85 Photos - Sep 16, 2012
Photo: Photo: Deana Sun and Cristina Bizzarri get organized for the Friday night registration at Carytown BicyclesPhoto: Riders started rolling in right at 5 p.m.Photo: Dean, Cindy Evans and Maureen Cooper had way too much funPhoto: Cristina and Moe Evans make sure everybody gets a T shirt, a cue sheet and a wristband for lunchPhoto: Photo: Bob Mitchell is the club's apparel guyPhoto: Moe checks in a riderPhoto: This little guy likes his tricycle so much that Grandma Betsy Solomon bright him in to a real bike shopPhoto: Ron Corio is all earsPhoto: Lew Lott and Cindy Evans reminisce about their Dumpster Gang daysPhoto: There's a reason Mary Hom carries a big handbagPhoto: Jim Denoon checks inPhoto: Cristina, HOV chairman Matthew Bizzarri and Champe Burnley chatPhoto: Jan Waldron talks to Doug HarrelPhoto: Greg and SanDee Gammon brought their dog, tooPhoto: Julie Appleby and Kim Moore thank Carytown Bicycle's co-owner Tim Mullins for letting the club use the shop for registratiaonPhoto: Registration on Saturday morning shifted to the Hanover County administration buildingPhoto: Steve Herzog and Richard Halle had T shirt dutyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cycles Ed checks some bikes before the ride startPhoto: Most riders make their own checksPhoto: The Fifes and Drums of York Town lined up as the riders got readyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Most riders decided that the proper protocol for the national anthem was leaving the helmet on and placing the right hand over the heartPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jim Lee was among the SOS riders, meaning that he volunteered to help riders in need of assistance while he rodePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Less than three miles from the start, Mt. Gideon's 15 percent grade provided a challengePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mount Tabor Baptist Church was the first rest stop for most ridersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dad had babysitting duty while Mom roadPhoto: Jim Venning had lots of advice in fixing a flat tirePhoto: One of may great views in Caroline CountyPhoto: Jackson Shu is always willing to diagnose a bike problem, this one at the rest stop on 301 in CarolinePhoto: A little mutual aid in getting the cleat covers onPhoto: Photo: Photo: The bookmobile was not openPhoto: The rest stop at Mount Vernon and Frog Level Road was sponsored by CCHASM, a food ministry in Chesterfield County and did double dutyPhoto: It was a good place for Ed to set up because the English century riders hit it coming and goingPhoto: Photo: Photo: The lunch tent was a welcome sightPhoto: Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue providedPhoto: Photo: Photo: We had oldies as entertainment for lunchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Liz Keith serves up ice creamPhoto: Photo: Bob Mitchell had jerseys for salePhoto: Gillette knows that cyclists can get a little stinkyPhoto: Ron Corio, Matthew Bizarri and Cindy Evans talk about how well the day wentPhoto: Riders relax after lunchPhoto: Photo: