28 Photos - Oct 29, 2014
Photo: We arrived at the boston harbor at the crack of dawnPhoto: Our ferry awaits!Photo: We took the ferry out to Thompson Island which took us through the working parts of Boston HarborPhoto: Passing Castle IslandPhoto: On the ferryPhoto: Waiting to get startedPhoto: John with the wood chipper that broke down when it tried to chip wood (how much wood could a wood chipper chip if a wood chipper could chip wood?)Photo: Picking up branchesPhoto: Carrying a big treePhoto: MaryPhoto: DennisPhoto: RodrigoPhoto: John likes a challenge so apparently carries his load with his eyes closed. Or maybe I just had bad timing on this picture?Photo: No, he's in a different place and his eyes are STILL closed!Photo: BrianPhoto: ElijahPhoto: KarenPhoto: Full disclosure - we didn't actually get to use those chain saws - they had trained professionals for that - but it looks good in the picture!Photo: The "after" picturePhoto: One of our piles of woodPhoto: Another shot of one of our wood pilesPhoto: After working we walked back through the beautiful fall weatherPhoto: One of the climbing structures used by Outward BoundPhoto: The remnants of a root cellar from the 19th century when the island was a home for orphaned boysPhoto: Pretty viewsPhoto: Walking backPhoto: We got a quick tour of the island including this boat that they take out for 7-10 days with 10 students and 2 staff (they sleep on the boat!)Photo: We crossed the monkey bridge