174 Photos - Jul 13, 2011
Photo: east village afternoonPhoto: not alonePhoto: virtual lovePhoto: 28th StreetPhoto: tagged in the BronxPhoto: summer rentalPhoto: ChinatownPhoto: do not live herePhoto: the BoweryPhoto: Easter bonnetPhoto: 25 to lifePhoto: 1.00 lbPhoto: Bowery afternoonPhoto: one wheelPhoto: James A. Farley Post OfficePhoto: 9/11Photo: side viewPhoto: no pulp
new york city subway
january 5, 2013
#newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #streetphotography   #streetpics   #shootthestreet  Photo: heading west
42nd street, new york city, december 2012
#streetphotography   #streetpics   #shootthestreet   #newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography  Photo: the orchard
new york city, november 2012
#streetphotography   #streetpics   #shootthestreet   #blackandwhitephotography   #newyorkcityphotography   #ricohgxr  Photo: 86 onPhoto: serious walkerPhoto: thank you for shopping here
staten island, october 27. 2012
#newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #streetphotography  +Arnold Goodway for #streetpics   #shootthestreet  Photo: dream of sheepPhoto: Grand Central on display
The Museum of the City of New York
checked out a few street photography exhibits with +Simon Garnier 
Ricoh GXR
#streetphotography  Photo: Nikon FE film, scanned and processed digitally
walking across the Manhattan Bridge, New York City
#filmphotography   #streetphotography   #shootthestreet  Photo: mama said
+Trey Ratcliff NYC photowalk
Lower Manhattan, NYC
Ricoh GXR
#streetphotography   #shootthestreet     #TRNewYorkPhotowalk 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: +Trey Ratcliff NYC photowalk
Lower Manhattan, NYC
Ricoh GXR
#streetphotography   #shootthestreet   #TRNewYorkPhotowalk  Photo: Lower East Side, NYC
#blackandwhitephotography   #streetphotography   #newyorkcityphotography  Photo: lower east side, nyc
#streetphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #newyorkcityphotography   #square 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: skateboarders
Astor Place/Cooper Union, NYC
#streetphotography #newyorkcityphotographyPhoto: Astor Place, NYC
#streetphotography #reflections #blackandwhitephotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: breaking it up
Lincoln Center, New York City, May 2012
Fuji X-Pro 1
#newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #repetitivetuesday   #streetphotography  +Arnold Goodway for #streetphotography   #shoot   #fujixpro1  Photo: Manny + Manny Jr
Upper West Side, NYCPhoto: lower east side, NYC
#ricohgrd3 #newyorkcityphotography #blackandwhitephotographyPhoto: New York City
#streetphotographyPhoto: togetherPhoto: Greenwich Village, NYC
#newyorkcityphotography #streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography #ricoh 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Greenwich Village, NYC
#streetphotography #newyorkcityphotography #blackandwhitephotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: wishful thinking
may day 2012
union square, new york city
#newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #streetphotography  +Arnold Goodway for #streetpics   #shootthestreet   #ricohgrd3  Photo: May Day 2012 - Occupy Wall Street
Bryant Park, NYC
#occupywallstreet #streetphotography #newyorkcityphotography #ricoh 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: triste glancePhoto: city pacePhoto: Bowery & Houston, NYC
#streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography #newyorkcityphotography #ricoh 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Fifth Avenuve strollPhoto: New York City
Ricoh GRD3
#streetphotography   #newyorkcityphotography  Photo: New York City
#streetphotography  Photo: 6th Avenue, NYC
#streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: public transportationPhoto: alleyPhoto: Flushing, Queens, NYC
#streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: out shooting the streets with +Simon Garnier and +Jason S Moore yesterday
it was cold and very windy. but that didn't stop us from having a good time
6th Avenue and 42nd Street, NYC
#streetphotography #photography #newyorkcity #newyorkcityphotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA
#phillyflickrmeetup #flickrmeetup #streetphotography #photography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Chinatown, Philadelphia
#streetphotography #phillyflickrmeetup #photography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Chinatown, Philadelphia
#phillyflickrmeetup #streetphotography #photography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Chinatown, Philadelphia
#phillyflickrmeetup #streetphotography #photography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Philadelphia Flickr Photowalk
#phillyflickrmeetup #streetphotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: 8th Avenue & 34th Street, NYC
on my way to the bus stop to go to Philadelphia
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: occupy our futurePhoto: one one way
moments in the city. moments that only happen once.
SoHo, New York City
#shootthestreet   #streetphotography  Photo: 42nd Street & Fifth Avenue
#streetphotographyPhoto: Chinatown, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: shot at the Coney Island Polar Bear Swim
New York City
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: New York City
#streetphotographyPhoto: Happy Happy New Year to all my G+ friends! You rock! I wish that I could list them all! So many new friends in the last 6 months! Many of them in other parts of the world that I hope to meet one day and many that I met on the G+ photo walks! #streetphotography

Here's to a happy, healthy, wealthy and just plain fun year. Bring it on 2012!
Peace & Love
New York CityPhoto: 2012 - what's new?
New York City
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street. Only that one woman was looking at him.
#streetphotographyPhoto: 125th Street, Harlem
#streetphotographyPhoto: Lower Manhattan on the way to Zuccotti Park.
#streetphotographyPhoto: This man was passing out information and telling people about it. I have no idea what it was about but the look of the woman behind him might lead one to believe that the story was questionable. Just another day in New York City.
#streetphotographyPhoto: november light
chinatown, new york city 2011
#streetphotography   #shootthestreet   #streetpics   #newyorkcityphotography   #monochromemonday  Photo: Chinatown, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: Out shooting with +Simon Garnier and +Kurt Rogers 
New York City
#streetphotographyPhoto: Shopping is a serious matter for some.
Chinatown, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: He is boarding the Chinatown bus. Destination unknown. Presumably to play a show somewhere.
New York CityPhoto: a determined man in a hat
Chinatown, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: pick your poison, cigarettes or alcohol. they have it all in Chinatown!
I went out shooting yesterday with my friend +Simon Garnier and his friend +Kurt Rogers from Florida. It was great fun!
#streetphotographyPhoto: wandering through Little Italy with +Simon Garnier and +Kurt Rogers and saw this guy. couldn't resist shooting him.
#streetphotographyPhoto: Shooting in Little Italy with +Simon Garnier and +Kurt Rogers
#streetphotographyPhoto: texting in the villagePhoto: A well trained cat, or a well trained cat owner? In New York City you see it all.
Houston Street, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: crossingPhoto: NYC G+ Photowalk - Sunday in the parkPhoto: NYC G+ Photowalk ChinatownPhoto: NYC G+ Photowalk - he's looking for some lovingPhoto: Lower Manhattan, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: shades
taken at the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk with the +G+ NY Photowalkers 
5 pointz, long island city, 2011
#streetphotography   #streetpics   #newyorkcityphotography   #blackandwhitephotography   #shootthestreet  Photo: on the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk led by +Mark Garbowski with the #NYCphotowalkers 10.01.11
Long Island City, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: I was very happy to find a new JR in NYC. I prefer +paula layton's shot. Have you heard of JR? You should check out the video about him on TED.
http://goo.gl/0oyKvPhoto: If you blink in NYC, you will miss a shot. I am happy that I caught this guy. Too freaky, running in the middle of 7th Avenue like he owns the street.

Just another shot while on my photo stroll with +paula layton, did I mention how great she is???Photo: Please sign me up for the circus! Gotta love the costumes! And they get paid for this?! Oh, and do check out +paula layton's shot too :-)

Le Cirque de Soleil
Times Square, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: I took this shot at the end of the photowalk on my way home. +Allen Firstenberg also took a few shots of this couple.

www.leannestaples.comPhoto: another shot from the photowalk with +Angel Figueroa in the background.

Upper West Side, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: I was so happy to capture this woman. I wish that I had also captured her husband. She pushed the cart and he walked ahead of her.

In the Background is +Bastian Staude left, +Chris Gachot center and +Dave Ortiz on the right. As well, I think that the camera in the foreground is +paula layton.
#NYCphotowalkersPhoto: This shot represents a part of NYC which is slowly vanishing. I had to capture it. I must say that I was so caught up in the socializing part of the walk that I almost missed this shot and I still think that I could've gotten a better shot. I am also still undecided about the processing.

I am still trying to catch up on all the photos that the group has posted and I must say that I was very impressed with the group. Beautiful photos and great people.
#NYCphotowalkersPhoto: another shot from the photowalk. what fun it was meeting everyone and shooting and laughing and then eating together!Photo: Chinatown has always been one of my most favorite places in New York City and I am happy that we will have our next G+ Photowalk there. If you haven't seen the post for the photowalk yet you can find it at http://goo.gl/qu8Nt #streetphotography
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: +Simon Garnier went out shooting together and ran into a group of skateboarders in Lower Manhattan. shooting them was a new challenge for me.Photo: Chinatown, NYC

When you make a purchase, do you study the receipt to see if it was correct? This man does.
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: It seems that colder weather is moving in and the carefree Summer lifestyle will soon be just a memory. I took this shot while out shooting with +Simon Garnier. He might also have a shot of this as well. I believe that he spotted it first.

Chinatown, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Chinatown, NYCPhoto: He was really confused why I would take his photo.
West Broadway, SoHo
#streetphotographyPhoto: what's a girl gotta do to get attention?

SoHo, New York CityPhoto: hanging on the telephone - 1st G+ NYC PhotowalkPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

New York CityPhoto: uneven bedPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Tweed Courthouse, NYCPhoto: Chinatown, NYC
#streetphotographyPhoto: Chinatown, NYC
#streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography #newyorkcityphotography 
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

shot last weekend in the lower east side. he asked if I spoke Polish and couldn't understand why I don't. of course, he was also very drunkPhoto: fuse +Photo: best prices in townPhoto: start here. go anywhere. Tribeca, NYCPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: under the FDRPhoto: textualPhoto: crystal clearPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: It was a cold day in New York City. I couldn't resist taking a photo of her.
Times Square, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Winter is not my favorite season
New York City #streetphotographyPhoto: texting with columnPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: mobile phone entertainment.
Union Square Park, NYV
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: This photo was taken on 9/11/10 in Lower Manhattan for the Memorial. I am sorting through my photos and I am very much behind!
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: bowery news - lower east side, nycPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Fulton Ferry Landing, BrooklynPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: smoking lounge - Theatre District, NYCPhoto: lower east side, new york cityPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Chinatown, NYCPhoto: bench time - 42nd Street, NYCPhoto: 2 av BlockPhoto: daddy time, lower east side, NYCPhoto: lower east side, new york city
#streetphotographyPhoto: ticket to ride, Grand CentralPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: N Train in passingPhoto: N Astoria-DitmarsPhoto: 42nd Street Bench - NYCPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Portland, OregonPhoto: Burnside 3 - Portland, OregonPhoto: Portland skidrowPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: bicycle manPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Chicago was great fun. I have to go back. +Sam Weinstein here's another shot from the Crown FountainPhoto: segways in ChicagoPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: Summer lovePhoto: Apple feetPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Central Park, NYCPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

lower east side, new york cityPhoto: Grand Central 42Photo: terminally Grand CentralPhoto: www.leannestaples.com

Port de MontréalPhoto: www.leannestaples.comPhoto: busy day. will try to keep up here on G+ but I may have to catch up later this evening.Photo: Monica'sPhoto: larger than life - Old San Juan, Puerto RicoPhoto: tell me whyPhoto: Chinatown, NYC
www.leannestaples.comPhoto: old shot reprocessed
San Francisco, CA
#streetphotographyPhoto: flowersPhoto: number 9Photo: winter walkPhoto: SoHo subway
#newyorkcity   #streetphotography   #monochromephotography  Photo: pork shopPhoto: winter walk twoPhoto: in ChinatownPhoto: shadow walkPhoto: Coney Island Polar Bears