39 Photos - Feb 2, 2015
Photo: From the corner near our hotel you can see the Plaza Principal or zocolo.Photo: Our hotel, Mision de los Arcos: small, very nice and moderately priced. It was this hotel that drew us back to Huatulco in 2013. The owner has a yoga studio and offered a week at the hotel to support the yoga association. We were the winning bidders. Since them the Atma Yoga Center where Pat and I practice has an annual retreat at this hotel.Photo: The hotel across the street. Nice to see the Welcome sign. Notice the bike rack.Photo: Our room looked out on the plaza in front of this school so we could watch the children come and go.Photo: Just down the street is this little Italian restaurant named for the owners Marie and Rez.Photo: Rez is proud of his roots in Emilio-Reggiano.Photo: Good food, and of course, wine.Photo: In the Rufino Tamayo eco park at the edge of town we encountered a big iguana...Photo: A GIANT cactus...Photo: This ecopark on the edge of town is good for birding. Mockingbird Jay.Photo: Western Mexico ChachalacaPhoto: Our real birding trip took us to higher altitude where we met these workers and their dogs on their way to pick coffee.Photo: Coffee ready to pick. Because of the varying ripening time of the berries it has to be picked every few days.Photo: Workers pickingPhoto: The berries ready for dehulling.Photo: Raw beans drying in the sun.Photo: Our hostess preparing lunch.Photo: Tortillas on the comal.Photo: I take a turn dehulling coffeePhoto: Our guide Cornelio at lunch - tortillas and fried eggs.Photo: We stopped in the town of Pluma Hildago, known for its coffee, with its simple church.Photo: No gold statues here, but lots of color.Photo: Outside Pluma is this eco lodge with 5 cabanas where we will stay on our next visit.  From there we can go higher in the mountains to the cloud forest.Photo: Bat falcon.Photo: Cornelio bought 4 varieties of bananas here, far greater selection than our markets, but he could not get a guanabana or a mango. Too early in the season at this altitude - 4500 to 9000 ft.Photo: Our return was delayed by road repairs for a rock slide from the rainy season.Photo: This monsterous bulldozer was equipped with hooks on the rear to keep it from sliding down the mountain.Photo: As usual, I located the knife sharpener.Photo: The marina at Santa Cruise was the start of our 7 bays cruise.Photo: Tangolunda Bay, site of the resort hotels. We stayed here in 2006.Photo: The Quinta Real is the bay's prettiest, and priciest, hotelPhoto: Our crew prepares a snack - fruit and vegetables with lime juice and spices.Photo: Pat against the area where we snorkeled.Photo: The Nat'l Park beach. In 2013 we hiked here by land.Photo: Another of the protected bays.Photo: Maugey Bay where we had lunch. Wall to wall seafood restaurants, also accessible by land.Photo: A reminder why you need instruments when you fly.Photo: As we approached our landing in Oaxaca land details began to emerge. Go to https://plus.google.com/photos/105389299027603752557/albums/6111245892700216289 for Oaxaca pictures.Photo: Who can resist a photo by the boat photographer?