61 Photos - Sep 19, 2010
Photo: Photo: Kim Moore (r) coordinated the volunteers, including Maureen CooperPhoto: Photo: Photo: After registering, riders get ready to rollPhoto: Wayne Shipley makes sure his bike is in shapePhoto: The first rest stop was also the last onePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Back on the road after a snackPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Champe Burnley was everywhere. Here he's dishing up potato salad to go with barbecue, slaw, baked beans and cookies and browniesPhoto: Photo: Ice cream after barbecuePhoto: Chatting with buds makes the food taste even betterPhoto: Photo: Photo: Champe and el presidente, Ron CorioPhoto: Finishing feels greatPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Being in a group adds to the funPhoto: With the nice weather, Cycle's Ed wasn't very busyPhoto: After inspecting Ed's tool box, Champe has some doubts about his fine motor schoolsPhoto: Ed shows those doubts are misplaced by adjusting a beautiful Campanglo Record carbon fiber derailleurPhoto: It was chilly at the start, but riders were looking for shade after lunchPhoto: Back for registration on Sunday morningPhoto: Cindia Evans had the answersPhoto: Photo: Getting the gear togetherPhoto: HOV director Bud Vye kept the cars separated from the bikes at the YMCA entrancePhoto: Eagle Point was the first of three horse farms on the historic tourPhoto: Jim Denoon's wife Delaney made friends with this thoroughbredPhoto: The ride was relatively short, but it wasn't easy. No ride with Blunt's Bridge on it isPhoto: Church Quarter was the second stop on the tourPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Coatesville store stop was a welcome site for both the historic and century plus ridersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Several riders lingered at Scotchtown, Patrick Henry's homePhoto: Photo: Cre Run was the second horse farm near Campbell's LakePhoto: Cathy Davenport and Judy West learn about Arabians bred to be quarterhorsesPhoto: Photo: Horseshoe Hill was the third horse farm and the last stop on the historic tourPhoto: Photo: Barbecue again for lunchPhoto: And a surprise birthday party for one rider