34 Photos - Nov 13, 2012
Photo: First plaking in process - shaping planks at bow is trickyPhoto: Photo: My jig for squaring the false bulwarks on the false keelPhoto: The pieces for the Transom which I pre-assembledPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kit contentsPhoto: Photo: Lots of parts to sort out and usePhoto: Bundles of plankingPhoto: Jefferson 2012 Nickel with "Liberty" above the date. Coins were placed under masts for luck.Photo: In 1769 the HMS Halifax confiscated and towed the schooner Liberty, later HMS Liberty, which belonged to John Hancock.Photo: Mounting false decksPhoto: The first planking in progress - note use of wood filler to smooth the bow.Photo: First Planking in Progress - starting to remove the stubs of the false bulwarks.Photo: First plaking - note device for shaping soaked planks, glue stick, nails and nailerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Planking the bow necessittes a shift in the planking  - filling in the gap and then proceeding again towards the keelPhoto: Finished filling the gap - and adding some wood fillerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Stern before filing and sandingPhoto: Down to five more planks!Photo: Photo: Now to sort out all this wood???Photo: And the list is in Italian??Photo: First Planking is completedPhoto: Starbo'rdPhoto: Larbo'rdPhoto: Next challenge the shear strakes - need to mark waterline, glue three walnut strips together and bend to go around the bow. . . .Photo: Photo: Photo: