146 Photos - Jul 4, 2013
Photo: This is a view of our school library (notice the silhouettes?) and the back of the administrative building.  When the project is complete, these two buildings will be replaced by a Media Resource/Student Support Center.  The plan is to save the avocado tree on the left, but we'll see what happens when it is time to build.Photo: Originally, the plan was to cut back the tree because this will be the location of our new administration building. After the arborist came to do an assessment, a decision was to cut down the tree. Presently, it is leaning heavily over the fence and it is a potentially unsafe condition. We certainly don't want the tree to fall on our brand new office!Photo: Our administration office will be demolished after the new one is completed, hopefully in Summer 2014.Photo: This was the first indication that there would be a construction project here on our campus.Photo: P12 and P13 before it is moved to make room for the new 10-classroom building.  It looks pretty nice with the foliage.Photo: P12 and P13 will be moved next to P17.  After the project is completed, these three portables as well as the ones in the back of the school will be removed.Photo: This is the 40-foot trailer which will house the project manager from Bowers and Kubota.Photo: The custodial staff and DPW worked so hard to make the school look great for the groundbreaking ceremony.  This was such a great example of teamwork!Photo: A special grass cutting helped to make the school grounds look  neat!Photo: The groundbreaking ceremony will take place in this area.  The background will be perfect for the cameras and the news crews which we are expecting.Photo: The library was set up for the light refreshments after the groundbreaking ceremony.  All of the flowers in the centerpieces were from our school campus and were beautifully arranged by our clerk, Mrs. Horton.Photo: Outgoing Student Council President Brandon Fox served as Master of Ceremonies for the groundbreaking ceremony.  He did a great job; he was poised and spoke clearly and confidently.Photo: Governor Neil Abercrombie was one of our distinguished visitors who was delayed by a dirt spill on the freeway.  Everything turned out just fine; we started a little late, but we finished right on-time!Photo: Staff members as well as employees of the contractors were part of the audience.Photo: In the audience were staff from Hale Kula, the DOE, the Army, and our school community.Photo: US Senator Mazie Hirono addressed the audience.  Earlier this year, Senator Hirono visited Hale Kula and chatted with parents and our Blended Learning students.  We were glad she could return for this special event.Photo: Brigadier General Pete Johnson represented the 25th ID and shared his thoughts about the project and what it means to our military families.  BG Johnson has three children - 1 at Hale Kula, 1 at Wheeler Middle, and 1 at Leilehua High School.  We appreciate he and his wife's support for the Hawaii public schools!Photo: Kahu Kaleo Patterson and Hiihea provided a pule or blessing. Kahu shared his experiences and memories of his military background; his Dad was a soldier who served for at Schofield.Photo: US Army Garrison Hawaii Commander Colonel Daniel Whitney and Principal Iwase untied the maile lei prior to the actual groundbreaking.Photo: Kahu Patterson is blessing the groundbreaking area prior to all of us digging in and turning over the dirt.Photo: Our students did a great job!  Kalea, Kennedy, Daniel, and Brandon pose with the Governor.Photo: Superintendent Matayoshi closed the program by thanking everyone who was instrumental in securing the grant and funding for this project.Photo: The work begins!  We need a place for all the trucks and other vehicles to come through.Photo: Getting ready to move P12 and P13.  First, the plants need to be removed.  Notice that the stairs are also gone by the left door.Photo: Apparently, the black silk covering absorbs water and prevents the area from getting too waterlogged and muddy.  Let's hope it works!Photo: The contractors are bringing in lots of equipment!Photo: The contractors brought in a storage bin to house their equipment, supplies, and materials.  This will save time so they can come straight to the work site and leave at the end of the day.Photo: The entryway is ready!  Later on, this area will become a fire lane.Photo: It's amazing how much dirt accumulates!Photo: There's a lot of digging going on, but that's all because the workers need to move the electrical and water lines prior to moving P12 and P13.Photo: P13 is almost ready to be moved.  Next step is taking out the concrete walkway in front of the portables.Photo: These are for the 12' black barriers they will construct to keep people out of the area.  Hopefully, the barriers will be a shield against the dust.Photo: This area next to the cafeteria is where the new custodial room, two restrooms, and a JPO room.  I took this photo at about 9:00 a.m.Photo: When I came out at around lunchtime, this is the scene that greeted me.  Notice that the palm trees are almost all gone!Photo: That was really fast!  This should be the first project to be completed, hopefully by September or October.Photo: I found out what the black silk on the fence is for.  When there is a heavy rain, the black silk on the fence will provide a filter so water will go through but not dirt and mud.  That's pretty cool!Photo: These were once the palm trees by the cafeteria!Photo: I wonder what these pipes are for.Photo: The forklifts are ready to move the storage bin to the other side of the campus.  This bin holds all of our PE equipment and supplies.  It'll be closer to the area where we will have PE next year.Photo: Today, July 9, work began to dig a trench for the pipes.  This needs to happen before any work can begin on our administration building.Photo: The digging will go all the way to the area  by the vehicle entryway.  Notice the huge rock which was dug up!Photo: P12 and P13 are scheduled to be moved by early next week.  First, the fire alarm system to those rooms needs to be disconnected.Photo: They started digging in the area by the cafeteria which will house the custodial room, two restrooms, and the JPO room.  First, though, the water valve will have to be moved.Photo: This area won't be impacted by the construction.  Doesn't it look lovely with the bright orange birds of paradise and the wispy palm trees in the background?Photo: They've dug up about half of the area and have laid some of the pipes already.  Another two days should complete that portion of the work.Photo: As soon as the water and electrical lines are laid out and the trenches covered, they should be ready to move Portables P12 and P13.Photo: Are we ready for the 12-foot black barriers?  It'll be right up against the classrooms.Photo: We want interested students to research about the machines being used in the project and then to use a Web 2.0 tool  to share what they learned.Photo: The fire lane is just about completed and needs to be inspected before they can backfill it.Photo: Another machine for our students to researchPhoto: And another one.  Do you remember the story of Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel?  I remember my kindergarten teacher reading it to the class.  Machines sure have improved since then!Photo: The cement truck was at the site early today.  All of the trenches for the electrical and water lines for P12 and P13 were filled.Photo: Moving the storage bin from one area of campus to the opposite end was a lot faster than I anticipated.Photo: Using the forklift to set the bin on its foundationPhoto: The bin is ready to store the equipment and materials for our PE classes.Photo: Putting up the black tarp by A-buildingPhoto: It's done!Photo: Digging by the cafeteria for the custodial roomPhoto: The portables have been lifted onto the trailers.  Moving day is Wednesday or Thursday.Photo: P13 is ready to be relocated.Photo: The trenches are filled and ready to be backfilled.Photo: Orange plastic fencing surrounds the area by F-building.  No shortcuts for awhile!Photo: The backfilling begins.  In addition to replacing the dirt, a soil compactor compacts the dirt.Photo: That's a lot of waste.  We should have our second graders research where all the construction waste goes.  This is part of their science/social studies unit.Photo: The portables are ready to be moved on Wednesday and Thursday!Photo: Yesterday, there were dirt piles all over.  Today, the area is ready for the portables!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: They're working on the stairs and ramp for P13.  Hopefully, it'll be ready to be cleaned tomorrow so Ms. Park can start setting up.Photo: It looks like they're getting ready to put up the black dust barriers for the new classroom building.Photo: Well, it's 4:15 and the workers have gone home.  I guess it's going to take a little longer for the stairs and the ramp for P13.Photo: Yesterday (July 22), the workers found water valves which were buried.  They needed to know if these were still operational and where it led to.Photo: This valve was still working, and the workers needed to decide if it was still working.  We had a project in 2004 when all of our pipes were changed, so these were probably buried for a reason.  They are dead!Photo: Carpenters continue to work on the stairs and the ramp for P12 and P13.Photo: There is still a lot of digging going on.Photo: The custodians were able to clean P12, P13, and P17 today soPhoto: Guess what DPW is doing for us?Photo: They're removing the crosswalk across the school and are moving it closer to the sidewalk.Photo: The carpenters are doing quality work on the stairs and ramp for the portables.Photo: I wish the students could see this. Everything is measured so precisely, and the angle of the ramp had to follow guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act.Photo: Laying out copper pipes -- I think this is going to the portables and the new buildingsPhoto: The contractors brought in a second storage bin.  I think there will be two more coming shortly.Photo: Photo: Photo: I wonder what these are for.Photo: The portables are just about finished. The painting may have to wait until fall intersession.Photo: Compacting the dirt in the fire lane trenches.Photo: Continuing with the backfilling and compacting.Photo: Preparing for Tropical Storm Flossie by tying down the materials.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that the storm passes us.Photo: One pile of dirt left; if the weather holds up, it'll probably be gone by tomorrow.Photo: After the water line inspection, workers continued work on our custodial room and restrooms.Photo: Photo: Putting up temporary barriers so workers can put the stakes in for the 12-foot dust screensPhoto: Pounding in the stakes after the machine bore the holesPhoto: The fire lane is just about completed.  That huge tree will be removed tomorrow, August 1.Photo: The dust screen project continues.Photo: This is the machine that is making the holes so the stakes are secure in the ground.Photo: Putting up the stakes for the dust screen by P12, P13, and P14Photo: While we were in a teacher training this morning, the tree cutters started cutting down the monkeypod tree.Photo: There were already huge branches cut down!Photo: I went out periodically to take photos.Photo: More large branches are cut down.Photo: They've finished much of the branches on our side of the fence.Photo: Some branches went into the tree chipper, and others were loaded onto a truck.Photo: It takes teamwork to get everything done!Photo: Loading the big branch onto the truck bed.Photo: Several different kinds of vehicles and machines are involved in this project.Photo: Loading the big branch onto the truck bed.Photo: Look what was dug up between A1 and P17!Photo: Nice and clean -- I wonder how long it's been buried underground.  The beautiful condition of this bottle validates the fact that glass does not decompose in soil, a good reason to recycle!Photo: This is what the tree looked like this morning.Photo: This is the tree after all the remaining branches were removed.Photo: A closer look at what remains of the treePhoto: Bracing the remaining stump so it can be removed.Photo: Cutting the remaining stumpPhoto: The workers said the tree was about 75 years old.  They cut pieces off for teachers to keep as a memento of our tree.Photo: Only the stump remainsPhoto: Workers turned the remaining stump into mulch which will be used in our Hope Garden and the Hawaiian Garden.Photo: Between buildings B and CPhoto: The area in front of our school - notice that they left some areas free of the black dust barrier and they put up 4' walls instead.  This is so we can see what they are working on.Photo: Workers are grading and compacting the soil for our administration building.  first, though, they needed to take out all of the  roots and other vegetation.Photo: Nothing much is happening yet on our classroom building.  You can see the pile of construction trash as well as large piles of dirt from digging the fire lane.Photo: There were 3 machines working in that small area by the cafeteria!Photo: Workers worked all weekend to install air conditioners in P12, P13, and P14.  Our students and teachers are grateful for AC in their classrooms!Photo: There were a lot of tree roots next to the cafeteria, and workers had to remove them before proceeding.Photo: This area will be completed first -- the custodial shed, two restrooms, and a JPO room.Photo: Close-up of the waste lines for the restrooms.Photo: If you look closely, you can see a bright green string in the shape of a rectangle.  This is the area where the administration building will be built.Photo: The admin building will include an area for the SASA, clerks, and registrar, the Health Room, a PCNC/Transition Center/PTO room, a principal's office and two vice principal offices, a meeting/conference room, storage space, and an area for thePhoto: Workers are preparing the pad for the administration building.Photo: