15 Photos - Feb 18, 2013
Photo: Got to spend Valentine's Day playing with a bunch of new toys. Including my friend's new camera; which was used to steal my soul at inopportune moments. Like me getting ready (jerk).Photo: Hello Handcuffs! I should probably have struggled more. But why?Photo: Strip searches are supposed to make you smile, right?Photo: Yes, strip searches make me smile.Photo: Pretty sure my bodice would be a terrible place to hide contraband, but my friend had to check it anyway. Good job. Very thorough.Photo: Manhandled!Photo: Bend me over, you say? Look my objecting grin.Photo: My friend just told me that the key might be still at work. Better not be!Photo: I should remember not to be bratty at times. But it seems a lesson I may never learn.Photo: "You want this key?"Photo: "Here you are; have the key. In your pocket, happy?"Photo: My friend thinks that I'm helpless like this...Photo: Helpless, my ass!Photo: I may not be able to get the key, but I can still get what I want.Photo: Meaning, my friend's pants.