Drillcon-Vorionnik (Molemen Behemoth) advances toward the gap between forces.Photo: On the other side of San Francisco bay, Rocket Choppers (Airboats) and G-1 Strike Fighters (Flyers) move against Martian Saucers (Flyers).Photo: This view from further out, shows the same Airboats and Flyers but also Sky Sentinel (Aerial Hero), who has already destroyed some Martians and now may be able to remove the Martian presence at the nearby Power Center.Photo: Another view of the Martians, and Defender X the other GUARD Aerial Hero.Photo: Laser Knight has defeated Rogzor!Photo: The Cthulians have destroyed many Molemen.  Only Grindix-Birvikaan (Behemoth) on right stands between the Cthulians and the Molemen Stronghold.  Plush Cthulu helps defend the Cthulian Stronghold (Left).Photo: An above view look at the Nukes and GUARD forces holding off the remaining Molemen.  Unfortunately the Martian Menace has also arrived, and attacks the GUARD Stronghold.Photo: Almost the full battfield, as the Martians assualt the GUARD Stronghold.  The Martians have maintained control of two Power Centers for several bounds and benefited from the power surge that they provide.Photo: GUARD Nukes obliterated the Moleman Behemoth.  Meanwhile, the Martians are forced to break off their attack on the Stronghold.  Laser Knight fights on in a valiant effort to turn back the Planet Eaters.Photo: Another view of the Nuke.Photo: Molemen Horde have returned to the battlefield.Photo: We had a great time!