29 Photos - Aug 28, 2012
Photo: Last week the Teen and I headed to Walmart to stock her up on e.l.f. cosmeticsPhoto: I love the prices for e.l.f. especially with a teen who is really just learning how she likes her makeup.Photo: e.l.f. is always easy to find!Photo: Brushes are always so expensive!  These are great and at a price that you can toss them after a few months like you are supposed to without crying.Photo: I have always wanted to try these...Photo: I love these compacts - she can mix and match colors she likes.Photo: I thought these were a bit wild, but of course she loved them.Photo: Photo: this is enough right... ummm...no.Photo: Tinted moisturizer - a must have.Photo: Ok THIS is all.... ummm... no.Photo: Waterproof and regular mascara in one.... GENIUS.Photo: And for $3 - genius AND economical!Photo: How many lip colors does one girl need?  (three apparently says the Teen)Photo: Ok NOW I think we have our fill...Photo: I think we ended up with one of everything.Photo: "Mom, I have to have something to PUT all of this in!!!"Photo: Truth be told I almost got myself one too... I've always loved Caboodles!Photo: I am a little ambarassed to admit that we got the makeup BEFORE picking up the extra school supplies... priorities people.Photo: Shopping with a Teen...Photo: I needed the pink stuff... just because it was pink.Photo: I am so very proud to be in a store that represents FLORIDA teams.  I get so annoyed when its all Auburn/Alabama... we live in FLORIDA!!Photo: It was hard to resist.Photo: Yikes - is it that time already?Photo: I cant get out of a store without preusing the cake pop supplies... you know, just in case I miss something.Photo: This is one of my FAVORITE products.  When I traveled for work these were an absolute MUST HAVE.  Now even at home we all still use them.Photo: This has become my new favorite!  I am a lip gloss junkie, and this one is smooth and sparky - I just love it!Photo: Plus it just LOOKS fun!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric