55 Photos - Feb 2, 2015
Photo: Our B&B El Secreto in Oaxaca is a partner to Las Bugambilias B&B. There are only 3 rooms here and no signs.Photo: The breakfast area.Photo: Each day the table was set differentlyPhoto: Fruit was the usual starter while a hot dish was being prepared.Photo: Paula dishes up breakfast.Photo: A rooftop terrace, patio and living room were common areas.Photo: Our room, Dahlia, is the smallest of the house with a beautiful private bathroom.Photo: Artwork was everywhere.Photo: The women's artist's coop was a riot of colorPhoto: Some revelers left from the Day of the Dead.Photo: The cathedral with native Oaxacan green stone stands at one corner of the zocolo.Photo: Las Danzantes restaurant interior. This was our greatest culinary adventure.Photo: Fish from Puerto AngelPhoto: Chile relleno with corn fungus and grasshoppers.Photo: We attended this piano concert...Photo: in this patio setting...Photo: where we ran into a Cleveland friend who winters in Oaxaca.Photo: Another food adventure, this food cart came highly recommended.Photo: Our tortas being preparedPhoto: Jardin Conzatti, where we ate out tortas.Photo: An alebrije fantasy animal carving in one of the shops.Photo: One day the exits to the city were blocked by striking taxis...Photo: who were joined by the truckers. We had to cancel our planned bus trip.Photo: The Textile Museum is a worthwhile stop.Photo: Photo: Photo: This window is a beautiful example of how they combine classic buildings with modern interiors.Photo: The primary organic dye colors.Photo: Many buildings maintain classic exteriors....Photo: Photo: Photo: while others show the local taste for COLOR.Photo: Photo: My Oaxacan counterpart.Photo: The state furnishes the shades for the shoe shine stalls.  And advertises on them.Photo: Strikers occupied about half of the zocolo.Photo: We do not know the cause, but perhaps you can read the banners.Photo: Marimba players and other musicians stroll the zocolo.Photo: An early start to our birding trip. Between here and Huatulco we saw 84 bird species, 32 of them endemic to these areas.Photo: Vermilion flycatchers are common this time of year, but I can never resist a photo.Photo: Boucard's wren.Photo: Pat and our guide Eric flank a statue of Benito Juarez in his namesake town at 9000 ft.Photo: Blooming agave.Photo: Back in Oaxaca, the stamp museum is a beautifully restyled interior worth a visitPhoto: Photo: Photo: The north section of Garcia Vigil is under construction, all by hand because of the flagstone construction.Photo: This ex-convent attached to Soledad Bascilica has been repurposed into office space...Photo: and an art gallery.Photo: Photo: Soledad interior...Photo: and its baroque organ. 74 baroque organs have been identified in the Oaxaca area. Nine have been restored to playable condition. There is an Historic Organ Festival every other year and we hope to attend some year.Photo: Vieja Lira is an excellent trattoria style Italian restaurant.  It became our favorite for familiar food amid all the food adventures we were having elsewhere.Photo: Vieja Lira interior. There is also enoteca and deli sections, and a rooftop terrace.Photo: Oaxaca has the best of Spanish Colonial buildings and pre-Columbian ruins.  Open plazas and pedestrian only streets make it very pleasant to stroll and shop. Quality B&Bs and restaurants make the evenings and night enjoyable. We will be back and we recommend it to you. Happy traveling. Steve and Pat