25 Photos - Mar 29, 2012
Photo: Beautiful stately home with double verandah.Photo: One of many converted homes to hotels.Photo: Art Deco style building on Duval Street.Photo: Warren found a car he likes.Photo: Gingerbread style detail.Photo: Photo: Typical house with surround verandah.Photo: Enjoying the verandah and beer.Photo: Warren takes a siesta.Photo: The flora is vibrant.Photo: Our hotel verandah.Photo: BougainvilleaPhoto: Banana tree with the monkey calling your name.Photo: House with a sun porch on Simonton Street.Photo: Drag queen on Duval Street. "They pay me to dress like a woman."Photo: Windy day on the pier.Photo: Joe on the pier.Photo: Street in the Truman Annex.Photo: Truman Annex.Photo: Beach house from 1911.Photo: The 'Little White House.'Photo: The lanai.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico on our trip back to Naples via catamaran.