139 Photos - Sep 5, 2014
Photo: Our first day exploring ReykjavikPhoto: Photo: Our first major stop was the National Museum which had very well done exhibitsPhoto: Julia as a viking!Photo: Gregory en garde!Photo: Jewelry and silver exhibitPhoto: Analysis of early burial sitesPhoto: Julia tried out a rotary dial telephonePhoto: Leo and Greg took a break for a game of chessPhoto: Cute church pewsPhoto: Example traditional housePhoto: Leo thought this dress had a lot of potentialPhoto: Getting ready to leave the museumPhoto: Lunch at The Laundromat CafePhoto: Underground Settlement Exhibition from 871 (plus or minus 2 years)Photo: Watch out for trolls!Photo: Pretty good imitations...Photo: Hallgrímskirkja Church is pretty impressive!Photo: Photo: View from the topPhoto: Photo: Einar Jonsson Sculpture GardenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Graffiti Iceland stylePhoto: We went to Laugardalslaug, the biggest city public bathing facility that includes huge heated outdoor pools, waterslides, and numerous hot tubs at different temperatures. As we were leaving we noticed that Julia is just a tad bit taller than Baba now!Photo: Day 2 in Iceland involved traveling the "Golden Circle" in a rental car - the first things we saw were cairns and sheepPhoto: Photo: We were in Thingvellir National ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Julia took a lot of pictures this trip and Gregory was happy to make many very odd facesPhoto: Small church at ThingvellirPhoto: Family hugPhoto: Photo: Photo: A rift valley has formed due to the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian Plates which meet herePhoto: The traditional site of the Althingy (the National Parliament of Iceland) that has been meeting since 930 ADPhoto: Next up was a geyser. Oh and some ice cream.Photo: Waiting for the eruptionPhoto: The Strokkur geyser erupts every few minutes. Did you know that the word geyser comes from the Icelandic verb geysa, "to gush"?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We decided to walk up the hill for a viewPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Gullfoss waterfall was our next stopPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The ponchos were to protect from the sprayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: It was a bit windy which made for fun hair picturesPhoto: Leo tried holding Julia's hair to keep it under controlPhoto: Photo: We stopped at the little village of SkalholtPhoto: Some people took a little breakPhoto: Photo: Photo: We had some tea and cake in SkalholtPhoto: And the kids rolled down the hillPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Weird - this photo got generated by google plus since it recognized that the previous pictures were in the same place...Photo: Our final Golden Circle stop was Kerid Crater LakePhoto: The walk down was pretty treacherous because it was steep with gravelPhoto: Photo: Moss-covered lava fields - we saw a lot of this in Iceland!Photo: On our walk to dinner we stumbled across this cool playgroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Note the picture of Eddypuss (aka Oedipuss) on Julia's phonePhoto: Little wooden sheep with sweaters because, why not?Photo: Walk back to our hotelPhoto: Our final full day was very full! We left before 8 AM and got home after midnight. First stop - Skogafoss.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gregory right above the top of the waterfall, about to get into trouble for getting too close to the edgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Our first sight of Vatnajokull, a glacier that covers more than 8% of IcelandPhoto: Picture of the crazy, very long, one way bridge with little spots where cars could pass each other if neededPhoto: We finally made it to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoonPhoto: It feels a bit unreal when you get therePhoto: Photo: Photo: We took a boat tourPhoto: Photo: Photo: We held part of an icebergPhoto: And passed it around...Photo: And around...Photo: And around...Photo: And then Julia got to throw it overboard but she was so fast that we didn't get a picturePhoto: Photo: We stopped by another smaller lagoon as wellPhoto: See the little tiny people?Photo: Photo: Photo: We almost ran out of gas at this point. I mean literally, with the car, because there were really not a lot of gas stations and we had a big van. But we luckily found one and then did a hike in Skaftafell National Park. It was around 6 to 7 PM.Photo: Approaching Skaftafell - which is a waterfallPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hiking back to the carPhoto: Photo: We stopped in the town of Vik for a quick dinner of Icelandic lamb stewPhoto: Outside the restaurant it was around 9:30 PM and the sun was settingPhoto: Final day in Iceland we went to The Blue Lagoon for a few hours before heading to the airportPhoto: Photo: We did self-facials with their special mud stuffPhoto: Photo: I got a private tour where my guide Jonni explained all about Iceland - here he's drawing a map of the countryPhoto: The Blue Lagoon was formed in 1976 by extra water coming out of a geothermal power plant which you can see in the backgroundPhoto: There's a fancy restaurantPhoto: I got a nice snack and drinkPhoto: And Jonni showed off the chemistry of all the minerals in the famous Blue Lagoon waterPhoto: View from the observation deck - then it was off to the aiport to fly to Milan