35 Photos - Aug 22, 2011
Photo: This "Book of Achievement" inscribes the names and accomplishments of the many Pacers who have given of their time, effort, and talent to the club.Photo: CYRIL A. & BERNADETTE M. MARCELLUS
"CY AND BUNNY"Photo: Walter Dietiker
Founding PresidentPhoto: Jean-Paul Dionne
Founding MemberPhoto: Cy Marcellus
Founding MemberPhoto: S. J. (Gerry) DuboisPhoto: Judy DietikerPhoto: Suzanne (Dionne) ChristiePhoto: Jeroen WinterinkPhoto: Patrick GuayPhoto: John GrahamPhoto: Gerry HarePhoto: Sheila HarePhoto: Katherine HarePhoto: Robbie GrahamPhoto: Steve GrahamPhoto: Andrew CooperPhoto: Paul CooperPhoto: Peter van MusschenbroekPhoto: Michel van MusschenbroekPhoto: Kitty WinterinkPhoto: Jean-Marie LeducPhoto: D. Alan and Glenda JonesPhoto: Alison JonesPhoto: David JonesPhoto: Mimi GrahamPhoto: Lou TravisPhoto: Andrew LaheyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kristina GrovesPhoto: Kristina GrovesPhoto: Kristina GrovesPhoto: Al RosePhoto: Grant Edgar