21 Photos - Nov 13, 2009
Photo: This is the campaign map which DK constructed for our Warring States China DBA Campaign Theme Event at Historicon 2009.  The State Markers in many cases are sections of the Great Wall which when placed together form one larger model of the Wall.  This was carved and created by Chip Russ.  Many thanks to Chip.Photo: Another view of China.Photo: This is a closer view of some of the Great Wall State Markers.  The flag on each wall section matches the heraldry on the appropriate flat Region Marker.Photo: The Campaign Map on the left shows the distinct boundaries between the different Warring States and Regions.
The Matrix on the right shows player assignments with associated heraldry.  It also lists the State/Region, Topography and Point results for each round.Photo: This was the first time we had gone with a 3D map, and the results were beautiful.  Usually, we use paint on canvas that has a nice visual appeal.  However, 3D China was in a different league.Photo: Closer view of some sections of the Wall.  Yan and Qi State Markers.Photo: Nothing like takeout Chinese for the Chinese Warring States Event!  Looks like Rich Baier (left) has some sort of Lo Mein Noodles and a Newcastle.  Perfect combination.Photo: Greek (Alex) on left prepares to face off against David Bostwick on right.  Greek was playing as Southern Barbarians.Photo: Spencer Ginder on left battles with Alex Bostwick on right.  Alex was playing as "More Hu" - LH(Gen), 11xLH.Photo: Spencer on left is now facing Terence McPartland on right and his Warring States Chu.  Richard Gause in green tank top is contemplating his position against David Kuijt.Photo: Tony Aguilar on left and his Warring States Qin oppose Greg Kelleher on right and his Warring States Qi.  We were extremely happy to have Greg visiting Historicon all the way from Australia.Photo: Rich Baier on left looks on as his Warring States Yan Chinese engage Jonathan Bostwick's Warring States Wei Chinese.  Jonathan's pained look (No F***ing Wei!) is complimented well by Ron Giampapa's scowl.Photo: Richard Gause on left and his Warring States Chu Chinese battle David Kuijt on right and his Warring States Qin.Photo: View from the North Side of China.Photo: Here is the State Marker for my Warring States Song Chinese.  The Purple disks are the fealty markers which help distinguish empire structures on the strategic map.Photo: Here we see many fealty markers in play.  My Song have successfully made the Yan, Qi and Wei part of the Song empire - at least for the moment.Photo: Players gather around the campaign map.Photo: Players wait for the campaign results to be announced.Photo: David Kuijt announces the prize winner for "Best Painted Army"Photo: Tony Aguilar (Left) wins the Best Painted Army prize for his beautiful Qin Chinese.
Terence McPartland (Right) wins the Son of Heaven trophy as event runner-up.
David Kuijt (Center) the true Son of Heaven finished first overall.Photo: