45 Photos - Feb 7, 2012
Photo: First stop on Saturday was Animal KingdomPhoto: We rode the Everest coaster twice!Photo: There was no line, but the exhibits where the line would go were interestingPhoto: At the Everest coasterPhoto: Next we saw some animals - here's the komodo dragonPhoto: And bats...Photo: And tigers!Photo: The Asia theme is very coolPhoto: There was a neat bird area with birds walking aroundPhoto: Gregory really liked this fountainPhoto: As we were leaving the park this beetle came over to be friends with JuliaPhoto: Our second park of the day was Hollywood StudiosPhoto: In front of Star ToursPhoto: Star Tours was fun! We went on other rides too but I didn't take any picturesPhoto: Next stop: Epcot! Julia thought it would be fun to "hold" the Epcot ballPhoto: At Epcot we went on Mission:SpacePhoto: After Mission:Space we went to the "Advanced Training Lab" where we worked together to defeat the other team in the simulation game.Photo: We also walked around the world showcase and got lunch in "Mexico". Julia was into the Vikings here in "Norway"Photo: The model train in "Germany"Photo: Watching the drum show in "Japan"Photo: A picture with Mom before heading for more ridesPhoto: The fourth and final park of the day was Magic KingdomPhoto: Our Buzz Lightyear game broke down for a few minutes so I got to take pictures (and got a score of 999,999 since the guns were still working)Photo: Photo: Day 2 we went to Islands of Adventure in order to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. First stop was Hogwarts castlePhoto: HogsmeadePhoto: Wandering around HogsmeadePhoto: Shop in HogsmeadePhoto: Hogwarts was very impressive and we also liked all the rides. I rode the Dragon Challenge coaster 4 times!Photo: Chocolate frogPhoto: The whole familyPhoto: Did I mention how much we liked Hogwarts? :)Photo: Eating ice cream in "The Lost Continent"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Climbing around in the Jurassic Park areaPhoto: Photo: Seuss carouselPhoto: Photo: Day 3 - Universal StudiosPhoto: We went on all the rides but our favorite was probably the "Rip Ride Rockit" coasterPhoto: Heading out for the airportPhoto: We saw a beautiful rainbow!