123 Photos - Nov 28, 2011
Photo: This was probably the most beautiful light show I have ever seen in nature in my life. The show lasted for about 15 minutes and this is the last shot from the evening. A short while before I took this picture I had taken the one I posted some time ago where different peaks were lit. The best thing was that I spent the night up there in the mountains and a few hours after I took this shot I was back for the sunrise! Enjoy.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #MountainMondayPhoto: This is a sequel to the image I posted last Saturday. It is again a sunrise shot from the beautiful Rannoch Moor swap in Scotland. This picture was taken only moments before the one posted last week. It seems to be a perfect entry for #SwampySaturday and #DawnOnSunday. Both are curated by +Ray Bilcliff.

#SwampySaturday #DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Haven't posted a colour landscape shot in a while. So here you go. Iceland is probably one of the dream locations for all the landscape photographers. And Landmannalaugar is probably one of the best locations Iceland has to offer. But then again - the whole island is so inspiring that a great picture is waiting around every corner.

#Photography #potd #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #NatureMonday #MountainMondayPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: I always wanted to take a long exposure shot showing clouds rolling over the hills. This was a great location but the wind was so strong that there was no chance I could have set up a tripod. I was lucky I took a few handheld shots of this beautiful scene. Hope you guys like it.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: I am now processing the photos from a recent shoot in Morocco. I like these abstract dunes compositions a lot but process most of them in BW. This is one of only a few in color. What do you guys think?

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #DesertSandDayPhoto: Time is flying! Can't believe this one is number 100 in my Beautiful Places album. Time to celebrate then! It doesn't get much better then fireworks and this one is positively the most beautiful I've seen. It is a sequel to my previous image. I spent about 3 hours photographing this magnificent volcano and this image is the last one from the night. It took a while to tweak the composition which was not very easy as it was completely dark and every eruption was different. Plus you cannot really refocus so changing lenses is not an option. But fortunately it erupts every 20-30 minutes! Enjoy, share and have a great Sunday!

#DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #FineArtPls #SacredSundayPhoto: This is a typical example of shooting in Iceland. You spent the whole evening in a beautiful location like this thinking it can't get any better. You're done, you go back to the car and just before you leave you turn around and there it is! It got even better! This one was shot at about 1 AM. Enjoy.

#WaterfallWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #WetWednesday #WideAngleWednesdayPhoto: This is a very special images for me on so many levels. First of all, the place itself was as spiritual as it looks in the picture.There is simply something supernatural about these Icelandic churches. Second of all, how often do you visit a town that bears your name? Well, this one bears mine! Pretty cool no? Actually, not so much. I think vik means something like a bay or a cove in Icelandic so there are many other places with similar names. Anyway. have a great Sunday my fellow Googlers!

And of course, this is my entry to #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Bill Wood +Robyn Morrison and +Margaret Tompkins 

#FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: This is one of those places where you need to stop for a while and just enjoy the moment. And I was really lucky that when I was there, there were no other tourists! This place is stunningly beautiful (especially at sunrise) and incredibly spiritual. This light show happens pretty much every morning and lasts for about 15 minutes. While watching this scene and photographing it I could not stop thinking that this must be what it looks like in heaven. Enjoy.

#SacredSunday #DawnOnSunday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: This is the fourth one and possibly the last one from my Desert Dancer series. We spent only one night in the dunes during the last photo shoot in Morocco. But but next trip is already in the calendar! This place is absolutely magical and the photo potential is endless. Yeah, a true paradise on Earth. Have a great weekend.

#DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BreakfastClubPhoto: This picture was taken in High Tatras NP, Slovakia. I climbed one of the peaks to shoot the sunrise but that was not very good - beautiful views, but the light was very flat. I stayed up there for quite a while but then decided to hike down. This one was taken just after 6 am on the hike down to my camp site. The light only lasted for a minute or so. Well, another of those lucky moments that we live for.

#MistyMonday #MountainMonday #NatureMonday #monochromeMonday #BWFineArtLE #FineArtPls #moodymonday #breakfastartclub #BreakfastClubPhoto: This is my first shot of an erupting volcano. And what an experience!! Think I'm becoming a volcano hunter! This is Stromboli, probably the easiest active volcano to photograph. It erupts every 20-30 mins. This is not the main eruption - stay tuned, that one is coming soon:) Have a great weekend.

#DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #FineArtPlsPhoto: This one took a bit longer then usually. I remember we made it to Gullfoss at about 2 AM after a long but fun drive through Iceland. I was pouring all over Iceland so we decided to stick around. We spent the whole next day in the local cafeteria hoping for a brief break from the rain. In only came the following day but the timing couldn't be better! I only had time for three of four handheld shots. This one came out the best.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #DawnOnSunday #ZenSundayPhoto: I took this one rather a long time ago in the Arches NP. For some reason I never processed it and did not even pick it in my original edit! Think I'll dig deeper in my archives this weekend... It is kind of a weird feeling going through old photos. They always take me back in time. It's the same like with music. When you listen to a song you have not heard in 10 years it takes you back in time and you kind of feel like you did back then when you were listening to it. Have a great weekend!

#DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BreakfastClubPhoto: OK, I know this is a bit of a cliché but I still like it!Photo: Sunrise over the Alftavatn Lake; IcelandPhoto: This is what I call the right place at the right time. I'd love to say it's all down to great planning and preparation on my side but it's not really true. There was a lot of luck involved. But the sunset was positively spectacular!Photo: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Landmannalaugar Colors; IcelandPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Another day and another nature abstract from me! This one is from Iceland and was shot with the longest lens I had with me on this trip. Don't you just love the long lens compression effect? Hope you guys like it.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #MountainMonday #NatureMondayPhoto: I have been in BW mood lately. It's been a while since I posted five BW shots in a row. Anyway, this has been waiting to be posted for at least a month now so here it is. It is the landmark of the Italian Dolomites. The rocks are actually much higher than they appear in this picture. Think it takes at least a couple of days to climb them. Hope you like it.

#MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell
#NatureMonday curated by +Rolf Hicker 
#monochromeMonday by +Bill Wood +Hans Berendsen +Charles Lupica 
#BWFineArtLE curated by +Joel Tjintjelaar 
#FineArtPls curated by +Marina ChenPhoto: This one was taken almost literally in the heart of Iceland. I almost did not take the picture as it was so windy I could not hold the ND filter in front of the lens. Which reminds that the wind was so strong that it actually opened our roof box and we lost one of our sleeping pads. Just imagine what's it's like looking for a lost sleeping pad in the middle of Iceland (especially when you don't know how long you'd been driving with the box being open). Believe it or not but we eventually find the sleeping pad. The trolls must have had something to do with it.Photo: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Rannoch Moor Sunrise; ScotlandPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: This is Iceland to me. I took this one on my very first trip to Iceland right on the first day. What a start. Since then I've known I'd be coming back.Photo: My shot for #SunsetSaturday; curator, +TJ KellyPhoto: This is probably the most photographed reflection scene in North America. I have only photographed Schwabacher Landing once but look how lucky I was! This sunrise was pure magic.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Have now processed this one from a long time ago. I love Yellowstone. It's not one of those places where everyone goes home with the same picture. But at the same time there is a beautiful shot waiting around every corner.Photo: I have been in the Icelandic mood lately...Photo: This is a classic location in Zion that everybody photographs but I could not resist when I was there a few years back. It's not always about bringing an home original master pieces. Actually, for me it's mainly about being out there. A nice shot is a bonus. Enjoy.Photo: The morning I took this one was really magical. I think I got at least three shots I really liked. Can't believe I almost didn't make it out of bed.Photo: I think the Italian Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. Sunset is often more beautiful than sunrise as clouds usually appear in late afternoon. Of course there is a risk that you won't see the sunsets through the clouds but I was lucky this time.Photo: This is another one of those iconic locations that has been photographed a zillion times. It is hard to photograph these places in an original way. But it is very easy to have whole lot fun while doing it!Photo: A different take on beautiful Icelandic horses...Photo: I can't believe I haven't posted anything from Grand Canyon yet. So this is the first one but definitely not the last one.Photo: Midnight sunset in Iceland - I actually thought I had been done for the day before I took this picture. And then I came across this view. I think it was sunset but could have easily been sunrise. It's hard to tell when one stops and the other starts...

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: Hilly Icelandic landscape - just processing these images makes we want to go back. And this is actually how most of my trips kick off...

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BWLandscapeWednesday #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLEPhoto: I am way behind with processing my images. This is the first one from my latest trip to Morocco. Truly a magical place btw! Will be posting many more soon.

I went to Morocco mainly to shoot abstract dunes photos. And I certainly brought home a lot of those. But for some reason I had to post this one first. The dunes in Erg Chebbi are simply stunning. I know that it is one of those places I will be returning to.

The model is beautiful +Mikaela Moves 

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BWLandscapeWednesday #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #TopPhotos2011Photo: I have been posting lately a lot of images from Iceland. The thing is that I think I have quite a lot pretty good ones. And the main reason is that good light lasts there forever so whenever I go there I come back with more good shots then from any other location (okay maybe except Scotland...). E.g. this one - this is Seljalandsfoss facing the setting sun. I actually had to desaturate the reds quite a bit to make it look more natural. And light stayed like this for at least two hours... Pure magic!

#ThirstyThursdayPics #LongExposureThursday #TravelThursday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: Merry Christmas to all of you guys on G+. I only joined three or so weeks ago but love it here. Thanks a lot for your support and comments. Have a great Xmas break and I wish you all lots of good light.

#SnowySaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: A different take on Yosemite here... This scene is magnificent and hard to photograph in its entire beauty. So I opted for a different approach. Hope you guys like it.

#Photography #potd #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #WhateverWednesday #WetWednesdayPhoto: Hope you guys are having a nice Xmas. This is a BW version of an image I posted before in colour. I think I like this one better. Or at least today...

I am having a great time today just chilling at home with my beloved fiancee and processing old images. I am really lucky and I really appreciate it. Let this image be a reminder to all those less fortunate than I am. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. Even the longest one.

#MinimalMonday #FineArtPls #MonochromeMonday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #MysteryMonday #NatureMonday #BWFineArtLEPhoto: This is a favourite image of mine from Prague. Many people find it too depressing but I still hope you enjoy it. Have a good weekend all my friends on G+.

#Photography #potd #Monocrome #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #BWFineArtLEPhoto: What do you see in this picture? Is it just me or do you also see a woman's body there? Or do I need therapy? Anyway, this one is from Upper Antelope Canyon. I actually like the lower one better. I think it has better photographic opportunities. But then again, both are quite extraordinary. Let me know what you think.

#Photography #potd #Monocrome #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #TopPhotos2011Photo: I am really inspired by all the Yosemite photos on G+ and from the #G+Yosemite2011 #G-Yosemite2012 PhotoWalk. I really wish I could be there but for many reasons it was not possible (the distance between London and Yosemite being probably the key one..). Anyway that's exactly what I love about G+. There is so much great stuff which really inspires me. Although I could not go to this PhotoWalk it made me go through my Yosemite photos and I discovered this one from a long time ago. Hope you like it. Happy New Year to all of you guys and lots of good light to all the photographers out here!

#Photography #potd #Monocrome #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Sometimes I need to remind myself that it is January as it doesn't look like that when looking out of the window. Enjoy.

#Photography #potd #Monocrome #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #MonochromeMonday #MountainMonday #NatureMondayPhoto: This is a second image I am posting from my recent trip to Morocco. I now know that it will be a series of images with the same theme which will hopefully form a nice portfolio. So this is no 2. The model is again +Mikaela Moves who actually is a great dancer! Hope you like it.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #BWLandscapeWednesday #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: I have just reprocessed this old image from Monument Valley and can't wait to share it with you guys. They say you should never give up on a sunrise in Monument Valley and I can only confirm that. The sky was completely cloudy an hour before the sunrise and look at what happened then. I know that this view was photographed at least a million times but hopefully this is at least a bit original. Either way I had great fun taking the picture and as always... For me it's all about being out there. Enjoy it.

#SilhouettesOnThursday #Photography #potd #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtract #TravelThursdayPhoto: This aerial like picture was taken from a random hill in the South-east Iceland. The blues and the greens are 100% real. I actually desaturated the blues a bit to make it look more natural (although they were natural!). It was magical sitting up there and just listening to the wind, the sea and the seagulls. Enjoy.

#Photography #potd #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: This is my favourite candid street shot from Prague. I spent maybe 15 minutes photographing this couple and they did not notice me. Yeah, it was one of those magical moments well worth getting up at 4 AM. Hope you guys like it.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #Monochrome #HistoryThursdayPhoto: I think deserts and the sand dunes in particular are one of the most inspiring places I have ever visited. Not sure what it is - the shapes, the silence, the colors... Probably a combination of all of these. Have a great weekend G+.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: This is a very old image from Mono Lake. I've just reprocessed it and fell in love with it again. What a magical place Mono Lake is!

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: Good morning G+! This is something a bit different. A few years back I spent three days in Amsterdam riding the bike through its amazing streets and taking pictures like this one. I used to be pretty much purely a landscape photographer back then and wherever I went I got up two hours before the sunrise and went out shooting. Well, the sunrise on this day wasn't any good but I hope this shot is. Enjoy.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #StreetSaturday #StillLifeSaturday #ColorsOnSaturdayPhoto: This is Svartifoss, an iconic waterfall located in the Skaftafell mountains in Iceland. I have photographed it on several occasions but lately I really like this IR look so will go with this one today. It was shot with a regular DSLR but there was so much green around that it was very easy to achieve this look. I am now converting one of my cameras to IR so expect many more of these. Enjoy and share.

#monochromemonday #BWFineArtLE #moodymonday #mountainmonday #FineArtPls #beautifulmundanemonday #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #NatureMondayPhoto: This shot was taken in the weirdest Icelandic landscape I have ever seen. It actually looks more like a moonscape. You can buy a map of this area in Iceland where the colors indicate the colors of the surrounding mountains. And this area was all red in the map. So I obviously had to see the place. And as you can see the map did not lie. Hope you guys like it.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #ColorsOnSaturday #SunriseSaturdayPhoto: I love Yellowstone. At the same time I only have a handful images from there. This was a particularly great evening and this shot is pretty much straight from the camera. Yeah, sometimes it happens just like that. Enjoy.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #ColorsOnSaturday #SunsetSaturdayPhoto: High Tatras is a gorgeous national park in Slovakia. The Tatras range is smaller than the Alps and the mountains itself are somehow darker. Combine that with a little storm and you get a recipe for a nice black and white shot. Anyway, I love these mountains. Have hiked the whole range numerous times and each time had a blast. The quiet nights up in the mountains and simply unforgettable.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: Please view in the main photos viewer with the black background.

I've been in the abstract mood these days. This one was taken shortly before the color picture I posted yesterday. The same area, the same light, the same dunes but very different presentation...

#MinimalMonday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #NatureMonday #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: This image has been a work in progress for like two years now. I was going back and forth between BW and color and was never really happy with it. Today I simply decided that I like the BW version better and posted it. There's a good chance I'll post a color version tomorrow...

#Two4Tuesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: Apart from the cool sky the light in this shot is not that amazing. But as soon as I saw these surviving plants in the middle of the volcanic desert I knew I had to photograph them. Yeah, I love deserts - all kinds. Enjoy.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #GrassTuesdayPhoto: I was never really sure about this image. I finished it about a year ago but there was still something missing. I just did not know what:) Anyway, I looked at it again last week and increased the contrast a bit. Think that was the missing bit but let me know what you think.

#BWLandscapeWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: I owe a big thank you to +Dan Ballard. His great image he posted last week inspired me to revisit this image of mine. I am absolutely in love with the Tetons. This was shot from the Snake River Overlook. I didn't get to see the river till well after the sunrise but was not complaining at all! Seeing the tops of these magnificent peaks lit by the first rays of light is simply priceless.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: This is a very special image for me. First of all, it was taken in Scotland which is currently my no 1 destination for landscape photography. Scotland is simply a landscape photographer's paradise. Period. Second of all, this is the first image I ever submitted to any photo competition. And to my huge surprise it did really well in this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. It was published by the Sunday Times magazine and is now also being displayed in the National Theatre in London as part of the competition exhibition.

Yeah that's all really cool. But it does not compare to the fun I had taking the image... I always wanted to take an image like this - very dramatic with the birds really close. It had been sort of pre-visualized in my head for years before I took it. And when I saw this beach in Scotland I knew this was the place. The only problem was that all the birds were about a quarter of a mile from where I needed them. Well you would not believe how easy it was to persuade them to move... All I needed was a few slices of bread. And the rest was a piece of cake...

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #Monochrome #FrighteningFridayPhoto: I wanted to post some street photography shots from a recent trip to Morocco today but thought it would too much of shot after many landscapes I have been posting lately. So this is something like a transitional shot. There are hundreds of alleys like this one in Marrakech. I spent about four days wondering these streets and alleys shooting candid street pictures. I already posted one of these shots some time ago and many more are coming.

#StreetSaturday #StillLifeSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Marrakech could easily be a street photographer's paradise. However, there's one tiny problem... People there don't like being photographed. Almost all of them. The way I got around this was mainly by waiting till they pass me and then I photographed them from behind. I was not after typical portraits anyway so it wasn't such a big problem. I like the pictures where the people are just one element of the scene - an important element (in this case the most important element) but not the only one. Hope you like it.

#StreetSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: There's something about looking at the world from a different angle. And also there's something about why they call Marrakech the Red City.

#DoorSunday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Long and Winding Road; IcelandPhoto: Waking Up; Prague, Czech RepublicPhoto: This is another gorgeous sunset from the Dolomites in Italy. I am pretty happy with this picture but it doesn't come close to the actual experience of being up there in the mountains.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: I felt like being in a dream when I took this photo. So if you want to dream for a bit try to look at this one. It works for me:) Btw it was unbelievably cold and windy up there. Can't believe I managed to take so many pictures.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: This is one of my favourite photographs from my Castles Made of Sand portfolio. I took about a dozen of shots within two or so minutes just before the sunsets. The shadows and lights play was simply amazing. Not two photographs were the same. For a while only the foreground was lit, then only the background and then... this one - only the formations in the middle were lit. Have a great weekend guys.

#PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Went to my first photo walk in London yesterday organised by +Helena Martins. What a great afternoon! This is a bit different from what I usually post. But at the end of the day London is a beautiful place so it should be in this album:)

#photowalkslondon #StreeArtSunday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #TransportPhoto: This surreal image from Arches NP was not achieved by multi exposure or blending of two images. It is actually a single exposure with a 300 mm lens. No fancy post processing tricks here either - just a simple BW conversion with a red filter and a bit of dodging and burning. Simple as that. Yeah sometimes it happens just like that:)

#MoonMondays #MoonriseMonday #MountainMonday #MoodyMonday #MonochromeMonday #NatureMonday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #BWFineArtLE #MonochromePhoto: The Most Beautiful Models in the WorldPhoto: I have re-processed this image especially for #WideWednesdayPanorama curated by +Charles Lupica and +Jason Dell. When I finished it I was actually pretty happy with it so many more of these coming from me soon.

#WideWednesdayPanorama #TravelPanoWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #WowWednesday #WetWednesdayPhoto: Wednesday is clearly a panorama day. I posted my first one last week and this is the next one. I haven't done many of these before but I am falling in love with the format! This picture benefited a lot from the rain which had ended just before I took the shot. The colors were beautifully saturated and the visibility was amazing. I am not sure how far the mountains in the distance are but they could easily be on the other side of Iceland:)

#WideWednesdayPanorama #TravelPanoWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #WowWednesdayPhoto: This is another shot from Rannoch Moor in Scotland which is now one of my very favourite locations. It is a four minute exposure so there is some color cast. I wanted to remove it first but then realised I quite liked it so left it as it was shot. It is my entry for #SwampySaturday curated by +Ray Bilcliff.

#SwampySaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: This is a pano re-edit of a favourite image of mine from Bryce Canyon. It is unbelievable how much of a difference a crop can make. I might actually like this version better than the original! Hope you guys like it too.

#WideWednesdayPanorama #TravelPanoWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #WowWednesdayPhoto: First of all, apologises for not being very active lately and not posting anything in more than a week. I was busy travelling and of course taking more pictures! Sometimes it's actually pretty good to be offline for a bit - both metaphorically and literally.

Anyway, do you guys still remember the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010 which caused the highest level of air travel disruption since the Second World War? Well, this is it. This picture was taken in May 2010. I missed the main eruption but it was still erupting a bit and you could see its smoke from miles away. Looking at this picture you might think how beautiful the scenery there is. But trust me, this was a very unusual scene. Mostly all you could see was volcanic ash. It was everywhere. Even the most colorful mountains in the world in Landmannalaugar were all black. Plus, when we were there it was still very likely that the neighbouring volcano Katla which is maybe 10 times the size of this one would erupt. But fortunately it did not so I can share this picture with you all. Have a great weekend!

#DawnOnSunday #SunriseSaturday #ColorsOnSaturday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: This is kind of a sequel to my previous post (although it might not seem to be...). These are the most colorful mountains I have ever seen. Covered in volcanic ash... But they're still very beautiful, don't you think? It's a BW conversion but trust me. The original shot did not have much more color than this.

#MistyMonday curated by +Martin Rak 
#monochromeMonday by +Bill Wood +Hans Berendsen and +Charles Lupica 
#BWFineArtLE curated by +Joel Tjintjelaar 
#MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell
#PlusPhotoExtract curated by +Jarek Klimek 
#NatureMonday curated by +Rolf Hicker 
#FineArtPls curated by +Marina ChenPhoto: This shot was taken only last week literally in the middle of Sicily in Italy. I could easily call it Lost in Sicily because we were absolutely lost and discovered this gorgeous view only by accident. I gave it this graphic look which I really like but understand it might not be everybody's cup of tea. The scene looked okay in color but never really did it for me. I am much happier with the BW version. Hope you like it too.

#WideWednesdayPanorama #TravelPanoWednesday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPls #WowWednesday #BWFineArtLE #BWLandscapeWednesdayPhoto: They say there is a hundred towers in Prague. There's not a hundred in this picture but there's quite a few... I love the old Prague architecture. And it is also a very spiritual places (till about 10 AM when the tourists take over the city). I used to spend every Sunday morning wondering through the old town when I lived there. I am pretty sure this one was taken on Sunday as well. Have a great Sunday!

This is my entry to #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Bill Wood +Robyn Morrison +Margaret TompkinsPhoto: This is another one of my favourites from Marrakech. It really is a pink city! They don't call it that for no reason. I don't know what these men were looking at and I think it's better that way. There will always be this mystery element in this picture. Have a great Sunday!

#SacredSunday #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potd #FineArtPlsPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: I know that this might look like a road to hell but it is actually a very beautiful place in the heart of Sicily. I tried to process it in color but it never felt right. Hope you like it.

#MistyMonday #MountainMonday #NatureMonday #monochromeMonday #BWFineArtLE #FineArtPls #moodymonday #breakfastartclubPhoto: I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am not a morning person but boy I love taking pictures in the morning! And it does not have to be a pretty sunrise in the mountains. Pretty much all the cities I've visited are amazing in the morning! Very much different places than during the day. This is one of the busiest squares in Marrakech, Morocco. Yet I was there on my own when this old man passed me - perhaps on the way to the morning prayer. Have a great Sunday!

#SacredSunday #FineArtPls #Monochrome #PlusPhotoExtract #photography #potdPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: Beautiful PlacesPhoto: This is another one from the beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague. I did a little project on the Charles Bridge five or six years ago. I lived in Prague back then and used to go to the Charles Bridge almost every Sunday morning to shoot the early birds on their way to work (and often also clubers on their way home...). I got some good shots and it was great fun. This one and two more I posted before are all from the very first morning when I started the project. The light on that day was beautiful with just enough but not too much of fog. I came back many many times after that but the light was never quite the same. Not even close actually...Photo: This is a picture I took during one of my many midnight hikes in Iceland. I originally processed the image in color but I think it looks even more mystical in BW. This what the combination of a moon-like treeless landscape and a long exposure looks like. Enjoy and share.

#monochromemonday #MistyMonday #BWFineArtLE #moodymonday #mountainmonday #FineArtPls #beautifulmundanemonday #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #NatureMonday  #hqsppromotionPhoto: I am now planning another major trip - this time to India. Can't wait, really! So this is to put me back into the street photography state of mind. Have been going through my archive and found this image from Marrakech. I remember I quite liked it when I took it but have not processed it yet. Marrakech is normally very busy but if you're up early you might get lucky and capture a nice and quiet scene like this. Have a great weekend!

#hqsppromotion #sacredsunday #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photographyPhoto: This is probably my least processed image I ever posted. I never over-process my images but I still tend to spend a fair amount of time tweaking them. This one is almost straight from the camera. I tried a few versions but I always ended up with this low contrast look. So at the end of the day I deleted all the adjustment layers and got this. In case you wondering what it is... It's the beautiful Erg Chebbi dunes in Morocco shortly after sunset. Hope you like it. Enjoy and share!!

#minimalmonday   #monochromemonday #hqsppromotion   #BWFineArtLE #moodymonday #FineArtPls #beautifulmundanemonday #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #NatureMondayPhoto: Well it looks like the Summer has finally made it to London. So I thought I would process this old happy image from Bryce Canyon. This place is stunning but not easy to photograph. It looks like there's a great photo behind every corner but one must try pretty hard and focus on details rather than huge panoramas (I think). Enjoy.

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #DawnOnSundayPhoto: It's been two months since my last post but hopefully I have a good excuse. Was simply travelling and taking pictures. India had been on my list for years and this year I finally made. And what a trip it was. It truly is a paradise for all photographers. Brought home thousands of pictures. Hard to pick one to start with. This shot is from Varanasi - one of the holiest Indian cities and targets of pilgrimage for Hindus. I spent three days there and I think I shot literally a thousand pictures. Have a good weekend.

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #ColorsOnSaturday #SacredSundayPhoto: I spent hours photographing pilgrims in Varanari in India. I had never seen anything like that ever before. So much color, so much emotions so many beautiful people. But this little boy was something else. Every time I look at this picture it takes me back. I guess that's what travel photography is all about. Well, at least for me:)

#SacredSunday #hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photographyPhoto: It's a beautiful day in London. Almost too good to be true I would say. The plan was to check out autumn colours in Buckinghamshire. But guess what - woke up with stiff neck and can hardly move. No photography for me today. So I'm at least posting this older picture from Iceland. Things happen for a reason. Wonder what else today will bring:)

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #ColorsOnSaturday   #europeanphotography  #LandscapePhotographyPhoto: A few months ago I shared a photo of Svartifoss, a beautiful waterfall in the Skaftafell mountains in Iceland. This one was taken shortly after that photo. You couldn't tell it's a waterfall? That was the whole idea:) Have a good week all my friends here.

#minimalmonday   #monochromemonday #hqsppromotion   #BWFineArtLE #moodymonday #FineArtPls #beautifulmundanemonday #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #NatureMonday #mountainmonday #europeanphotography  #LandscapePhotographyPhoto: This is the third shot from my recent trip to the Stromboli volcano in Italy. Photographing Stromboli is great fun. It is reasonably safe and endlessly beautiful. Since you never know when it will erupt you need to have your shutter open almost all the time. This is the outcome of an eruption at the end of the 5 minute exposure. It is actually only a small eruption from the smaller crater. Enjoy and share!

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #ColorsOnSaturday   #europeanphotography   #LandscapePhotography #10000photographersaroundtheworldPhoto: Gurudwara Bangla Sahib; New DelhiPhoto: When I was starting with photography I read a wonderful book by John Shaw in which he said that if we see something red in nature we should always photograph it. And so when I saw these red reflections I indeed photographed them. This image has been sitting in my  "work in progress" folder for about five years now so I think it's about time to post it. I have moved on since then and I actually prefer colder tones in most of my commercial work but when it comes to nature photography these reds are hard to beat. Enjoy and have a great Sunday.

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #europeanphotography   #LandscapePhotography #10000photographersaroundtheworldPhoto: Kids are beautiful everywhere but these guys were super cute. They were just taking a break from playing cricket when I shot this portrait. Taken in Varanasi, India. Have a good Sunday!

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #pixelworld   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #europeanphotography  Photo: India is a wonderful place for street photographers. Unlike other places people there love being photographed so you don't need to opt for pictures from behind, from a distance etc. Yet that's exactly what I did here. I have plenty of standard portraits of this old man but somehow I like this one the most. Sometimes less is more (I think) and I also love a little bit of mystery in the picture. What do you think?

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #pixelworld  #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #europeanphotography  Photo: Once Upon a Time in Wyoming

I just found this image in my archive. I took it a long time ago with my first DSLR but never processed it. I think I should have as I quite like it. Really makes me want to pack my bag and go to Grand Teton NP. What a spectacular place! Enjoy and share.

#hqsppromotion #PlusPhotoExtract #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #europeanphotography  #LandscapePhotography #10000photographersaroundtheworldPhoto: Okay, it hasn't been easy but I picked this one as my entry to  #PlusOneCollection2012 coordinated by +Ivan Makarov  It was taken in 2012 and I think it represents pretty well what I do. Plus the model is the one and only +Mikaela Moves who spent three hours waiting in pouring rain for a 20 min gap in the clouds.

More info about this awesome project: http://plusonecollection.com/Photo: If you can't tell what's in this picture without looking at the name then it's probably a good thing... I think Yellowstone is one the most beautiful places on this planet, yet so hard to photograph. When we got to this place there were hundreds of people lined up and waiting for the geyser to explode. Not a very inspiring moment. But c'mon - you gotta take a picture of arguably the most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful! So this is my take.

#allthingsmonochrome #potd #BreakfastClub #breakfastartclub #photography #pixelworld   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #monochromephotography #europeanphotography #hqsppromotion  #LandscapePhotography #FineArtPls #PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Sleeping Beauty Has Woken Up; Stromboli, ItPhoto: Sunset in Elgol; Isle of Skye, ScotlandPhoto: Blue City; Jodhpur, IndiaPhoto: Siesta in Jodhpur, IndiaPhoto: Chapel in the fog in TuscanyPhoto: Moonrise in Tuscany; Italy