35 Photos - Jul 30, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Larry Bevand at the Strategy Games table.
(Careful who you're calling a "bandit".)Photo: IM Piasetski's free postmortem clinicPhoto: Ballroom panorama, day 2.Photo: U16 U18 Open panoramaPhoto: U8 open: Sydykhanov v EnglandPhoto: Rd 4 Kulesho v Radin.Photo: U8 Open, panoramaPhoto: Victoria room panorama, rd.4Photo: Photo: U18 Open, round 4Photo: Alexandra Botez v Jill DingPhoto: skeptical postmortem with coach Mikhail EgorovPhoto: photo: Sophia HaguePhoto: free analysis with IM PiasetskiPhoto: Photo: U18 boysPhoto: Day 3: Victoria Room panoramaPhoto: My favourite photo: U8 girl's winner Harmony Zhu "shoos" away an admirer who gets too close. 
Does she really have so much experience at this already?Photo: U16 rd.6: Hui - Nasir (in his typcially elevated pose)Photo: Boys U8 scoresheet?
Good thing he got the second one -- we wouldn't want to lose those extra moves :)Photo: U12 champion Kevin WanPhoto: Kai Richardson led the U10, until this game.Photo: Look closely: that's NOT a clock malfunction.
They have already played over 100 moves at about 30sec per move each.Photo: Photo: CYCC simul: IM Edward Porper,Photo: CYCC simul: IM Leon PiasetskiPhoto: CYCC simul: GM Reynaldo VeraPhoto: CYCC simul: IM Aman HambletonPhoto: CYCC simul: GM Eric HansenPhoto: Closing awardsPhoto: Girls winners