6 Photos - Nov 22, 2009
Photo: British Isles Strategic Campaign MapPhoto: Mainland Strategic Campaign MapPhoto: When Things Where Rotten Results MatrixPhoto: Fealty Tree for Rounds 1 and 2
Red = English loyalty
Blue = French loyalty
Green = Misc. loyaltyPhoto: Fealty Tree for Rounds 3 and 4
In Round 3, Ron invaded Roland and claimed his Vassal tree for France!
In Round 4, DS invaded Roland and was victorious bringing Roland and his 3 Vassals back under English control while maintaining control of Scotland and Whales.  At the same time this stripped Ron of his entire empire.Photo: Fealty Tree at the end of Round 5
Ron re-establishes a small empire for France.
DS loses control of much of the British Isles because of Terences sneak attack on Duncan.  However, DS expands his control on the mainland by defeating Frank and gaining the Germans and their Vassal Spencer.